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Monday, December 10, 2018

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David Luiz crying after Brazil loss was hard to watch (Video)

David-Luiz-cryingWith Thiago Silva serving a suspension after receiving two yellow cards in the World Cup, David Luiz was named team captain for Brazil’s match against Germany. As you know, Brazil suffered one of the most embarrassing losses in its country’s history when the Germans destroyed them 7-1. You could tell Luiz felt responsible after the match.

During a postgame interview on live television, Luiz sobbed while apologizing for the mind-boggling lack of effort his side showed. His comments were translated by 3 News.

“Apologies to everybody, apologies to all the Brazilian people,” Luiz said. “I just wanted to see my people smile. We all know how important it was for me to see all of Brazil be happy, at least because of football.

“They were better than us. They prepared better. They played better. It’s a very sad day but it’s also a day from which to learn.”

Luiz turned 27 earlier this year, so he probably has one more World Cup left to play. He played particularly poorly against Germany and, like many of his teammates, looked lost without Silva.

Not having Silva and Neymar certainly hurt Brazil, but it should not have hurt them enough that they would give up five goals in the first 30 minutes of the match. While making it to the semifinal is always a great achievement, its a shame Brazil went out with that type of performance as the host nation.

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David Luiz tells fans to applaud crying James Rodriguez (Video)

Colombia may have lost in the quarterfinals of the World Cup to Brazil 2-1, but James Rodriguez certainly made his mark on the tournament as the breakout star.

Rodriguez scored in each of Colombia’s matches, including a goal on a penalty kick to put Colombia on the board Friday. He exited the tournament as the leader for the Golden Boot with six goals.

The Brazilian players were well aware of Rodriguez’s brilliance throughout the tournament and wanted to see him receive the recognition he deserved. As seen in the video at the top, Brazilian captain David Luiz instructed the fans to applaud a crying Rodriguez.

Luiz also consoled young James, and the two traded jerseys.

The look on Rodriguez’s face after the match was heartbreaking, but he has nothing to feel badly about:

James Rodriguez crying

The kid was a stud on the world’s biggest stage and exits as the top player.

David Luiz scores goal on free kick to give Brazil 2-0 lead over Colombia (Video)

David Luiz scored on a free kick in the 68th minute of Brazil’s quarterfinal game with Colombia at the World Cup on Friday to give his country a 2-0 lead, and he went nuts in his celebration.

Luiz had to float the ball over the Colombian wall and managed to do that while tucking it into the upper right corner of the goal. It was a beautiful shot from long range and gave Brazil a seemingly unshakable lead.

Look at Luiz practically getting strangled by a teammate and his eyes popping out of his head in the celebration:

David Luiz

Luiz now has two goals in the last two games for Brazil. Not bad for a Street Fighter character.