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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Articles tagged: Chicago Cubs Fans

Look: Cubs fans built huge beer cup snake at Wrigley Field

Chicago Cubs logo

The fans attending Monday’s Chicago Cubs-Seattle Mariners game at Wrigley Field did some impressive work.

Fans in the left field bleachers put together a train of beer cups that nearly stretched all the way up to the top of the stands:

The fans were trying to keep moving the snake to prevent it from being taken down by Wrigley Field security.

Beer cup snakes at Wrigley Field have actually been a sensitive matter. The team has taken a stance against the promotion of the cup snakes and even prevented fans from wearing shirts promoting the beer cup snake building. Looks like the fans got their fun this time before the security got involved. Personally, we’d much rather see Cubs fans stacking their beer cups rather than dumping them on players.

Brewers limiting ticket sales for Cubs games to Wisconsin residents

Milwaukee Brewers logo

The Milwaukee Brewers don’t want Miller Park filled with Chicago Cubs fans when their NL Central rivals come to town, and they’re taking steps to try to make that happen.

The Brewers announced a presale for tickets to Cubs games open only to Wisconsin residents on Wednesday, with the team’s Twitter account openly admitting that the purpose was to prevent Chicago fans from getting their hands on tickets.

Let’s just say that these comments from Cole Hamels may have played on Milwaukee’s mind when making this decision. They’ll be mocked for it, though, and criticized by the contingent of Brewer fans who do live in Illinois and are shut out from attending these games.

Watch: Grown man takes ball intended for child at Cubs game

Cubs fan ball

We have another example of a gem of a fan to highlight.

A Chicago Cubs fan took a ball that was intended for a child during Sunday’s Cubs-Cardinals game at Wrigley Field.

Unfortunately this sort of thing is more common than you think.

Let’s hope the fan did the right thing and gave the ball to the kid. At least the Cubs tried to make it right.

Cubs fan mocks Dusty Baker’s excuse for Stephen Strasburg illness

Stephen Strasburg

At least one Chicago Cubs fan is not buying the reason Washington Nationals manager Dusty Baker gave as a possible cause of Stephen Strasburg’s illness.

A day after Baker blamed mold season as a possible cause of the illness that nearly kept Strasburg from pitching Game 4, at least one Cubs fan came prepared for such a danger.

Baker had this coming, as did the Nationals. The organization’s shaky explanation of Strasburg’s illness on Tuesday looked even sillier when, 24 hours later, the ace pitcher did indeed turn out healthy enough to start. The Nationals simply could have said that Strasburg was sick and he would pitch if he could. Instead, they immediately ruled him out, went back and forth, made excuses, and ended up looking sheepish when he pitched anyway.

Cubs fans name daughter ‘Waveland’ after Wrigley Field street

Chicago Cubs logo

Two Chicago Cubs fans have raised the bar of fandom.

Stephen and Bronwyn Case were lucky enough to have their first child born on Sunday. The two are Cubs fans and decided to name their daughter “Waveland” after the street that runs behind the left field bleachers at Wrigley Field.

Stephen proudly shared a photo on Twitter of him holding his daughter, who was born on Father’s Day:

Though the Cases are not from Chicago — they’re originally from Texas and Tennessee — they told the Chicago Tribune that they now consider Chicago to be their hometown. They were looking for a unique Chicago-centric name for their child and considered Addison and Sheffield — two other streets lining Wrigley — but liked Waveland the most.

The two certainly have one thing going for them: that is one unique name. It will probably leave many Cubs fans jealous, and could start a trend among the passionate fan group.

Cubs fans crash website selling World Series rings

Cubs Jostens

Chicago Cubs fans were so eager to buy themselves a part of history that they crashed the website selling the team’s World Series rings.

The Cubs on Wednesday received their championship rings for winning the World Series last year. The rings are spectacular and feature 108 diamonds to reflect the 108 years the team went between championships.

Jostens, the company that made the rings, also has made a few different versions of the ring available for fans to purchase. The price ranges from $10,800 for the high-end ring to $299 for a lower-end replica version.

Cubs fans with a little money to spend of course wanted to see what was available for purchase and ended up flocking to Jostens’ site with such frequency that they crashed it:

The site came back up, and you can view what’s available here.

If you had to wait 108 years between titles, you’d probably be that excited about a ring too. Heck, Cubs fans were getting up in the middle of the night just to watch their team in the World Series.

Cubs fan takes a tumble from a light post during victory parade (Video)

Cubs fans

It was a wild day in Chicago on Friday as the Cubs celebrated their World Series title with a massive parade and rally downtown. Some people were excited. Some people were, in all probability, a little drunk. And some people were on lamp posts before falling off of them.

This young man, for instance, took a mighty tumble during the festivities, though he seemed to be okay.

This probably isn’t even the only person to have this happen. In fact, we know he isn’t. Chicago looks to have, by and large, celebrated safely, though. Hopefully this guy just has a couple scrapes and a story that he can tell.