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Dak Prescott suffers right hand injury against Bucs

Dak Prescott gets his hand hit

The Dallas Cowboys added injury to insult on Sunday night.

The Cowboys were trailing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19-3 late in the fourth quarter of “Sunday Night Football” and had the ball. Prescott was hoping to drive the Cowboys down the field, but the Bucs defense had other ideas.

Prescott had his right hand hit by Shaq Barrett as he was delivering a pass on the first play of the drive.

Prescott remained in the game, but struggled to get zip on the ball. He got his right hand hit on a delivery a second time on the possession and ended up checking out of the game.

Cooper Rush came in to replace Prescott, who later headed into the locker room for X-rays and further examinations.

Prescott entered the game with an ankle injury and exited the game with an injured throwing hand.

The seventh-year quarterback was 14/29 for 134 yards and an interception before exiting. His Cowboys lost 19-3.

It’s bad enough to start a season 0-1, but it’s even worse when your franchise quarterback suffers an injury to his throwing hand.

Dak Prescott reveals cause of latest ankle issue

Dak Prescott in a helmet

Aug 26, 2017; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) smiles while on the field before the game against the Oakland Raiders at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dak Prescott will be listed on the official injury report heading into the Dallas’ Cowboys Week 1 showdown with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the star quarterback insists there is no need for concern. He simply needed some new footwear.

Prescott left practice on Thursday with an ankle issue. He later told reporters that he tried out some new cleats that were not comfortable. Prescott said the Cowboys wanted to be cautious with his surgically repaired ankle

Prescott said he decided to try some Jordan 11 cleats, but obviously they did not work out. He is planning to go back to his old shoes going forward.

Cowboys fans may feel a bit uneasy about any ankle injury given Prescott’s history. However, he is planning to make one big change this season that would only be possible if he is fully healthy.

Prescott showed no ill effects last season of the ankle injury that prematurely ended his 2020 campaign. He threw for 4,449 yards, 37 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He just has to make sure he has the right cleats on if he wants to duplicate that this year.

Dak Prescott making 1 big change from last season

Dak Prescott in a helmet

Aug 26, 2017; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) smiles while on the field before the game against the Oakland Raiders at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dak Prescott of 2021 will not be able to come to the phone right now.

Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys star quarterback, told reporters this week that he is ready to make one major change from last season — running the ball more often.

“I expect to have about 20 carries a game,” joked Prescott, per Cowboys reporter Rob Phillips.

“I go into each offseason trying to be a better player and person than I was the year before,” Prescott continued. “At this stage, at this point, I definitely feel like I’ve accomplished that. I think I’m so, so much further along than I was last year at this time, just being able to get the team reps and being able to move more, take care of my whole body and just focus on everything and not just my leg. It’s a huge difference.”

2021 was the former Pro Bowler Prescott’s first season back after suffering a compound fracture and ankle dislocation to his right leg in Oct. 2020. His rush attempts were more few far and between with 146 yards on 48 attempts (compared to 305 yards on 75 attempts in Prescott’s last Pro Bowl season in 2018). That said, Prescott did get a little more comfortable running the ball later in the year, and the Cowboys’ season actually ended on a controversial Prescott rushing play.

The Dallas offense will look somewhat different in 2022 with the departures of Amari Cooper and Cedrick Wilson plus the presumptive return of Ezekiel Elliott to a full workload. More rushing attempts for Prescott won’t be the only other big change for the Cowboys on that side of the ball either.

Dak Prescott underwent surgery after season

Dak Prescott in a helmet

Dak Prescott dealt with some significant injuries again this past season, and at least one of them required a surgical procedure.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy revealed on Tuesday that Prescott had a “clean-up” surgery on his left shoulder after the season. McCarthy said the injury is not a concern and will not impact Prescott’s offseason availability.

McCarthy also said he does not think the injury impacted Prescott’s play in 2021.

Prescott’s 2020 season was cut short by a gruesome ankle injury. He worked his way back from that, but he was plenty banged up this season. He injured his throwing shoulder during training camp and then missed several games with a calf issue. There was obviously the injury to his left shoulder at some point as well.

The Cowboys once again saw their season end in disappointing fashion. Prescott recently hinted that he would like to have a role in fixing some of the issues the team faced in 2021.

Photo: Aug 26, 2017; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) smiles while on the field before the game against the Oakland Raiders at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dak Prescott hints at desire for role in shaping Cowboys’ roster

Dak Prescott in a helmet

The Dallas Cowboys face some significant decisions this offseason, and quarterback Dak Prescott seems intrigued at the prospect of having some say in them.

Prescott is locked in as the franchise quarterback of the Cowboys, but the weapons around him are less secure. Michael Gallup and Dalton Schultz are free agents, while Amari Cooper has come up as a potential cap casualty. Prescott admitted he would not mind some say in their futures, but he also has no plans to impose.

“I think that just depends on whether they ask me,” Prescott told Jori Epstein of USA Today. “I’m not going in and knocking on doors saying, ‘Hey, I want this done, I want that done.’ But I’m pretty sure that my opinion will be valued in certain decisions, as I hope. So with that being said, just plan on helping this team get better in every which way I can.”

While Prescott isn’t demanding major involvement, the Cowboys would probably be wise to listen to his counsel. Quarterback power is at an all-time high in the NFL, and there is no need to risk making Prescott unhappy by freezing him out.

On the other hand, with how the season ended for Dallas, Prescott might not have as much clout as he would coming off a deep playoff run.

Photo: Aug 26, 2017; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) smiles while on the field before the game against the Oakland Raiders at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dez Bryant, Dak Prescott’s brother get into heated Twitter beef

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant took to social media on Sunday to offer a suggestion for how Dak Prescott can improve as a player, and Prescott’s brother did not appreciate the comments.

Bryant wrote in a tweet that Prescott should consider seeking advice from Tony Romo on how to read defenses. Bryant, who put up Pro Bowl numbers while playing with Romo, in the past has praised Romo’s ability to dissect defenses. Bryant has also said Romo would make a great offensive coordinator.

Bryant noted in a follow-up tweet that he did not intend for his comments to knock Prescott.

Prescott’s older brother Tad did not think the criticism (if you want to call it that) was constructive.

“Because @DezBryant & Romo won so many playoff games together. Miss me with this s—,” Tad wrote (tweet edited by LBS for profanity).

Bryant reiterated that he was being genuine when he said Dak should reach out to Romo.

Tad still wasn’t having it, and things got more heated from there. Prescott accused Bryant of being a phony.

“@DezBryant is the same guy who’d smile & hug me while talking s— about Romo, Witten, & those he called Romo’s boys,” Prescott wrote (edited by LBS for profanity. “Now you turn on Dak, and myself. To think, I truly used to respect this man. @DezBryant
what did I say that was false? How many games did you and Romo win together. I saw you’re (sic) message where you asked I not let fans fool me, but than you address me directly after I hadn’t said s—. I’m not here for beef but you’re a (clown) bro.”

Bryant then shared a screenshot of a text message Prescott supposedly sent him, but Tad said the message didn’t come from his phone number.

Prescott accused Bryant of creating a fake conversation to make it seem like Tad texted him. He also called Dez “as fake as they come.” Bryant was sure to get the last word.

It’s worth noting that Bryant has been openly supportive of Dak Prescott in the past. His suggestion that the Cowboys QB reach out to Romo for advice also isn’t unreasonable, especially after the way Dak handled the Cowboys’ final play in his team’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Tad was probably being overly sensitive, but we’ll take a good Twitter beef any way we can get it.

Photo: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Dak Prescott fined for referee comments after playoff loss

Dak Prescott in a hat

The NFL has fined Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott for his remarks about the referees in Sunday’s playoff loss.

Prescott received a $25,000 fine for his remarks, according to USA Today’s Jori Epstein. Prescott condoned fans throwing items at the officials following the ending of Sunday’s game against San Francisco.

The Cowboys quarterback had initially been critical of the team’s fans, believing that they had been throwing items at the players. When informed that the referees were the target of the fans’ frustration, he essentially praised them.

Prescott actually drew criticism from the NBA’s referees, and the Cowboys quarterback ultimately apologized for his remarks. He probably knew this was coming, and the fine should come as no surprise.

Photo: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Mike McCarthy blames Dak Prescott for final play against 49ers?

Mike McCarthy coaching the Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy has maintained that the final play the team ran in their loss to the San Francisco 49ers was the right one, but he has since shared some interesting new information about it.

McCarthy spoke with reporters on Wednesday about Dak Prescott’s infamous quarterback draw. He said the Cowboys called a pass play but Prescott changed it to a run. McCarthy said he agreed with the decision from Prescott.

One report this week claimed offensive coordinator Kellen Moore called the draw play and McCarthy agreed. According to McCarthy, it was Prescott’s decision. Again, McCarthy insists he feels it was the right one.

It was somewhat surprising to hear McCarthy openly reveal that Prescott was responsible for the play. He then took things a step further, saying the one thing the QB should have done differently was get down after 10 yards.

The Cowboys got the ball trailing 23-17 with 32 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. They needed to go 80 yards for the winning touchdown, and they reached the San Francisco 41-yard line with three straight completions. They then ran the QB draw with no timeouts left. Prescott rushed for 17 yards and quickly handed the ball to his center. An official bumped into the lineman and was unable to spot the ball in time for a spike (video here).

McCarthy said Prescott was right to hand the ball to the center, as that is the way the Cowboys practice the play. Some say Dak should have given the ball to the official, but McCarthy noted that the center can spot the ball and just needs the official to touch it quickly afterword. That is technically true if the center puts the ball in the right spot, but that did not happen in this case. The official had to move the ball back, which took more time off the clock.

McCarthy also maintained that 13 seconds was the threshold for being able to run the draw play successfully and still having time for a spike. The Cowboys had 14 seconds when the ball was snapped. One former NFL quarterback has a different interpretation of the situation than McCarthy.

Very few people believe the Cowboys made the right decision, but McCarthy stood by it. He also opened Prescott up to a lot of scrutiny by revealing that Prescott checked out of a pass play and should have gotten down sooner. It’s unclear how Dak will feel about that.

Photo: Oct 3, 2021; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy on the field before the game against the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dak Prescott apologizes for comments about referees

Dak Prescott in a hat

Dak Prescott issued an apology on Tuesday for his comments about NFL officials.

Prescott initially admonished Dallas Cowboys fans for throwing debris onto the field at AT&T Stadium after the team’s playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Upon being informed that the fans were throwing things at the refs, who had hurried off the field, Prescott changed his tune and complimented the fans.

On Tuesday, the NBA’s referees tweeted their disappointment with Prescott and asked the NFL to step in.

A few hours later, Prescott apologized via Twitter.

“I deeply regret the comments I made regarding the officials after the game on Sunday,” Prescott wrote. “I was caught up in the emotion of a disappointing loss and my words were uncalled for and unfair.

“I hold the NFL Officials in the highest regard and have always respected their professionalism and the difficulty of their jobs.

“The safety of everyone who attends a game or participates on the field of a sporting event is a very serious matter. That was a mistake on my behalf, and I am sorry.”

Not only is Prescott wrong to applaud the fans for throwing things at the refs, but he also was directing his anger at the wrong place. The Cowboys being unable to get off a spike at the end of the game was not because the refs were bad at their job, but because Dallas did their jobs poorly. They should not have called a risky play with only 14 seconds left. And Prescott should have got down earlier and handed the ball to the ref earlier.

Photo: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Jones disagrees with Dak Prescott on Cowboys fan behavior

Dak Prescott in a helmet

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott raised some eyebrows with comments he made about fan behavior after Sunday’s NFC Wild Card loss. Unsurprisingly, executive vice president Stephen Jones is not backing his quarterback on those.

Some Cowboys fans, upset with how the game ended, threw objects onto the field at the officials following the final whistle. Jones issued a condemnation of that behavior on Monday, saying there was “no place” for that sort of behavior.

A frustrated Prescott actually credited fans for their behavior after the game. That didn’t sit well with some, as thrown objects can be dangerous if someone gets hit.

There are certainly bigger issues to be dealt with in light of the disappointing ending to the Dallas season. Don’t be surprised if the team has a word with Prescott about his remarks in private, though. This isn’t the sort of behavior you want your quarterback condoning, even in the heat of the moment.

Photo: Aug 26, 2017; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) smiles while on the field before the game against the Oakland Raiders at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports