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Saturday, July 11, 2020

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CM Punk slams WWE in podcast interview with Colt Cabana

CM Punk Blackhawks

For the first time since leaving the WWE in January, CM Punk publicly discussed what led him to leave the company.

As Punk tells it, there were several reasons why he left WWE, but the main reason was his health. He was recovering from multiple injuries — his elbow and knees were problematic and required surgery — and he was pushed back to the ring earlier than his recommended recovery time by Vince McMahon. He got sick of his status with the company, as well as his poor health (which he says was disregarded by the company) and he decided to finally walk away.

McMahon described Punk’s departure as a “sabbatical.” The organization officially released him from the organization on June 13, the day of his wedding to AJ Lee.

Punk joined “The Art of Wrestling” with pro wrestler Colt Cabana this week and talked about all his problems.

“There’s a lot of assumption out there that I was disgruntled with my storylines. (There was an assumption that) I was banged up. I was mad that I wasn’t the main event of WrestleMania. I was mad that I was wrestling Triple H … there’s an element of truth in all of those things, but I can’t say there was one big thing that led to my decision. Actually, the big thing that led to my decision was my health,” Punk told Cabana.

Punk was pushed through elbow and knee injuries, and he says the WWE did not give him proper care for a big lump on his back.

Beyond the medical issues, there were many other small things that added up and made Punk bitter towards the WWE.

Punk told Cabana that he wanted sponsors and thought he deserved them, but was turned down. Then he would see another wrestler like Brock Lesnar, who was allowed to have them. Additionally, he recalled wanting to walk Chael Sonnen to the octagon for a UFC fight and was told he couldn’t Then he saw a famous wrestler walk Floyd Mayweather to the ring for a boxing fight. He felt that was another example of other wrestlers having special privileges to which he wasn’t entitled.

Punk felt underpaid based on the value he brought to the company. He was sick of McMahon constantly asking him for favors without ever repaying him. He says he really wanted to wrestle in the main event at WrestleMania and was disappointed that his dream never happened.

“It seemed like there was never really a place for me in that company,” a disillusioned Punk feels.

To put things over the top, Punk was particularly irked that the WWE deliberately fired him on his wedding day. That move drove Punk to contact a lawyer to help him get a royalty check the company owed him but was stalling about paying. Punk says he got everything he wanted from the company through the suit.

When Punk informed McMahon that he wanted out of the WWE, he had some powerful words for the wrestling boss.

“You have shackled me, you have creatively stifled me, you have made this a very toxic environment. I no longer want to be here,” Punk recalls telling McMahon.

Punk also is at peace with his decision to leave the WWE and wrestling as a whole.

“WWE didn’t make me who I am. WWE was a pit stop and I will not be defined by what I do for a living. I don’t think anybody should be.

“I was miserable, I was unhappy, f— it, I left. I made myself happy. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it was a long time coming.”

Below you can listen to the entire podcast. Some of the language is foul.

H/T Deadspin

Fans chant for CM Punk during Randy Orton speech (Video)

CM PunkFans attending Raw on Monday night expressed their unhappiness over CM Punk leaving the organization last week. While Randy Orton was speaking prior to his match with Daniel Bryan, the fans began to chant for CM Punk.

CM Punk left WWE last week for a few reasons. One, he probably needed some time away to rest and recover after touring with the organization. Two, he probably felt disrespected, especially with part-timers main-eventing and Batista winning the Royal Rumble. Or three, this could just be a storyline put out by WWE.

Whatever the case, you can tell fans are disappointed that Punk’s not around, because they chanted for him while Orton was talking and also during the main event between Orton and Daniel Bryan. Bryan won the match to spark a bunch of “YES!” chants, like always.

H/T Arsen D.

Ronda Rousey said CM Punk was sexy

Ronda Rousey CM Punk

While most of you were watching the BCS National Championship Game, Ronda Rousey and many others were taking in “Old School Raw” in Baltimore on Monday night.

One of those people was MMA superstar Ronda Rousey, who tweeted that she thought Punk looked sexy.

As Rousey said, just when she called Punk sexy, he lost to Roman Reigns.

No response yet from Punk, at least that we know of. If I were Rousey, I might be worried about some backlash from Punk’s girlfriend AJ Lee, based on what happened to Michelle Beadle. Good thing Rousey can defend herself.

H/T Fight Opinion

Michelle Beadle had backstage incident with CM Punk’s girlfriend AJ Lee

Michelle Beadle AJ Lee

Michelle Beadle had a backstage incident with CM Punk’s girlfriend A.J. Lee at the taping for WWE Tribute to the Troops last week, and she addressed it on Twitter Sunday.

Beadle is the host for the Tribute to the Troops show, which was filmed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington last week and will air on NBC on Dec. 28. Beadle says she said something to Punk backstage. Lee allegedly confronted her over it and got wild and crazy. WWE PR reps supposedly had to address the matter with Lee.

Here’s what Beadle tweeted on Sunday:

A report says Lee is expected to be disciplined over the incident and that Punk was upset with WWE officials for the way they handled it. Lee’s defense supposedly was that she was instructed to stay in character and that’s why she confronted Beadle.

Beadle first hinted at the incident by sending these tweets on Thursday:


Chael Sonnen challenges Vince McMahon, CM Punk to tag team fight

Chael Sonnen must have finally heard that WWE boss Vince McMahon once challenged UFC president Dana White to a fight, because he responded Tuesday with a proposal for McMahon.

In case you missed it, White revealed in a recent interview that McMahon wanted to fight him in the UFC or at a Wrestlemania event. White declined, saying that the 67-year-old McMahon is too old to be fighting.

Sonnen, who is 27-12 as an MMA fighter, seems to be game. He proposed a tag team fight between him and White against McMahon and WWE champ CM Punk.

In typical Sonnen fashion, the tweets came in a series of humorous, crap-talking blasts:


WWE fan Charles Schmidt considering lawsuit after CM Punk assault

On Monday night during during WWE’s “Monday Night Raw,” wrestler CM Punk went overboard during the show when he turned around and hit a fan across the face while standing with the audience. Punk was in the stands going back-and-forth with Vince McMahon when fans began touching and shoving him. That’s when he turned around and hit Charles Schmidt, who is now reportedly considering filing a lawsuit.

Schmidt told Laura Cole of CBS 14 in Sacramento that he was filing a report with police on Monday night. He claimed Punk had broken his glasses and left somewhat of a bruise near his eye (see a photo here). He also said the attack was completely unprovoked. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department said there would not be an investigation because Schmidt did not want to press charges, but according to Cole he said he is considering hiring an attorney and taking legal action.

I’ve never been one to rally people to sue and file lawsuits, but why wouldn’t Schmidt take legal action? Punk acted unprofessionally and assaulted him for no reason. The attack was captured on video from multiple angles, so if I was Schmidt I’d need more than just an apology from the WWE to make things right. You can’t just have wrestlers hitting fans for no reason and making it go away with a simple “sorry.”

Fan who provoked CM Punk bragged about it, then deleted his Twitter

The fan who provoked CM Punk to hit another fan at “RAW” on Monday night in Sacramento bragged about his actions, but later deleted his Twitter account.

A man named Dario Teyes bragged over Twitter that he was the one who antagonized CM Punk in the stands. He also seemed proud that an innocent fan paid for his actions.

Teyes’ tweets are gone now that he deleted his Twitter account, but they were preserved online.

“Bro I’m the one that was —king with [CM Punk] lmao them he rocked an innocent fan,” Teyes wrote to one of his friends over Twitter. “[The fan who was struck] is about to be a millionaire!!! I punched his kidney and slapped his back hella hard.

“Bro he straight pounced on a poor day white guy. I hit him ran away then ran back and stood next to him cause I saw the camera … Come on now poor fat guy is just hanging out putting his glasses on.”

Teyes owes the real victim a big apology, as does CM Punk and the WWE. At the least, the innocent fan needs a new pair of glasses.

The WWE sent us the following statement on the matter: