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Monday, May 25, 2020

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Cris Cyborg-Angela Magana fight video emerges

Angela Magana

Video of the confrontation between Cris Cyborg and Angela Magana outside the UFC fighters’ hotel on Sunday has emerged.

Cyborg and Magana got into an altercation outside the hotel where the fighters were staying for their Las Vegas retreat. Cyborg, a UFC featherweight, apparently confronted Magana about a rude tweet she sent in late April, leading to a response from Magana. Cyborg ended up hitting Magana with a punch in response.

Here’s video, but beware of the bad language:

Magana continued to tweet after the incident. She claimed she was the victim of Cyborg’s road rage:

Magana says she has decided to press charges.

The two have a long-standing beef that goes back to these photos in 2014.

Cris Cyborg upset with UFC for not giving her title shot

Cris Cyborg Justino

Cris “Cyborg” Justino is happy that the UFC finally created a featherweight division for women as she’s wanted for years, but she’s upset with them for not giving her the first crack at the title.

News emerged on Tuesday that the UFC will hold its inaugural women’s featherweight title fight on Feb. 11 at UFC 208 in Brooklyn. The two women to fight will be Holly Holm and Germaine de Randamie.

Holm defeated Ronda Rousey to become the 135-pound champion, but she has lost two fights in a row since. De Randamie is 6-3.

Cyborg, meanwhile, is 17-1 and has been a featherweight champion in other promotions for years. News of the first title fight happening without her led her to tweet the following:

Cyborg had a particularly tough time cutting weight for her most recent UFC fight, which took place in September. That’s why she was asking to have until March before she fought again.

It’s understandable why she would be fuming about the UFC finally creating a division she’s been begging for but not making her part of the first title fight.

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Bellator will cover Cyborg Santos medical bills, pay him win bonus


Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos suffered one of the most gruesome MMA injuries you will ever see over the weekend when he was knocked out by a flying knee from Michael Page. It was so bad, in fact, that Bellator MMA is looking to help cover the medical expenses.

Bellator president Scott Coker told MMAjunkie.com that the organization intends to cover Santos’ medical bills and also pay him a win bonus for the fight.

“Bellator representatives have been present with him at the hospital throughout this process, and we are taking care of any medical bills that he incurs,” Coker said. “In addition, we are going to go ahead and pay ‘Cyborg’ his win bonus to help him find a little extra comfort throughout his recovery process, which we hope is a speedy one.”

Cris Justino, Santos’ ex-wife and a fellow MMA fighter, has already set up a GoFund Me account for Cyborg. She shared some photos of the horrific injury over the weekend, which you can view here if you have the stomach for it.

We have our doubts about a speedy recovery, but kudos to Bellator for doing what they can to help out. Bouncing back from an injury like that will be incredibly difficult.

H/T Bloody Elbow

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Cyborg says she would ‘kill’ Ronda Rousey


Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino is still trying to talk her way into a fight with Ronda Rousey, and she says she would even give up a shot at the current champ to fight the former champ.

In an interview with TMZ this week, Cyborg was asked if she would rather fight Rousey or Miesha Tate, who defeated Holly Holm back in March to claim the UFC women’s bantamweight title.

“Me and Ronda have a novella together,” Cyborg explained. “You have to finish a novella. Everybody wants to watch this fight. If you ask all the fans who they want to see, I think they want to see Ronda Rousey and Cyborg.

“I don’t know, maybe she’s scared. She’s had a lot of opportunities to fight me and she’s always hiding.”

And how would the novella end?

“I kill her, for sure” Cyborg said. “I would put everything she has said about me in my hands.”

Cyborg dominated Leslie Smith in her UFC debut last month. That fight was held at a catchweight of 140, and UFC president Dana White has said in the past that Rousey and Cyborg will fight as soon as Cyborg gets down to 135 pounds. Rousey has always cited Cyborg’s positive steroids test as a reason she does not want to fight her.

It remains unlikely that we will ever see Rousey and Cyborg in the Octagon together, regardless of how many cringeworthy shots like this Cyborg takes at Ronda. Rousey is expected to return to action later this year against whoever the champ is at the time.

Cyborg: Ronda Rousey has ‘weak mind’ if she considered suicide

Cyborg Justino

Cris “Cyborg” Justino feels that Ronda Rousey showed a weak side of herself when she revealed that she had suicidal thoughts after her loss to Holly Holm back in November.

Earlier this week, TMZ caught up with Cyborg and asked for her thoughts on Rousey’s emotional interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“I think it’s, you know, weak mind,” Cyborg said. “When you fight, you can lose or you can win — it’s a sport. You cannot think you want suicide because you lose one fight.”

That’s the second time in a week that another fighter has criticized Rousey for that interview. After she shocked Holly Holm and took her UFC women’s bantamweight title Saturday night, Miesha Tate taunted Rousey for something else Ronda said on DeGeneres’ show.

Rousey’s father committed suicide when she was a young girl, so she likely would not exaggerate about having suicidal thoughts. You can watch her interview with Ellen here.

Of course, Cyborg still wants a chance to fight Rousey. That became clear when she took a shot at the former champ after Rousey was knocked out by Holm. At this point, Cyborg will say anything to get Rousey into the Octagon with her.

Cyborg on Ronda Rousey: Imagine how much faster she is running from me now?

Ronda Rousey Cyborg Santos

The worst thing that could have happened to Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino was Ronda Rousey losing to Holly Holm. If Rousey defeated Holm in another snoozer like everyone was expecting, there was a good chance Cyborg would have been her next opponent.

Now, the only thing that makes sense for Rousey is trying to get her title back from Holm. Dana White has already said there will be a Rousey-Holm rematch as soon as Ronda is ready, and Cyborg is clearly disappointed.

“I hope [a fight with Rousey happens] for the fans. But if she was running from me before the loss, imagine how much faster she will be running from me now,” Cyborg told Andreas Hale of Yahoo. “I’m not chasing her anymore. After all, didn’t she say ‘You come to the champ?’ I have been a world champion for 10 years!”

White said in the past that Rousey would fight Cyborg as soon as Cyborg got down to 135 pounds. As Hale notes, Cyborg’s next Invicta fight was supposed to be at 140 (down from her usual 145), setting up a potential 135-pound bout against Rousey at UFC 200.

But now that Rousey is no longer the champ, Cyborg doesn’t see the need to shed more weight.

“Do I still want to fight Ronda? Of course!” she said. “However, if she wants to be the best she needs to beat the best, and that’s me at my best, not a depleted mirror of myself – which is what she is hoping for by forcing me to 135.”

At this point, it would not be a surprise if Cyborg-Rousey never happens. If Rousey beats Holm in a rematch, it would only make sense for Dana White to schedule a third fight between Holm and Rousey. If Holm wins again, we already know what Rousey is planning to do. Cyborg has taken a backseat regardless of what she weighs in at.

Cyborg rips Ronda Rousey for criticizing Floyd Mayweather

Ronda Rousey Cyborg Santos

You can add Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino to the growing list of people who feel that Ronda Rousey should be careful about mocking Floyd Mayweather Jr. over his history with domestic violence.

In a recent appearance on “The Brutally Honest” podcast, Cyborg said Rousey should take a look in the mirror before criticizing Mayweather.

“Ronda’s always doing interviews and talking bad about somebody,” Justino said, as transcribed by BJPenn.com. “She talks bad about other girls in the UFC, about Mayweather and his domestic violence and I think you have to look at yourself before you diss somebody.

“Everybody looks at her as an example. A lot of little girls –– I hope she realizes that she’s an example and a lot of people see her when she does something like this. She’s doing this [being a bully] to a lot of people. She just says good about her, not about other people.”

Cyborg and Rousey don’t like each other, and a lot of that has to do with Rousey calling out Cyborg over her failed drug tests. But Cyborg is not the only one who has called Rousey a hypocrite. Rousey’s ex-boyfriend Brendan Schaub was even more animated about it on his podcast recently.

Rousey’s current boyfriend, Travis Browne, was accused of abusing his estranged wife Jenna Webb. Webb ripped Rousey over the summer for being with Browne before the relationship went public.

We can only hope Cyborg finds a way to get down to 135 so she can fight Rousey. The buildup to the fight would be incredible.

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