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Charlie Sheen working on ‘Major League 3’ with entire original cast

One of the best baseball movies ever created could be coming back for another installment, and Charlie Sheen says almost all of our favorite characters from the original film are going to be involved.

Sheen, known to “Major League” fans as Wild Thing, spoke with TMZ this week and said he has the entire cast of the hit movie on board for a third installment. Sheen also said they have a director for the film and just need backing from a studio.

“We’re trying to get ‘Major League III’ done,” Sheen said. “We’re just looking for someone to write a check. Everybody’s back except, sadly, Lou Brown. We’ll do it in his honor.”

Actor James Gammon, who played Indians manager Lou Brown in the original movie, died in 2010.

Since most of the original cast is now older and beyond Major League Baseball playing years, Sheen was asked if they are going to play softball players in the new film.

“Oh God, no. It’s a really smart story,” he said. “It’s a really great script.”

The original “Major League” came out in 1989, and it still has a massive cult following. Heck, MLB players to this day have tried on Wild Thing’s infamous hair cut. The sequel, “Major League II,” was a bit of a disappointment, but many of the original cast members were not part of the project.

I think I speak for baseball fans everywhere when I say a reunion between Ricky Vaughn, Willie Mays Hayes, Pedro Cerrano and yes, even Roger Dorn, is something to get excited about.

Charlie Sheen cracks joke about Dallas Braden on Opening Day

Dallas Braden

Even Charlie Sheen was in the Opening Day spirit on Sunday. And he had the jokes to prove it.

The famous actor sent a tweet prior to the first game of the 2016 MLB season being played by the Pirates and Cardinals. He was watching ESPN’s coverage and said analyst Dallas Braden resembled Sean Penn from “Carlito’s Way.”

I actually like the reference another person made on Twitter saying Braden looked like Jamm from “Parks and Recreation.”

If you can believe it, an Atlanta Braves writer actually made the same joke about Braden a few years ago:

Guess you have to be from a certain generation to fully appreciate the reference.

By the way, while mostly everyone else on the West Coast was just getting up to watch the game, Sheen was probably winding down a wild night and was lucky enough to catch some ball. Or maybe not considering how seriously he says he takes his baseball.

Charlie Sheen pledges $1,000 to waiter who got 20-cent tip from LeSean McCoy


LeSean McCoy was the target of some criticism earlier this week when a restaurant in Philadelphia posted a photo on Facebook of the Eagles running back’s receipt after he ate at the establishment. The receipt, which was from a burger joint called PYT, revealed that McCoy left a 20-cent tip on a $61.56 bill.

Les Bowen of The Philadelphia Daily news later noted that his understanding of the situation was that McCoy was very angry with the service he received. PYT’s owner then posted a lengthy message on Facebook claiming that McCoy received “impeccable service” and that he and his friends were “verbally abusive” toward the staff.

It’s a classic case of “he said, she said,” and we’ll probably never know which side is telling the truth. None of that matters to Charlie Sheen, who has offered to step in and give the waiter who served McCoy $1,000 bucks.

Charlie hasn’t been in the news much since his whole “winning” thing quickly died out, so he was probably looking to capitalize on an easy PR opportunity. Tommy — or whoever waited on McCoy and company — should made sure they hold him to it. Something tells me people like Sheen have trouble remembering things.


Lenny Dykstra: Charlie Sheen is not as wild as he seems

Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen developed a reputation for being one of the wildest and craziest celebrities of the 21st century, but Lenny Dykstra says the actor’s public image does not reflect reality.

Nails was on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia as a guest during the All-Star Thursday show and talked about Sheen at one point. Nails was quick to set the record straight on the Hollywood bad boy.

“Charlie Sheen is a very, very good person. A generous … (the party reputation) is way overblown. Way overblown,” said Dykstra.

Dykstra then revealed his secret to judging people.

“The eyes tell everything. You can look at someone’s eyes and tell if they’re a weird, perverted dude. The guy is a rock-solid, cast-iron generous, great friend.

“The perception of him is waaayyyyy wrong.”

Well, if there’s anyone whose instincts we should trust, it’s a guy who went bankrupt, was convicted of fraud and money laundering, bounced a check to a prostitute, was accused of having housekeepers give him oral sex on Saturdays and a guy who was accused of sexually harassing a 17-year-old girl. When Lenny Dykstra speaks, you listen, because that guy knows what he’s talking about. And I’m sure Sheen appreciates the character endorsement from Nails.

H/T Crossing Broad

Michael Jordan once lost to Charlie and Martin Sheen in basketball

Michael Jordan, the legend who won six NBA championships and five NBA MVPs, once lost to a couple of actors in basketball. True story.

MJ took on Charlie and Martin Sheen in a 1986 game show called “War of the Stars” hosted by Dick Van Patten. Before you get all crazy here about MJ losing, keep in mind that the games were handicapped in favor of the Sheens.

The two sides competed in three competitions with the following rules:

    – Foul shooting: Each side got 20 foul shots, but MJ had to shoot with his eyes closed
    – Horse
    – Two on one: Game went to 10. Jordan had to spot the Sheens five points and only got one shot at the basket.

The whole thing was pretty awesome to watch. You had both Sheens in short shorts and high top shoes, while Jordan was as skinny as he’s been in 30 years. And even Van Patten was on point with his lines.

“The young girls here really like Charlie,” Van Patten said at one point.

As for the results, MJ went 11 of 20 on free throws with his eyes closed. Charlie went 8-10 on his foul shots, and then Martin made four to give the Sheens the win.

Horse, as you could imagine, was no competition. MJ just dominated with his fancy layups and deep outside shots. But the two on one was a different story. Charlie nailed his outside shots and gave the Sheens a 10-5 win.

We already knew that Charlie was a good athlete — he can play baseball and admitted to taking steroids for “Major League” — but who knew he also could stroke an outside jumper? Impressive.


Charlie Sheen joins MLB on FOX, says he’s a ‘student of the game’ (Video)

Charlie Sheen joined the MLB on FOX TV booth during Saturday’s Mets-Yankees game to promote his new show on FX called “Anger Management,” which debuts on Thursday. During his interview with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, Sheen talked baseball and called himself a “student of the game.”

Sheen played ball in high school and was a natural for his role as Rick Vaughn in both “Major League” movies. He talked about how impressed he was with Robinson Cano’s sweet swing, and he even mentioned some playoff stats of his buddy Todd Zeile, a former MLB player turned producer.

Sheen was actually well behaved for his interview. Considering how entertaining his blowups can be, I’m not sure if his subdued behavior helps or hurts promotion of his new show.

Charlie Sheen flips when Kings security won’t let him back in after cigarette break

Either Wednesday night’s Stanley Cup Finals game in Los Angeles was the first time Charlie Sheen has ever attended a professional sporting event, or it was the first time the American icon has not been given preferential treatment. According to TMZ, Sheen left Staples Center at some point before or during Game 4 between the Kings and Devils for a cigarette break. The security guard decided that the “no re-entry” rule applies to movie stars as well as common fans, and Sheen was not allowed back into the arena.

As you can see in this video over at, Sheen flipped out on the female security guard before eventually leaving.

A female, no-nonsense security guard would not budge when Charlie tried to get back in, then Charlie snapped, yelling, “You know what?  F**king blow my balls, alright, you f***ing asshole.”

A little later Charlie’s buddies try in vain to keep him away from the camera. The “Anger Management” star then explains, “Have common sense and common courtesy gone in society? That was what I was trying to impress upon her.”

TMZ also added that a fan asked Sheen if he has ever tried bath salts when he first arrived at the Staples Center, to which he responded: “Would you ask me that at a f***ing dinner party, you moron? Go f*** yourself.”

Just a guess here, but I can’t imagine this is the first time Charlie has left a sporting event for a smoke break. Judging by the way he reacted, I’m guessing it’s the first time a security staffer told him no re-entry means no reentry.

Charlie Sheen reportedly may have bought Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl ring

As you have probably heard, Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl 25 championship recently sold at auction for a whopping $230,000. If you thought it was strange that L.T. would sell his ring, you probably thought it was even more bizarre when you found out that it was his son T.J. who had put it up for auction and that Taylor supported the decision. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

According to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, Taylor and his agent Mark Lepselter were told on Wednesday night that it was actor and certified nut job Charlie Sheen who placed the winning bid for the ring.

“Got no idea if this is true but if (it) is it’s hilarious,” Glazer wrote on Twitter. “Lawrence Taylor and his agent Mark Lepselter were told last night winning bidder for LT’s Super Bowl Ring was none other than Charlie Sheen!!!”

Glazer spoke with Lepselter who confirmed that him and L.T. were told it was Sheen who bought the ring, but that they have yet to confirm it with Sheen’s people.

If this turns out to be true, not even the most well-read psychoanalyst in the world could understand Sheen’s reasoning for dropping $230K on L.T.’s ring. What we do know is that nothing represents the concept of “winning” quite like a piece of jewelry from a Super Bowl championship team. That’s one theory. Another could be that one of Sheen’s pornstar girlfriends just had to have it. Then, there are moments like these that show us Charlie is a big sports fan in general. The possibilities are endless.

Photo credit: Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE

Charlie Sheen Took Steroids During ‘Major League’ Days

Charlie Sheen will be serving a 50-game suspension at some point in the near future.  That’s right, the star of the hit move Major League recently admitted to using steroids in an interview with Sports Illustrated.  It looks like the Wild Thing was a cheater.  Sheen has let us down.  We have all been deceived.

All joking aside, it cracks me up when people get upset about actors using steroids.  When it was revealed a while back that Sylvester Stallone used steroids before filming Rocky Balboa (what a shocker!) there were actually people who felt as though they had been deceived.  Here’s what Sheen told SI during his revelation:

“I didn’t like the haircut because it generated so many comments in bars,” he said. “I’ve got enough of that already. Add that to the mix and it’s a recipe for a fistfight. I was already bitchy because—let’s just say that I was enhancing my performance a little bit. It was the only time I ever did steroids. I did them for like six or eight weeks. You can print this, I don’t give a f—. My fastball went from 79 to like 85.”

Good for you, Chuck.  Six mph on camera will make your fastball look like it’s going from 30 mph to faster than the speed of light.  Plus, we’re talking about a game here, not practice.  Based on Charlie’s history, steroids are probably the most healthy substance he’s put into his body over the past 30 years.  Anything for Bob Uecker!  Chest bump to The Big Lead for the story.

Charlie Sheen and Mark Cuban’s HDNet Talking About TV Show

Now that actor/crazyman/genius/culthero/ newmiketyson/humantrainwreck Charlie Sheen finally went too far and had his show Two and a Half Men canceled, he’s a free agent in the acting world. You may have noticed that he’s been keeping quite the low profile recently, avoiding social media outlets and TV and radio interviews in an effort to maintain privacy. He’s also been keeping his future plans on the down low as part of this desire for secrecy.

Radar Online still heard that Sheen is in talks with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s HDNet regarding a possible show. It’s quite possible that Sheen is just using this as leverage in conversations with other networks given his free agent status, but Cuban confirmed the news nonetheless “It would be a great show. Can’t really say anything beyond that at this point.”

If HDNet locks up Sheen, it would be quite the pull for the network. They would instantly become a destination channel as people can’t turn away from the living train wreck that is Charlie Sheen. Two and a Half Men was already a highly-rated show, so no doubt Charlie would bring an audience with him wherever he goes. I’m still holding out hope that Major League 4 will be his next project, though if they leave out Roger Dorn they’re losing me at the box office. Believe it.