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Friday, June 5, 2020

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Charles Barkley has suggestion for Markelle Fultz to fix shooting woes

Markelle Fultz

Markelle Fultz’s agent revealed earlier this week that he believes the point guard has a medical issue with his shoulder, but you can count Charles Barkley among those who are not buying it.

Fultz’s agent Raymond Brothers confirmed on Tuesday that he advised the former No. 1 overall pick to not participate in any team activities until he sees a shoulder specialist. In an appearance on ESPN’s “Golic and Wingo Show” Wednesday, Barkley said he believes the shooting issues Fultz has had in his first two NBA seasons are all between the ears.

“You can’t just keep shooting and keep shooting, because all you do is reinforce bad habits. I think Markelle needs to see a sports psychiatrist or something,” Barkley said. “Like on my golf swing, it shows up when it wants to. I’m pretty sure Markelle can’t control how he shoots that free throw or jump shot. I don’t mean psychological like he’s got issues, but like a sports psychiatrist. I think he really needs that.”

For what it’s worth, the Philadelphia 76ers seemed genuinely blindsided by the idea that Fultz has a medical issue with his shoulder. Team doctors and trainers were unaware of any problems, and Fultz even declared himself fully healthy during training camp.

Barkley, who enthusiastically defended Fultz against trolls earlier this season, is not alone in his thinking. Fultz was a star in college, and it seems obvious that he’s dealing with the equivalent of the “yips.”

Despite his agent saying he should sit out of all practices and workouts until he sees a specialist, Fultz was spotted at practice on Tuesday. That says a lot about the health of his shoulder.

Charles Barkley hilariously defends Markelle Fultz against internet trolls

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is picking up right where he left off this season with his fantastic TNT commentary, and his latest rant was one in defense of Markelle Fultz.

Former No. 1 overall pick Markelle Fultz is still trying to find confidence in his jump shot, and he finally hit the first 3-pointer of his career during Thursday night’s win over the Chicago Bulls. After the game, Barkley called out people who have mocked Fultz for whatever psychological issues he’s dealing with, and he did it the only way Chuck knows how.

“The kid is struggling mentally with his shot. We’re all pulling for him,” Barkley said. “We’re excited to see him do well. You’re just sitting at home in your grandma’s basement with your drawers on, typing on your damn keyboard, shut the hell up. We’re pulling for Markelle Fultz.”

Welcome back, Chuck.

Fultz is clearly still working through some issues, as he converted just 5-of-15 shots on Thursday and 2-of-7 in Philly’s season opener against the Boston Celtics on Tuesday. Even 76ers fans were putting pressure on him to shoot the ball during Thursday night’s game, and they went ballistic when he finally drained one from long range in the fourth quarter. It would be a huge bonus for the Sixers if Fultz continued to improve.

Charles Barkley weighs in on Kevin Durant’s social media behavior

Charles Barkley

It’s safe to say that Charles Barkley is unimpressed by Kevin Durant’s continued habit of getting in sniping matches on social media.

After another summer of Durant responding to critical comments from fans and fellow players, Barkley believes the Golden State Warriors forward needs to lighten up and stop trying to be something that he is not.

“Kevin Durant is just a really nice guy trying to be a bad guy,” Barkley told Ben Golliver of the Crossover. “You can’t do that. It doesn’t work. He spends all his time trying to prove to people how tough and bad he is. He’s so worried about what other people say. Kevin Durant is a great player and a great kid. I was one of those guys who criticized him for going to Golden State, but he doesn’t have to respond every time someone says something about it.

“Who’s got thinner skin: Shaquille O’Neal or Kevin Durant? They’ve both got thin skin like Flat Stanley. They need to just chill out.”

Durant has responded to criticism like this, saying he simply enjoys the back-and-forth. Maybe he does. The perception among fans and critics, though, is always going to be that he’s overly sensitive and thin-skinned.

Bill Russell explains why he flipped off Charles Barkley

NBA legend Bill Russell provided us with the most talked about moment from Monday’s NBA Awards show.

Russell ended up flipping the bird to Charles Barkley as Chuck was presenting the lifetime achievement award to Oscar Robertson. While he was doing his presenting, Barkley shouted out some of the NBA greats who had an impact on him, and that’s when he mentioned Russell. In response, the former Boston Celtics center raised his middle finger.

So why did he do it?

“Sorry everyone, I forgot it was live TV & I can’t help myself whenever I see Charles it just is pure instinct,” Russell said on Twitter.

That’s OK, Bill. We all forgive you. And it’s not like people can’t understand the urge to flip off Barkley anyhow.

Watch: Bill Russell flips Charles Barkley the bird

Bill Russell was involved in an awkward moment with Charles Barkley during the NBA Awards ceremony on TNT Monday.

Barkley was on stage with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to present a lifetime achievement award to the great Oscar Robertson. Barkley thanked a few players, including Russell. When a TNT camera showed Russell, the legendary center flipped off Barkley in hilarious fashion.

Barkley laughed because that’s all he could really do in that situation. The two have a history of respect, as Barkley shared in this story. They also have a history of the middle finger apparently.

Who in that room is going to question Bill Russell for his actions? My guess is no one.

Charles Barkley questions the competition Luka Doncic faced

Luka Doncic

Charles Barkley isn’t sold yet on Luka Doncic.

Entering Thursday’s NBA Draft, Barkley said he wouldn’t have taken Doncic with one of the top two picks. The TNT analyst says he has nothing against the Slovenian teenager, but Barkley questions the level of competition Doncic faced in Europe.

Chuck made his comments during an appearance on Scot Pollard’s “Planet Pollard Podcast.”

“I don’t trust the foreign competition. I have nothing against foreign players; I just don’t know what type of competition,” Barkley told Pollard. “At 18 years old [Luka Doncic] was the MVP. Well that tells me he’s playing against s—-y competition. Nobody at 18 should be dominating grown men.

“You go back and look at the NBA, there’s only one 18-year-old you can go back and say, ‘Oh, he’s the real deal.’ That’s LeBron James. People forget as great as Kobe Bryant was, he struggled for his first few years. Kevin Garnett struggled his first few years.

“They keep telling me that Doncic won the MVP 18 — I’m like, ‘who was he playing against?’ He should not be dominating grown men at 18.”

Barkley’s points are well taken, but the level of competition Doncic faced does not mean he will not be a good player. Even if it’s not the NBA, winning EuroLeague and being MVP at 18/19 is a big deal. Doncic also had success on the international level for Slovenia’s national team. Maybe Barkley needs to see it to believe it.

This is just another indication that the spotlight will be on Doncic when the season begins. He has a long way to go to make some of his NBA dreams come true.

Charles Barkley explains why LeBron James will not sign with 76ers

Charles Barkley

The Philadelphia 76ers are considered one of the favorites to sign LeBron James this summer because of the solid young core they have in place, but one of the greatest players in franchise history insists the fit is not a good one.

In an appearance on “The Mike Missanelli Show” on 97.5 The Fanatic Tuesday, Barkley emphatically stated that LeBron is not going to sign with the Sixers.

“He’s not coming to the Sixers,” the Hall of Famer said, as transcribed by Corey Seidman of NBC Sports Philadelphia. “He’s not coming to the Sixers because he needs the ball, (Ben) Simmons needs the ball and (Joel) Embiid needs the ball. That would make Simmons useless.”

The “not enough basketballs to go around” argument seems to come up a lot with LeBron, and it should probably be noted that he’s one of the better passers in NBA. Still, Barkley feels that LeBron’s need to control the floor and have a team’s offense run through him would not work in Philly.

“He’s not going to give the ball up at this stage of his career,” Barkley said. “He’s not a great shooter, so you can’t play him off the ball. I guarantee you [defenders] would let him shoot threes all night. Guys would love him to shoot threes. … It would hurt Embiid and Simmons going forward.”

For what it’s worth, Barkley said he is not going to let LeBron “hijack my life” by sitting around all summer waiting to see which team he will choose next. Many people who claim they feel the same way will still be tuning in to find out the result.

If not having enough balls to go around ends up being the issue, that’s another reason we can rule out one Western Conference team everyone keeps linking LeBron to. LeBron’s decision will come down to what he wants at this point in his career. If championships are the only priority, it makes sense to remain in the Eastern Conference, where the path to the NBA Finals is much easier.