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Friday, July 10, 2020

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Dada 5000 says he pushed himself too much in training

Dada 5000

What looked like an embarrassing effort from Dada 5000 against Kimbo Slice back in February turned out to be a near-death experience, and it may have been caused by overdoing it while training.

In an appearance on “The Dan LeBatard Show” this week, Dada 5000 — whose real name is Dhafir Harris — explained that cutting 40 pounds in just a few months contributed to his kidney failure and cardiac arrest.

“I probably pushed myself,” Harris said, via Shaun Al-Shatti of MMAFighting.com. “Instead of taking a couple months, I probably double-timed it. So I wouldn’t say (I cut weight) poorly. I think that my body was not used to that, because I’m not a full-time fighter. … So at the end of the day, I think that my body having so much time being off, and to push it from zero to 60, that could be something to focus on.”

Harris says Kimbo “never touched me” and that he had a heart attack inside the ring. As he mentioned in his Instagram post earlier this month, Harris says he was pronounced dead and there was one point when doctors had written him off.

“I was dead,” he said. “When you talk about your spirit leaving your body, looking at the light, but it’s not your time to go, and you actually get brought back, that was my situation. Because I was pronounced dead, and they kept working, kept working, kept working. And I died minutes apart.”

The details we heard after Harris lost to Slice were incredibly disturbing, and it’s clear he is lucky to be alive. We’re guessing that was his last fight.

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Dada 5000 claims he ‘died’ during fight against Kimbo Slice

Dada 5000

Dada 5000 claims he was revived from the dead after his fight against Kimbo Slice nearly two months ago.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday that he later deleted, the MMA fighter, whose real name is Dhafir Harris, said he suffered two heart attacks during his loss to Slice and “died.”

Harris lost by TKO in the third round, but he went down because his body was failing — not because of the hit from Slice. He suffered a broken orbital bone and was severely dehydrated and fatigued. At some point, Harris went into cardiac arrest. You can watch a video of the finish here.

Harris lost 40 pounds heading into his fight against Kimbo, which may have contributed to his poor health. From the sound of it, he is fortunate to be alive.

H/T MMAFighting.com

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Dada 5000 released from hospital after health scare

Dada 5000

Dada 5000 has been released from the hospital and is at home in South Florida nearly two weeks after his fight with Kimbo Slice.

A message posted on behalf of Dada to his Facebook page shared the news with the fighter’s fans:

“This is @Joserivero Dada 5000 has been released from the Hospital and is now back home in South Florida. He wants all his supporters to know he appreciates them and is nothing without them. He will soon be available to tell his story….” the message posted on Wednesday said.

Dada 5000, real name Dhafir Harris, went into cardiac arrest at some point after losing to Kimbo Slice at Bellator 149 in Houston on Feb. 19. He also suffered a broken orbital bone in the defeat.

Dada 5000 cut 40 pounds in order to make weight for the fight and was severely dehydrated and fatigued. He went down at the end of the fight not because of being hit, but because his body was failing (here’s video of the finish).

Despite the health issues, Dada’s manager told Larry Brown Sports the fighter was recovering well. Thankfully he is now back at home.

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Dada 5000 ‘recovering well’ from health scare

Dada 5000

Dada 5000 is recovering well following his health scare over the weekend, his manager says.

“Dada is recovering well. On his feet and moving around. Back to his usual self,” Dada’s manager Mike Vazquez told TMZ Sports. “He should be out [of the hospital] by the end of the week and can personally address [then].”

Vazquez also shared some information with Larry Brown Sports, saying Dada is improving every hour.

Dada 5000, real name Dhafir Harris, lost to Kimbo Slice via third-round TKO in their fight at Bellator 149 on Friday night in Houston. Both fighters were struggling with their cardio during the fight and were out of breath, barely able to throw punches during the second and third round. Dada 5000 eventually went down in the third due to a combination of fatigue and punches, it seemed.

On Saturday a report said Dada 5000’s heart had stopped at some point and he was in critical condition in the hospital. His family released a statement saying the health issues were related to Dada losing 40 pounds for the fight and being dehydrated.

The condition of both fighters made many wonder why the Texas commission allowed the fight to go on.

“We’ll re-evaluate and decide whether we need to change our procedures,” a Texas commission spokesperson told MMA Junkie.

Because both fighters are older than 36, they were subjected to even more testing prior to the fight and passed all exams.

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Kimbo Slice-Dada 5000 fight drew Bellator record 2.5 million viewers

Dada 5000-Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice may be 42 years old and past his fighting prime, but there is no denying that he is still a draw.

Spike TV sent out a news release to Larry Brown Sports saying Friday night’s fight between Kimbo and Dada 5000 at Bellator 149 in Houston drew record numbers for the network. They say the fight averaged 2.5 million viewers, helping to make Bellator 149 the top-ranked telecast of the day for Men 18-34 in all of TV. The entire fight card averaged 2 million viewers. The card’s finale between Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock drew 2.4 million viewers.

Proving what a draw Kimbo is for them, the Bellator livestream was 124 percent higher than the previous high mark, which came during Bellator 138 between Kimbo and Ken Shamrock.

Kimbo beat Dada 5000 with a third-round TKO in a fight that ended in bizarre fashion. The two fighters were barely standing by the end of the fight due to extreme fatigue. Dada 5000 was in such poor shape he seemed to go down because he was tired, not hurt. He was taken to the hospital after the fight where his heart reportedly stopped and he was in critical condition. Luckily he is now doing better and set to be out of the hospital at the end of the week.

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Dada 5000’s heart stopped after loss to Kimbo Slice


Dada 5000’s embarrassing effort against Kimbo Slice at Bellator 149 in Houston on Friday night suddenly has a sobering twist as we’ve learned the fighter was in critical care at the hospital afterwards.

MMA reporter Jeremy Botter says Dada, whose real name is Dhafir Harris, had to be placed on a ventilator and his heart stopped at some point after the fight.

Dada 5000 lost to Slice in a 3rd-round knockout. He was horribly out of shape for the fight and could barely throw punches or stand by the second and third rounds. He eventually went down in the third from a combination of punches taken and fatigue, leading to a pathetic looking knock down.

There apparently is good reason for his lack of conditioning; his family said in a statement that losing 40 pounds for the fight left him extremely fatigued and dehydrated:

The good news is Dada is said to be “OK and resting comfortably.”

If you missed the way the fight ended Friday night, you can see it here.

Dada 5000 loses to Kimbo Slice in pathetic way (Video)


The ending to the Dada 5000-Kimbo Slice Bellator 149 fight in Houston on Friday night was nothing short of embarrassing.

The two street fighters put together a fairly interesting first round, which was capped by Kimbo getting a takedown and mounting Dada 5000 for most of the round. The two were completely gassed though for the second, as they were mostly flailing their arms and all power had been lost from their punches.

By the time the third round came along, the fighters didn’t have much left. Their cardio was a joke, and Dada 5000 was in such poor shape he finally gave in a minute into the round:

Slice got credit with a knockout win in the third round, but we’re not sure whether he knocked out Dada 5000 or whether Dada just gave up because his cardio was so bad and his fatness knocked him out.

Didn’t these guys even spend five minutes on an elliptical machine before the fight? That was a joke.

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