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Dell, Sonya Curry sit separately as Steph breaks 3-point record

Dell Curry claps

Steph Curry broke the NBA’s 3-point record on Tuesday, and the game was stopped so the moment could be celebrated.

Curry received congratulations from his teammates, coaches, the announcers, and fans in attendance. He also got a hug from his father Dell, and one from Ray Allen, whose record he broke.

One moment from the celebration that was unusual dealt with Curry’s parents.

Dell Curry was near the floor, while Steph’s mother Sonya was sitting elsewhere, separate from Dell.

For most of Steph’s career, fans were used to seeing the Currys sitting together during games. However, that’s no longer the case, even for a big moment like this one. That is because the two filed for divorce in August.

There was some speculation that the divorce could harm Steph’s relationship with his father. But based on the way the Golden State Warriors guard celebrated with each of his parents separately, his love for them remains extremely strong.

Dell Curry planning cool gesture as son Steph nears all-time three-point record

Dell Curry looking on

Steph Curry is right on the brink of making NBA history, and his dad is planning a cool gesture for him in anticipation of it.

Dell Curry told NBA writer Marc Stein that he will be traveling to New York for the Golden State Warriors’ game against the Knicks on Tuesday in order to witness his son’s moment in person.

Steph hit five three-pointers on Monday night in a victory over the Indiana Pacers. That brings him to 2,972 triples for his career. He needs just one more to tie Ray Allen’s all-time regular season record of 2,973 and two to break it. Steph has hit multiple threes in 25 out of the 26 games that he has played this season. Thus, he is almost guaranteed to break Allen’s record on Tuesday at Madison Square Garden.

Dell, who is currently a color commentator for the Charlotte Hornets, was in Dallas for a game against the Mavericks on Monday night and is scheduled to be in San Antonio for the Hornets’ game against the Spurs on Wednesday. That means he will be going out of his way to be there for Steph’s moment.

Steph recently shared a regret that he has about his pursuit of the record. But the timing may have worked out perfectly for his dad to be able to see it.

May 4, 2017; Oakland, CA, USA; Dell Curry, father of Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30), during the third quarter in game two of the second round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs against the Utah Jazz at Oracle Arena. The Warriors defeated the Jazz 115-104. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Curry’s relationship with father Dell strained over divorce?

Steph Curry

Dell and Stephen Curry are one of the most famous father-son duos in all of sports. But their relationship may now be strained in light of recent events.

MTO News reported this week about the dynamic between the Golden State Warriors star Stephen and his father amid the news that Dell and wife Sonya are divorcing. The report cited a Curry family friend as the alleged source.

“[Steph] has a special relationship with his mother, and so he’s supporting her,” the insider was quoted as saying. “His relationship with his father is strained after this. He’s disappointed that [Dell] would put all their family business out there. He doesn’t believe the accusations against his mother.”

Sonya, the mother of Stephen and his two siblings, recently filed for divorce from Dell after 33 years of marriage, citing alleged infidelity. Dell responded by accusing Sonya of cheating with a former NFL player among other “acts of illicit sexual misconduct” during their marriage. You can read the details contained in the court documents here.

While Sonya filed for divorce on June 14, the news did not break until this week, over two full months later. That may be what the former NBA MVP Stephen is upset with his father about.

Dell Curry accuses Sonya of cheating on him with ex-NFL player Steven Johnson

Sonya Curry Dell Curry

Dell and Sonya Curry are in the process of getting a divorce, and both have accused the other of infidelity. Sonya has admitted to being in a relationship, but Dell claims that relationship started prior to his and Sonya’s separation.

Sonya is the one who filed for divorce, and she said in court documents that Dell cheated on her with multiple women during their marriage. Dell, a former NBA star, responded by accusing Sonya of “acts of illicit sexual misconduct.” He said Sonya cheated prior to the couple’s separation and then lied about it.

According to new court documents obtained by TMZ, Dell says Sonya cheated on him with former New England Patriots tight end Steven Johnson. Dell also claimed that Sonya has been living in Tennessee with Johnson, but Sonya denied that and said she has been living on her own after Dell threw her out. Sonya admitted to being in a relationship but said it began “months” after she and Dell legally separated, which was in March 2020.

Johnson, 56, played at Virginia Tech before spending one season with the Patriots in 1988.

Dell and Sonya are the parents of NBA stars Stephen Curry and Seth Curry. They are known for attending games together and had to come up with extremely creative ways to root for both of their sons at one point. Dell and Sonya have been married since 1988.

Sonya, Dell Curry file for divorce

Sonya Curry Dell Curry

Stephen Curry’s parents are known for attending games together to support the Golden State Warriors star and his brother Seth, but they may have to sit in separate sections of the arena going forward.

Dell and Sonya Curry are in the process of getting a divorce, according to a report from TMZ. Sonya filed for divorce on June 14 in North Carolina, and the proceedings are ongoing.

Dell and Sonya met when Dell played basketball and Sonya played volleyball at Virginia Tech in the 1980s. They got married in 1988, which is the year Steph was born. Seth, who currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers, was born in 1990. Steph and Seth also have a sister, Sydel, who was born in 1994.

Sonya and Dell had to get creative to find ways to support their sons when Steph and Seth became the first brothers to play against each other in an NBA Conference Finals back in 2019.

Dell played in the NBA from 1986 through 2002. He was named the NBA Sixth Man of the Year with the Charlotte Hornets in 1994.

Dell Curry explains why Steph has been so good in 2021

Steph Curry

Steph Curry is having arguably his best NBA season at the age of 33, and his father thinks he knows why.

Dell Curry cited his son’s injury last season as giving him time to get refreshed after the Warriors made NBA Finals runs for five consecutive seasons.

“The time he had off to not only rest his body but refresh his mind,” Dell told Anthony Slater of The Athletic. “He played a lot of basketball the last five years. High-intensity basketball. So any time you can refresh your mind and get that hunger back — from being injured, not making the playoffs, not going to the bubble — you regain that hunger. All of that combined is why he has good energy, playing like he is.”

Dell Curry admitted that Steph is playing “at least as well as I’ve ever seen him,” crediting the Warriors guard’s improved defense for taking him to another level as an all-around player. Steph is averaging 29.9 points per game while shooting a remarkable 48.6 percent from the field.

Curry may not need extra motivation to get better, since he seems to find a way himself. That said, going without basketball for as long as he did can certainly have an impact both physically and mentally. Curry probably needed the time to recharge, even if he undoubtedly hated the reason behind it.

Drake had someone drive 10 hours to deliver Dell Curry jersey

Drake wearing a Dell Curry Toronto Raptors throwback jersey to Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night was funny and the ultimate troll move. The story of how he procured the rare jersey is even better.

Darren Rovell of The Action Network shared the story on Friday of how Drake obtained the obscure item.

According to Rovell, Drake’s stylist reached out to the owner of a vintage clothing store in Brooklyn, Al Martiniello, for help around 1 a.m. ET on Tuesday morning. Martiniello reached out to a contact who loved jerseys and had sourced items in the past. In three hours, that friend was able to track down someone who owned an autographed Dell Curry Toronto Raptors jersey.

The man who owned the jersey, Benjamin Weil, bought it from a Raptors player six years ago. The size 52 jersey was custom fit for Dell and autographed by the former player and father of Warriors star, Steph Curry. Weil did not want to sell, but Martiniello was able to convince him to for a price.

The price of the sale was not disclosed, but once Martiniello got the jersey, he drove 10 hours to hand-deliver it to Drake’s people; they didn’t trust next-day shipping.

The end result is Drake was able to wear the jersey to Game 1, which the Raptors won 118-109 over the Golden State Warriors. Dell’s reaction to seeing Drake in the jersey was classic.

All the hard work put into obtaining the jersey was worth it. Maybe Drake should return it to Weil now that he got his proper use out of it. It has even greater value now.

Watch: Dell Curry has great reaction to seeing Drake in his jersey

Dell Curry

Dell and Sonya Curry got a kick out of seeing Drake prior to Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

There was little doubt Drake would be in attendance for the first game of the series between the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors. When Drake arrived he did so wearing a Raptors throwback jersey of Dell Curry, who spent the final three seasons of his NBA career with the Raptors.

After seeing Drake, the Currys had a few laughs.

Dell and Sonya will no doubt be rooting for son Stephen to win his fourth championship. However, Drake was more than happy to remind Dell he has ties to Toronto as well.

Drake wears Dell Curry Raptors jersey to Game 1 of NBA Finals

Drake went next level with his choice of attire for Game 1 of the NBA Finals in Toronto on Thursday.

The Raptors superfan/team ambassador wore a Dell Curry Raptors throwback jersey to the game. He even had a band around his arm, making it look like he was ready to play.

Dell Curry is the father of Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry. Dell played 16 seasons during his NBA career, including his final three with the Raptors.

Maybe this was his clever way of reminding the Curry family they have some ties to the Raptors, even if they will be puling for Steph to win it.

Drake’s conduct at games has been a topic throughout the postseason. The NBA even talked with him about his contact with Raptors coach Nick Nurse on the sideline during a playoff game.

Sonya, Dell Curry to flip coin over which son to support in conference finals

Sonya Curry Steph mom

With the Portland Trail Blazers having come back from 17 points down to beat the Denver Nuggets on Sunday, Seth Curry and his older brother Stephen will now be facing each other in the Western Conference Finals. That could make rooting a bit awkward for their parents, but it sounds like the Curry family has already figured out a system.

After Portland’s thrilling win, Sonya and Dell Curry told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols that they are planning to flip a coin to decide which parent roots for which son. They will also choose their gear accordingly.

This is obviously an exciting time for the Curry family, as Steph and Seth will become the first brothers to ever face each other in a conference final.

The Golden State Warriors actually consulted Sonya for advice on solving an issue Steph was having earlier this postseason, so Mrs. Curry may have to serve as a consultant for both teams in the Western Conference Finals. Personally, I think Sonya and Dell should be pulling for Seth. Steph is a three-time NBA champion and two time NBA MVP. What ever happened to sharing the wealth?