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Saturday, July 4, 2020

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Deion Sanders tells Antonio Brown about suicide attempt in deep conversation

Deion Sanders is trying to help Antonio Brown make his way back to the NFL, and the Hall of Fame defensive back is diving deep into his own personal struggles in order to make a connection with Brown.

Sanders attempted suicide in 1997 when he drove his car off a cliff. He has opened up about the dark period in his life in the past, and he mentioned it during a conversation with Brown that was captured by Bleacher Report.

Sanders was talking to Brown about the difficulty of creating a superstar persona and becoming “intoxicated with giving (fans) what they want.” The eight-time Pro Bowler said he couldn’t handle that when he got to a “personal low” in life, which is why he’s glad Brown has sought help and spoken to people about his negative thoughts.

Sanders vouched for Brown recently when the two worked out together. Prime Time is trying to help convince a team to sign Brown, though it’s unlikely that will happen until the NFL determines what — if any — disciplinary action will be levied against the 31-year-old.

The NFL has yet to announce punishment for Brown after investigating sexual misconduct claims against him by two different women. Since those allegations came to light, Brown was charged with burglary with battery after he and his trainer, Glenn Holt, allegedly attacked a moving truck driver. Brown pleaded no contest to a charge in that incident recently and avoided jail time.

Brown also streamed a live video on Instagram back in January that showed him berating police officers in front of his children. While his talent is undeniable, the off-field drama has essentially made him untouchable for the time being. Sanders is hoping to help change that.

Antonio Brown training with Deion Sanders

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is hoping for a shot with an NFL team this summer as he awaits the league’s decision on potential disciplinary action, and Deion Sanders is trying to help the star wide receiver land his next contract.

Sanders revealed on Instagram Sunday morning that he and his son Shedeur trained with Brown over the weekend. Sanders shared some photos from the workouts and had high praise for Brown.

“My son came to town to WORK! On his Game, on his Life, On his Thoughts, on his Tomorrow & on ANTONIO BROWN! I Love him to life and I can’t wait to witness this comeback Story called A,B & See. I know what I know and I pray u all get to see what I know to be true about ANTONIO BROWN. God bless all y’all and please have a productive peaceful day we are Growing & Going!” Sanders wrote.

The NFL has yet to announce disciplinary action for Brown after investigating sexual misconduct claims against him by two different women. Since those allegations came to light, Brown was charged with burglary with battery after he and his trainer, Glenn Holt, allegedly attacked a moving truck driver. Brown also streamed a live video on Instagram that showed him berating police officers in front of his children.

Training with Sanders should give Brown some good exposure, but a recent report indicated he is not drawing much interest from NFL teams.

Royals scout shares crazy story of how team missed out on Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders never played a single game for the Kansas City Royals despite originally being drafted by them in 1985, and now it is being revealed that the backstory actually went a little deeper.

Houston Astros broadcaster Robert Ford shared a crazy story this week from legendary Royals scout Art Stewart, who was Kansas City’s scouting director at that time. Stewart said that the Royals, who selected Sanders in the sixth round of the 1985 draft, had a verbal agreement with Sanders to sign him out of high school. Stewart assigned a scout to get Sanders to sign that evening but the scout was afraid to go to Sanders’ neighborhood at night and went the next day instead. By then however, it was too late as Florida State had already gotten to Sanders. Ford adds that Stewart was furious and fired the scout.

Sanders went on to play at Florida State for four years, becoming a two-time All-American at football while also competing in baseball and track as well. He was then drafted by and signed with the New York Yankees in 1988 before the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons drafted him as well the very next year, making him one of history’s great multi-sport athletes.

Sanders himself recently said he wished he devoted more time to baseball, and it really makes you wonder how differently his career would have turned out had the Royals scout just shown up on time and signed him as a teenager.

Deion Sanders clarifies stance on Todd Gurley wearing No. 21

Deion Sanders

No, Deion Sanders does not actually have a problem with Todd Gurley wearing No. 21 with the Atlanta Falcons.

Gurley had said in an interview that Sanders warned against wearing the number, but Gurley opted to take it anyway. When one fan said on Twitter that it seemed the Falcons were trying to erase Sanders’ legacy, the man himself stepped in to clarify that he was joking and had no issue with Gurley taking the number.

It’s easy to see how this turned into a controversy, and it’s good that Sanders is putting it to rest. Gurley likely sees it as a way to honor Sanders, and Sanders doesn’t have a problem with it after all.

Deion Sanders warned Todd Gurley not to wear No. 21 with Falcons

Deion Sanders

Todd Gurley has a new uniform number with the Atlanta Falcons, and he’s doing it over the objections of a franchise icon.

Gurley said he would wear No. 21 for the Falcons in 2020. That’s the same number Deion Sanders wore during his tenure in Atlanta, and Gurley said he’s taking the number over Sanders’ objections.

“Prime was hatin’ on me. He told me don’t wear it,” Gurley told The Midday Show with Andy and Randy on Atlanta’s 92.9 The Game. “If I was Prime, I wouldn’t want nobody be wearing my number either.”

Deion is an icon, and Gurley knows it. The number is there to be taken, though, and isn’t exclusive to Sanders. It may just be Gurley’s way of paying homage to the two-sport star.

Sanders can at least look on the bright side. He definitely has more cool jackets than Gurley does.

Deion Sanders wishes he would have put more time into baseball

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders was one of the greatest two-sport athletes in recent history, but he wishes that at least one part of his career went differently.

During a Twitter Q&A on Tuesday, Sanders was asked if he had any regrets as a professional and said that he wished he had put more time into baseball.

Sanders, of course, enjoyed an illustrious NFL career with eight Pro Bowl selections and two Super Bowl rings as a cornerback and return specialist. He also had a part-time career in Major League Baseball, playing when football was out of season and hitting .262 with 186 stolen bases in nine total seasons.

While Sanders is now involved with a different league, he only played 100 games in a season once as an MLBer, creating a somewhat interesting what-if.

Video: Deion Sanders flexed so hard on Instagram with his exclusive jackets

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders flexed hard on Instagram Tuesday by showing off his impressive collection of exclusive jackets.

Sanders is already a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame. He also was recently named to the NFL 100 All-Time Team.

On Sunday, those who were included in the NFL 100 All-Time Team wore special red jackets at Hard Rock Stadium, where they were recognized and honored prior to the Super Bowl.

Two days later, Prime boasted on Instagram about his collection of jackets.

That is a truly impressive collection.

But if Prime were as cool as he thinks he is, he’d go out and win the Masters to add a green jacket and really complete the rainbow.

The jackets would surely come in handy when Sanders shows up to a recruit’s house; Deion says he will be a college head coach soon.