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Saturday, December 15, 2018

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Curt Schilling rips ‘weak men’ who did not invite him to World Series ceremony

Curt Schilling ESPN

The Boston Red Sox had several members of their 2004 curse-breaking championship team on hand at Fenway Park Wednesday night to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before Game 2 of the World Series, and Curt Schilling was not among them. The team is claiming that was not by design, but Schilling clearly does not buy it.

In a lengthy Facebook post early Thursday morning, Schilling seemingly unloaded on the Red Sox ownership group without mentioning any names.

“The men who sit in that ivory tower and pass their judgment from on high know EXACTLY what I did and it shames them as men knowing they’ll never in their lives be able to do anything remotely close to that,” Schilling wrote. “I can wake up tomorrow and peek at the 3 (World Series) Trophies, or put on the 3 (World Series) Rings and know what was and is. I don’t need a ceremony to know what we did that year.”

Many have tried to distance themselves from Schilling’s controversial political views over the years, and members of the Red Sox organization are among them. A team spokesperson told WEEI.com that Wednesday’s first pitch ceremony was informal and “grew organically” from members of the 2004 team who happened to be attending the game, but that seems hard to believe.

“I just didn’t get an invitation from a few weak ‘men’ who’ve spent their entire lives paying and watching other men achieve,” Schilling added.

Schilling has been accused of being racist and a bigot, which is something he addressed in his Facebook post. He noted that no teammates, coaches, team staff members, fans or anyone else has “ever provided even an ounce of evidence to prove or convince people I am a racist,” though some would point to his Twitter activity.

Even if he disagrees with the reasons why, Schilling’s presence at Fenway Park on Wednesday would have had the potential to create a distraction before a World Series game. That was the last thing the Red Sox wanted.

Red Sox do not invite Curt Schilling to 2004 World Series reunion

Curt Schilling ESPN

Numerous members of the 2004 Boston Red Sox will reunite Wednesday night to throw out a ceremonial first pitch, but Curt Schilling will not be among them.

Seven members of the 2004 Sox will be on hand for the first pitch ahead of Game 2 of the World Series. Schilling still lives in the area, but the Red Sox confirmed that he was not invited to take part.

While the Red Sox won’t say so, it is entirely possible that they prefer to distance themselves from Schilling’s controversial political views, which also got him fired from ESPN. On what’s supposed to be a big night for the team, he’s bound to be a distraction, and not a good one.

Curt Schilling defends himself after probably arguing with fake Sidney Ponson

Curt Schilling ESPN

Curt Schilling got into his latest Twitter beef on Wednesday night, and this time he went back and forth with what many insist is a very fake account run by someone pretending to be former MLB pitcher Sidney Ponson. Just don’t tell Curt that.

It all started when the Ponson account — which says in its bio “Not really sid” — tweeted at Schilling congratulating him on making the Hall of Fame. Schilling, of course, did not make the Hall. Not only that, but he actually dropped seven percent in the voting this time around.

Let’s begin, shall we?

The “Ponson” account had 125 followers at the time this post was written. It had less than half of that before Schilling had his little meltdown. When someone pointed out that the Ponson account had only 43 followers, Schilling somehow very quickly determined that the account was authentic, despite its lack of a little blue check mark.

Schilling repeatedly insisted that he knows for a “fact” the account is actually run by Ponson, despite tweets that say stuff like “just ate 64 wings and it isn’t even game time f— with me” and “what’s up chickenf—ers.”

As blogs picked up on the story and mocked Schilling, the three-time World Series champion refused to back down. Of course, it would be helpful if he explained how he was able to verify that Ponson is actually the one tweeting idiotic things to his dozens of followers.

Schilling loves attention. That’s the reason he makes comments like the ones he recently made about his Hall of Fame candidacy. While we’d love to believe he went at it on Twitter with fellow blowhard and career 5.03 ERA-toting Sidney Ponson, something just doesn’t add up. Nice try, Curt.

H/T Deadspin

Dan Haren has funny tweet about Curt Schilling’s HOF candidacy

Retired former All-Star pitcher Dan Haren continues to be a 140-character superstar in his post-MLB chapter.

Andrew Baggaarly of the Bay Area News Group shared an interesting stat on Friday about the Hall of Fame case for Curt Schilling, whose controversial political opinions that he often posts on Twitter have tarnished his candidacy in the eyes of many voters.

In response, Haren chose to pose a question about the extent of the Twittersphere’s power to make or break one’s Hall of Fame candidacy.

Well considering tweets like this one, Haren would probably be the ultimate beneficiary if that were indeed the case.

As for Schilling, he’s been adamant lately that he would, in fact, be voted into the Hall if his political beliefs were less unpopular, so maybe Haren is really onto something here. Take note, Cooperstown.

Curt Schilling: I’d be in the Hall of Fame if I bashed Donald Trump

Curt Schilling ESPN

The 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame inductees will be announced later this month, and Curt Schilling is once again expected to come up short. The former Cy Young Award winner is convinced that has much more to do with his political opinions than what he accomplished in his career.

And he’s probably right.

In an interview with TMZ this week, Schilling said he believes nearly all of the 400-plus voters would give him a thumbs up if he bashed Donald Trump rather than supporting the president elect.

“They’re not hiding the fact that they’ve stopped voting for me because of the things I’ve said on social media,” the 50-year-old said. “That’s their prerogative as voters. … If I had said lynch Trump, I’d be getting in with about 90 percent of the votes this year.”

A few months ago, Schilling shared a photo on social media of a man wearing a shirt encouraging people to lynch journalists and described it as “awesome.”

Schilling added that many of the voters are hypocrites for keeping him out of the Hall because of his character, noting that there’s a tendency to “pick and choose” which players to apply the character clause to.

“The people who have said they’re not going to vote for me are not going to vote for me because of the character clause,” he said. “There are some of the worst human beings I’ve ever known voting. There are scumbags all across — if they don’t believe my baseball talents merit me getting into the Hall of Fame, so be it.”

Schilling is one of only 16 pitchers with 3,000-plus strikeouts in his career. His 216 wins are a bit low for some people, but he ranks third all-time in strikeout-to-walk ratio. The strongest case Schilling can make for Cooperstown is his 11-2 record and 2.23 ERA in the playoffs, where he was downright dominant.

Are many voters keeping Schilling off their ballots because he has made unpopular remarks like this? Most likely, but he still has a few years to get in. It’d be a surprise if he doesn’t eventually get to the Hall.

Curt Schilling rips ‘selfish’ Trevor Bauer for drone injury

Curt Schilling ESPN

As Trevor Bauer attempted to pitch through a bleeding pinkie finger during Game 3 of the ALCS, many people drew comparisons between the Indians pitcher and Curt Schilling, who famously pitched the Red Sox to victory in the playoffs during the “Bloody Sock Game.”

Though many saw similarities between the situations, Schilling did not and instead ripped Bauer for his “selfish” actions.

Schilling called Bauer “selfish” and “stupid” for injuring himself while playing with his drone.

People started responding to Schilling’s tweet, so Schilling wrote them back with more harsh thoughts.

Schilling then got on Bauer’s case for playing with his drone, which led to the finger getting cut to the point it needed stitches. He questioned Bauer’s priorities and said the pitcher can’t do anything that would jeopardize what he had been working for.

Bauer lasted just four batters in his start, while Schilling pitched seven despite his bloody ankle. The location of their cuts accounted for the difference. And here’s a look at how bad Schilling’s ankle was.

Curt Schilling considering challenging for Elizabeth Warren’s Senate seat

Curt Schilling ESPN

Six-time All-Star, three-time World Series champion, former ESPN analyst, United States senator?

Outspoken former pitcher Curt Schilling, who recently hinted at running for political office, now appears to be zeroing in on the Senate seat in Massachusetts currently occupied by Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

“I would like to be one of the people responsible for getting Elizabeth Warren out of politics,” said Schilling in an interview with Boston radio station WRKO-AM on Monday. “She’s a nightmare. The left’s holding her up as the second coming of Hillary Clinton, Lord knows we don’t need the first.”

Talk about two polar opposites on the ideological spectrum.

Warren, who is up for re-election in 2018, is known as one of the leading progressive voices in the Senate. Meanwhile, Schilling has been rather vocal about his right-wing political views over the years and recently made some disparaging comments about Clinton before being fired from ESPN for sharing an anti-transgender image on social media.

The 49-year-old Schilling, who doesn’t seem to think that Donald Trump is the answer either, clearly feels that he may need to take the country’s leadership into his own hands. It remains to be seen if the electorate shares the same sentiment.

H/T HardballTalk