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Chris Bosh camp reportedly ‘angry and suspicious of Heat’s intentions’

Chris Bosh

The situation between Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat has gotten quite complicated as questions remain about the 11-time All-Star’s health. With Bosh still taking blood thinners, some wonder if he will ever be able to play in the NBA again. And if he does, do the Heat even want him?

Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald reports that there are some within Bosh’s camp who are “angry and suspicious of the Heat’s intentions.” The concern is that the team could be trying to keep Bosh sidelined in an attempt to clear cap space if his injury is eventually deemed serious enough to be career-ending.

A friend of Bosh’s who is also an NBA employee told Jackson that Bosh wants to play next season and believes he should be cleared. Heat president Pat Riley recently said he is open to Bosh playing, and Riley reportedly told free agents that the team expects Bosh back on the court.

Bosh had a blood clot scare in each of the last two seasons, and there have been rumblings that the Heat will never let him play as long as doctors say he needs to remain on blood thinners. Bosh’s camp has argued that the 32-year-old should be able to play as long as he takes the medication at a time when it is out of his system by game time, thus reducing the risk of a minor cut or injury becoming a serious health concern. If doctors clear Bosh to come off the medication, there’s no reason he can’t play.

As Dan Feldman of Pro Basketball Talk laid out, the Heat would not simply be able to void the $75 million owed to Bosh over the next three seasons if his condition is career-ending. The money simply wouldn’t count toward the salary cap.

Another interesting wrinkle to this story is the information we recently shared with you about Bosh playing the Heat for a max contract. Is the team still bitter over that and trying to make up for it? You’d hate to think they’d take advantage of a serious health condition.

Chris Bosh played Heat for max contract, is now costing Dwyane Wade


Chris Bosh and his agent did a masterful job of manipulating the Miami Heat into offering a max contract two years ago, and their negotiating success could end up being one of the reasons Dwyane Wade leaves town.

Ironically, Wade and Bosh share the same agent. That agent, Henry Thomas, is currently trying to get the Heat to reward Wade’s loyalty by increasing their reported offer of two years and $40 million. When Bosh was a free agent two summers ago, Miami’s brass had hoped he would take less than the max like Wade so they could build out the rest of their roster more easily. Unlike Wade, Bosh wasn’t having it.

In a column he wrote for The Miami Herald, Dan Le Batard described how Bosh parlayed his $88 million offer from the Houston Rockets in 2014 into a max deal from the Heat. Le Batard’s sources likely come from the Heat side, but the information does not sound far-fetched.

According to three sources, the Heat was informed that Bosh was leaving for Houston for $88 million. Miami offered about $7 million more than that. Nope. Had to be the max — $118 million. Nothing less than the max would keep Bosh in Miami. The Heat wanted to pay Bosh and Wade equally — $18 million a year — and protect future flexibility. Nope. Bosh gets the max or he’s gone. And that’s how Thomas got one client his money in Miami while the other one, the older one, now fights for more dollars from a team that has already offered him all of its remaining cap space. Wade doesn’t blame James or Bosh or his agent publicly, but he sure as hell seems to blame the Heat.

Remember when Bosh made these comments a few months after he re-signed with the Heat? It sure didn’t sound like he was ever serious about leaving for Houston.

If that is the way things went down, it’s one more reason for Wade to be finished with taking hometown discounts — especially with the same agent negotiating on his behalf. The Heat can no longer sell D-Wade on the idea of chasing Kevin Durant, and who knows if Bosh will even play again given his recent health scares. If you think Wade is bluffing, the latest reports will probably change your mind. He may actually walk if Miami doesn’t sweeten the pot.

Pat Riley reportedly telling free agent targets that Chris Bosh likely to return next year

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh is apparently improving, because Pat Riley is featuring him in his pitch to free agents.

According to ESPN’s Michael Wallace, Riley has told free agent targets of the team’s optimism of having him back on the court next season, while also selling the stability of coach Erik Spoelstra and the organization.

Sources said that the hope of both Bosh and the Heat is that he will be good to go in time for training camp, though he remains on blood thinners.

Bosh’s condition is such an unknown because of the aforementioned blood thinners. It’s an open question whether he would ever be allowed to play while on them, with some in the organization fearing it will never happen. That the Heat are so optimistic about this that they’re willing to use Bosh as part of their sales pitch would seem to bode well for his playing future.

Will Heat ever let Chris Bosh play if he’s on blood thinners?

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh wanted to take the floor when the Miami Heat were trying to stay alive in the NBA playoffs, but the team would not hear of it. And if doctors decide Bosh still needs to be on blood thinners next season, Bosh’s career in Miami — and perhaps the NBA — could be over.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that the Heat were adamant about Bosh not suiting up while he was taking blood thinners, as any minor cut or fall that caused internal bleeding during a game could be very dangerous. Bosh’s camp argued that the 32-year-old should be able to take the medication earlier enough in the day where it would be out of his system by game time and therefore not pose a risk.

Blood tests reportedly indicated that the thinners were out of Bosh’s system roughly 8-12 hours after he took the medication. Team doctors didn’t seem to care, and can you blame them? Robert Myerburg, a cardiologist at U-Health, told Jackson that it could be dangerous to allow Bosh to play even if the drug was out of his system, as he would be “unprotected” at that time.

Bosh is a competitor, so you can understand why he wanted to play so badly. You also can’t argue with the Heat not wanting to take the risks after their team doctors refused to clear Bosh. Since the condition is one that is recurring, you have to wonder if the Heat will ever be comfortable letting Bosh play for them again, regardless of the recent report we shared with you.

H/T Pro Basketball Talk

Heat reportedly expect Chris Bosh to play next season

Chris Bosh

Are the Miami Heat expecting to have Chris Bosh back on the court next season? That depends who you ask.

A recent report indicated that the Heat fear team doctors may never clear Bosh again as a result of the blood clot issues he has had for the past two years. There was talk that Bosh, 32, could even be forced into a medical retirement.

However, ESPN’s Dan Le Batard said on his show this week that a Heat source informed him that the team is optimistic about Bosh’s chances for suiting up again.

“I just got a text saying that Bosh should be able to play next season,” Le Batard said, as transcribed by Dan Feldman of Pro Basketball Talk. “So, the Heat expect Bosh to be able to play next season. What I’m telling you is that Bosh is committed to getting back, and the Heat are hopeful that that can be so.”

Prior to receiving the text message, Le Batard predicted that things are going to get “messy” between Bosh and the Heat, with Miami’s team doctors not clearing Bosh and Bosh seeking an outside opinion. Bosh may have already done that, and there were rumblings that he was trying to get the players’ union to force the team into letting him play.

The Heat are a better team when Bosh is on the floor, so it’s unclear what their motive would be in trying to force him into retirement. Perhaps they want to free up money to sign a superstar player like this, but you’d hope Bosh’s health is everyone’s top priority in this instance.

Heat reportedly fear that Chris Bosh will never be cleared to play again by doctors

Chris Bosh

There is a fear within the Miami Heat organization that Chris Bosh’s Miami career is over, and perhaps his NBA career as well.

According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, the Heat are concerned that their team doctors will ever clear Bosh to play again, and there is even talk of a potential medical retirement.

Windhorst notes that if Bosh does not play before February 9, 2017, an independent doctor can assess the situation and give the NBA a record. If that doctor does not clear Bosh, his contract could come off the books. That’s a long way from happening, but the fact that it’s even been brought up underlines the potential severity of the situation.

The Heat would love to have Bosh back, and Bosh wants to play, but the reality is that if doctors won’t clear Bosh, they have to look at alternatives in their roster planning. A recurrence of his blood clot issue could be life-threatening, and Miami does not want to take that risk right now.

Bosh thinks he’s ready to return, and has gotten the union involved. It was previously reported, however, that no matter how good he feels, the team doctors won’t clear him and they believe no other team would, either.

Heat announce Chris Bosh will not play during playoffs

Chris Bosh

The situation between the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh has been resolved with the two sides agreeing the big man will not play during the playoffs.

Here is the statement issued by the team on Wednesday:

There was a controversy brewing over the matter, as Bosh had been pushing to be cleared to play for the Heat. There was even talk that the NBA players’ union might get involved.

Bosh suffers from potentially life-threatening blood clots and has been on blood thinners, which makes him susceptible to easy bruising and potentially serious injury. A blood clot scare he had led to him missing the All-Star Game, but he says he is now fine.

Report: Chris Bosh wants players union to force Heat to let him play

Chris Bosh

The Miami Heat will begin their Eastern Conference semifinal series against the Toronto Raptors Tuesday night, and Chris Bosh wants to play. In fact, Bosh has grown so frustrated with the team’s refusal to allow him to suit up that he has reportedly turned to the players’ union for help.

On his ESPN Radio show Tuesday morning, Dan Le Batard spoke about the disagreement between Bosh and the Heat. As has been reported through multiple outlets, Bosh wants to play and Miami’s team doctors have not cleared him because of his blood clot condition.

“It’s a super unusual situation,” Le Batard said, as transcribed by Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald. “I can’t think of a lot of instances where a sports organization is acting in what appears to be the best interest of the player over their own interests and against the will of the player. From the people I’m talking to, Chris Bosh wants back on the court and now, and the Heat on medical advice are saying absolutely not. They badly want to get to an Eastern Conference Finals against LeBron and they are telling him, ‘No, you cannot work.'”

Le Batard anticipates the situation getting even messier.

“Now I’m hearing the Boshs want so badly on the court that they’re trying to get the union involved,” he said. “They found a doctor who might be willing to clear him … For some reason, he thinks he’s good to go and I think it’s because he’s not showing the symptoms he showed the first time.”

Doctors have reportedly warned Bosh that a recurrence of blood clots could be incredibly dangerous, no matter how symptom-free he feels. Le Batard says Bosh has basically found one doctor who is willing to clear him while several others have given the red light.

It became very obvious that Bosh is unhappy when his wife Adrienne sent this tweet last week. While he certainly gives the Heat a better chance to win, you can’t blame the team for playing it safe. Bosh’s condition sounds like it is something that requires extreme precaution.

H/T Deadspin

Chris Bosh pushing to return to Heat, team has not cleared him

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh thinks he’s ready to rejoin the Heat for their playoff run, but the organization doesn’t seem to agree.

In what appeared to be a coordinated effort on Tuesday, both Bosh and his wife took to social media indicating Bosh’s readiness to play. First, Adrienne Bosh sent out the following tweet:

She then retweeted a video of Bosh hoisting jumpshots that came from Bosh’s Snapchat.

Bosh seems raring to go, but according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the Heat are still holding him back.

“There is no update,” team spokesman Tim Donovan told ESPN. “He is out still indefinitely.”

According to Windhorst, Bosh will not return until he is cleared by Miami’s team doctors. They have not done so, and believe that no other NBA team would clear him either.

It’s just another chapter in what has become a rather lengthy stalemate between player and team. Bosh has been sidelined since the All-Star break due to a blood condition. He has maintained since March that he feels good and wants to return, but the Heat have not been comfortable clearing him. You can hardly blame them given the seriousness of the condition.

Chris Bosh tells Heat teammates he will not play during playoffs

Chris Bosh

It sounds like you can rule out a Chris Bosh return this season.

According to Dwyane Wade, Bosh told his Miami Heat teammates on Friday that he would not be able to play for the team during the postseason due to an ongoing blood issue.

Bosh has not played since the All-Star break due to a serious blood condition. It is the same issue that cost him the same amount of time last season, and while it has not been confirmed that there was a blood clot involved this time, there was a significant fear of such. As recently as late March, the Heat were holding out hope for a Bosh return this year, and Bosh himself has been optimistic, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.