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Monday, March 30, 2020

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CM Punk fight vs Mickey Gall targeted for UFC 202


Here’s something else the UFC can start banning reporters over: CM Punk and Mickey Gall’s fight date reportedly is targeted for UFC 202.

There has been speculation that Punk would finally make his UFC debut at some point during the summer, and the word is the date should be UFC 202 in August:

The UFC also announced that Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz will fight each other in a rematch on that UFC 202 card.

Punk’s MMA debut has long been awaited. He signed with the UFC in Dec. 2014 after leaving the WWE, but has yet to make his debut a year and a half later. He first injured his shoulder, and then he had back surgery.

Dave Meltzer has also reported that FS1 supposedly has a documentary on Punk’s MMA debut set to air this summer, another indication that CM Punk may be fighting soon.

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Dana White: CM Punk looks ‘phenomenal’


If former WWE superstar CM Punk is destined to get his lunch money taken the day he steps inside the Octagon for his first match, Dana White does not want anyone to know ahead of time.

In a recent interview with TMZ, White was asked how Punk is progressing with his training. The UFC president started gushing.

“First of all, let me start by saying this – the respect that this guy has earned from his team, his coaches … he’s a dog, man,” White said. “He actually just moved to Milwaukee so he can be closer to training. He’s committed to this thing. The guy’s an absolute stud and a joy to work with. He’s looking phenomenal.”

White added that whenever Punk is ready to fight he just needs to say the word, but White predicts that will be early next year.

When Punk first signed with the UFC, he assured fans he is not going to take his MMA career lightly. Though, he did leave open the possibility that he could get his ass kicked.

Many people have criticized the Punk signing as purely a publicity stunt for the UFC, but White is determined to prove that is not the case. For evidence of that, look no further than how White responded when Ben Askren took shots at Punk.

Can a 36-year-old who has never competed professionally in MMA find success? It sounds like we’ll know the answer to that in less than a year.

H/T Bloody Elbow

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WWE doctor suing CM Punk for $1 million for defamation

CM Punk

A WWE doctor is suing CM Punk for over $1 million in damages alleging that the former WWE wrestler defamed him in a November interview.

Christopher Amann, who has been a WWE ringside doctor since 2010, filed a suit in Cook County Circuit Court alleging that Punk (real name Phil Brooks) defamed him with statements made in an interview on friend Colt Cabana’s (real name Scott Colton) “The Art of Wrestling” podcast.

According to the Cook County Legal Record, Amann “claims the duo’s statements were false, defamatory and put him a false light by improperly insinuating ‘a lack of integrity … and/or inability or lack of competence to perform his professional duties as a medical doctor.’ ”

As we wrote in Nov., Punk absolutely annihilated the WWE in his interview with Cabana, outlining all the reasons that led him to quit the organization. One of his biggest issues was the poor medical treatment he received for multiple injuries, such as knee and elbow problems, and how he was always pushed to rush back from the recovery. He said Amann was negligent in treating his concussion and repeatedly misdiagnosed an abscess on his back. Punk says he repeatedly complained to Amann about the growth and was continually told it was just a fatty deposit and he only needed antibiotics for it. Punk said he had to go to his wife’s doctor, who diagnosed it as a potentially life-threatening staph infection and had him go to the hospital to get it cut out.

Below are some of the exact statements made by Punk about the matter on Cabana’s podcast (as transcribed by Cageside Seats):


Dana White rips Ben Askren over CM Punk criticism


Former WWE star CM Punk recently signed with the UFC, and more than a few people have been critical of the move. Punk has left open the possibility that he could get his ass kicked, and many feel that’s exactly what is going to happen.

Ben Askren has been one of the most vocal critics of Dana White’s decision to sign Punk. Askren said earlier this week that he believes the UFC is turning from a sport back into a “spectacle.”

“…You can’t really expect that a 36-year-old man who’s got no combat sports experience is going to come into the UFC and be effective,” Askren said, via Nate Wilcox of Bloody Elbow. “I mean it’s simply to sell pay per views.”

Askren, who is a perfect 14-0 in his MMA career and is the current ONE FC Welterweight Champion, said Brock Lesnar transitioning from WWE to UFC was different because of Lesnar’s wrestling background.

As you might expect, White refuted the notion that the Punk signing was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

“The thing is with Ben Askren is that Ben Askren doesn’t really want to fight here, in my opinion,” White told Matt Parrino of UFC.com. “People that are close to him say the same thing. The guy is making a ton of money to fight nobodies, but when you talk and you say a lot of things it keeps your name out there. Trust me when I tell you this, Ben Askren does not want to fight in the UFC. Believe me when I tell you that.”

In other words, White feels that Askren is criticizing the Punk signing for being a publicity move just so Ben can get some publicity for himself. Complicated stuff, huh?

If Punk gets dominated (and it is not going to be by this guy, unfortunately), the signing will look pretty lame — no matter how White tries to spin it.

H/T MMA Fighting

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Joe Rogan says he can’t fight CM Punk because he’d fail the drug test


Former WWE superstar CM Punk signed with the UFC recently and said he can’t wait for an opportunity to kick someone’s ass or have his ass kicked. One person who won’t be doing the ass kicking is legendary UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

After Punk announced he had inked a deal with the UFC, lightweight fighter Joe Lauzon recommended Rogan as Punk’s first opponent.

Rogan was quick to shoot down the idea. Why? Because he knows he would fail the drug test.

That’s hardly a surprise. Rogan has admitted in the past that he likes to smoke weed and has been a big advocate for the legalization of marijuana. He has also admitted to taking testosterone, so he would stand no chance of providing a clean urine sample.

Rogan, who is perhaps best known for sharing controversial opinions, is nothing if not honest.

H/T Bloody Elbow

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CM Punk signs with UFC, cannot wait to kick someone’s ass


CM Punk is following in Brock Lesnar’s footsteps and will be transitioning from professional wrestling to the UFC.

The UFC announced during Saturday’s UFC 181 pay-per-view event that it has signed Punk, real name Phil Brooks, who previously was a WWE Superstar.

“My professional wrestling days are over, it’s awesome to be here,” Punk said in an interview with UFC commentator Joe Rogan. “This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I have a background in kempo (karate) and I’ve been doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for a long time.

“The idea of being able to step inside the octagon was an opportunity I could not deny myself. I’m here to get my ass kicked or kick somebody’s ass. When it’s all said and done, everyone is going to have to respect me,” Punk said.

Punk said he will likely compete in the middleweight division, though he is also considering fighting as a welterweight. He plans to announce soon what team he will join for training.

Punk is 36 and has experience training in mixed martial arts, though he has never competed in the sport professionally.

Punk’s name has been in the news lately. The wrestler left the WWE earlier in the year and recently explained in a podcast why he left the company. WWE boss Vince McMahon went on Stone Cold’s podcast and apologized to Punk for terminating him on his wedding day.

Punk filmed this video to promote his new career move:

According to his video announcement, Punk plans to begin competing in 2015.

Vince McMahon apologizes to CM Punk for firing him on wedding day

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon apologized to CM Punk Monday for firing the wrestler on his wedding day.

The WWE boss was a guest on the “Stone Cold Podcast” on WWE Network and was asked by Austin about CM Punk. Punk went on a podcast last week and criticized the WWE while explaining why he left the organization. One story Punk shared is that he received his termination papers from the wrestling company the day of his wedding.

McMahon gave an apology statement and said the timing of the firing was a “coincidence.”

“I would like to apologize … sometimes in a big corporation, the legal people don’t necessarily know what talent relations are doing and conversely … Punk got his severance papers on the day he got married. That was coincidence. I want to personally apologize for that,” McMahon said.

“Other than that, the only thing I want to say about Punk is that there have been a number of individuals in the past who have been disgruntled, said a lot of things about the organization — I’m not going to wash the dirty laundry in public — I think there are a lot of things that he may say that he may regret one day in terms of looking back on it.

“But nonetheless, I hope that one day we will be able to get back together again.”

McMahon emphasized that he has had his differences with multiple superstar wrestlers in the past and was able to work with them in the future, so he hopes the same will happen with Punk.

McMahon said he had not listened to Punk’s interview with Colt Cabana and that “there’s always two sides to every story.”

Later in his interview with Stone Cold, McMahon described Punk as a “loner” and said the wrestler lacked communication skills.

H/T Big Dadyan