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Sunday, February 16, 2020

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Chris Bosh found out about failing physical from the media


When the world found out that Heat forward Chris Bosh had failed his physical and would not play for Miami again, Chris Bosh found out right along with them.

In his latest video for Uninterrupted, Bosh revealed that he’d found out about his failed physical through media reports, not from the team itself.

“I didn’t see my career in Miami ending like this,” Bosh said in the video. “I didn’t get a call or a text or anything like that. I mean, it’s a business. We understand that. We always say those things. But if you say certain things to the person and you win championships and you have these moments, you don’t want to find things out through the media.”

Yikes. Well, we knew Bosh cut off communication with the team, but they seem to have done the same. These bad feelings probably run pretty deep by this point, and it remains to be seen how this divorce will be handled if Bosh tries to find somewhere else to play.

Pat Riley says Chris Bosh cut off communication with Heat


Pat Riley seemingly confirmed all those stories about Chris Bosh ignoring him.

Riley said this week that Bosh ignored phone calls from the entire Miami Heat braintrust, including coach Erik Spoelstra and owner Micky Arison.

It sounds as though this report was true. It also sounds as though things are pretty ugly as far as this relationship goes. Bosh’s Heat career is over, but it sounds like there are some seriously bad feelings being harbored, and Riley isn’t afraid to point fingers here.

Pat Riley: Chris Bosh’s Heat career is ‘likely over’


Miami Heat president Pat Riley said Monday that the team is no longer trying to bring Chris Bosh back into the fold.

Riley confirmed that Bosh will likely never suit up for the Heat again in light of his blood clot issues.

“We are not,” Riley said Monday, via Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “I think Chris is still open-minded. But we are not working toward his return.

“We feel that, based on the last exam, that his Heat career is probably over.”

Riley added that whether Bosh’s career was over completely was “up to him.”

“It’s pretty definitive from us, in our standpoint, that this is probably going to be a time where we really have to step back,” Riley said. “His health, playing and economics — it’s been health, health, health. Whatever the cap ramifications are, they are there, but we never ever thought about that.”

Riley bristled at the notion that the Heat haven’t been fair and understanding throughout Bosh’s health scares.

“If there was a level of mistrust, I don’t know what he’s talking about,” Riley said. “Contrary to how this thing has been perpetuated in the media, we have worked very, very hard with Chris.”

The last straw for the Heat was Bosh failing his preseason physical. He’s reportedly had it with Riley, and with his Heat career effectively finished, it remains to be seen what his next move will be — and whether any doctors associated with any team would clear him to play.

Report: Chris Bosh won’t speak to Pat Riley, Heat career could be over


The relationship between Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat has reportedly turned icy in recent months, and Bosh failing his pre-camp physical is not going to help smooth things over.

Shortly after the Heat announced Bosh has not been cleared for training camp, Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical reported that Bosh has not spoken with Heat president Pat Riley in months. Woj also says the team believes Bosh is done in Miami.

Given his recent history with blood clots, it would not be a surprise if Bosh did not play in the NBA again in general, let alone with the Heat.

If you heard the comments Bosh made about the Heat in a recent documentary, you know he is not on good terms with the team. Their reluctance to clear him to resume basketball activities — whether justified or not — is probably just adding to Bosh’s level of frustration.

Heat release statement on Chris Bosh failing physical


The Miami Heat have confirmed that Chris Bosh failed his physical and has not been cleared to take part in training camp.

In a statement released Friday, the Heat said the hope is to have Bosh back as quickly as possible.

“The Miami HEAT and Chris Bosh, in consultation with team doctors and other physicians, have been working together for many months with the mutual goal of having Chris return to the court as soon as possible,” the team wrote. “Chris has now taken his pre-season physical. The Miami HEAT regret that it remains unable to clear Chris to return to basketball activities, and there is no timetable for his return.

“We are not able to comment further in light of Article XXII, Section 3(e) of the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, which precludes a team from releasing certain medical information without a player’s consent.”

Bosh has battled issues with blood clots over the past two years, and he is currently taking blood-thinning medication. An earlier report indicated that his failed physical had to do with his existing condition. You can read more details here.

While there have been rumblings that Bosh’s camp came to an agreement with the Heat that the forward could take a specific type of blood thinner that would be out of his system by game time, that plan was reportedly contingent on Bosh not running into any further complications.

At this point, it cannot be taken for granted that Bosh will play in the NBA again. His health is clearly a major concern.

Report: Chris Bosh fails physical due to continued clotting, not cleared for training camp

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh’s comeback has hit a serious snag.

The Miami Heat center has reportedly failed his physical and will not be allowed to participate in training camp with the team.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the issue was evidence of continued blood clotting relating to his previous two episodes. While Bosh’s condition isn’t life-threatening if treated, it is considered “unrealistic” for him to play through it, and he cannot play with blood thinners in his system during games due to a fear of complications and bleeding if he were to be cut.

Jackson said the Heat had hoped and expected to clear Bosh as long as no new issues were discovered during his exam, and the team was open to letting him play while on a different medical regiment that would ensure that blood thinners were out of his system by game time. After the physical results showed more clotting, however, the team simply had no other option but to sideline him.

Bosh had been so bullish about his chances of a return to the court, but obviously this throws a serious wrench in those plans. It likely won’t do anything to alleviate his frustration with the team, either. It remains to be seen what Bosh’s next step will be given that he feels healthy and wants to play. Miami’s doctors simply don’t agree, and they have consistently held firm in that regard.

Chris Bosh felt ‘written off’ after second blood clot diagnosis, was told career likely over

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh felt like he was “written off” after his second blood clot diagnosis, in which Miami Heat team doctors told him that his career was probably over.

In an installment of his new “Rebuilt” series on Uninterrupted, Bosh described his reaction to the doctors’ verdict after his second scare.

“Seeing the team doctors, they told me that my season is over, my career is probably over and this just happens, this is just how it is,” Bosh said, as transcribed by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. “I felt right away that I was written off. It was [clap, clap] put it to the side matter-of-factly. If a doctor tells me, ‘Hey that’s it and this is how that is,’ and I don’t buy that. I have the right to disagree with you.

“I know inside me I have a lot talent and a lot of ability. I have it. I know I have it. It wasn’t a matter of if I play again, it was when. So we took the bull by the horns.”

Much to his frustration, Bosh still hasn’t been formally cleared to play. He is working on a solution with the Heat, but you can see where the disagreement stems from. Bosh is certain that he can play. The team, however, still appear to have their reservations.