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Monday, June 1, 2020

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Chris Harris, Broncos have reportedly not engaged in contract talks

Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr has made it clear to the team that he wants a new contract before the season begins, but it does not sound like there has been any progress toward making that happen.

Jesse Palmer of NFL Network reports that Harris and the Broncos have not engaged in contract talks, and teams have continued to inquire about trading for the star cornerback.

Broncos president of football operations John Elway said previously that he would address the Harris situation after the draft, so perhaps that is what the team is planning to do.

Harris has made the Pro Bowl in four of the past five seasons, and he is one of the best cornerbacks in football. The way he has recruited other players to Denver this offseason indicates he does not want to leave, but you can understand why he’s looking for more long-term security. He’s set to make a base salary of $7.8 million in 2019, which is roughly half of what the top corners in the league will be paid.

Harris will turn 30 this summer, so this is probably his last chance to sign a big contract. Given his age and the fact that they could use the franchise tag on him next offseason, it would not be a surprise if the Broncos choose to ride it out.

Chris Harris, Jr. and John Elway are heading for a showdown

Chris Harris, Jr. has formally requested to be traded if he does not get a new contract, according to Adam Schefter. Harris, Jr., one of the top cornerbacks in the league, has made his wish for a new contract known throughout the offseason, and has so far been rebuffed by Denver Broncos GM John Elway.

Harris, Jr. did not attend the offseason program in early April. In March, Elway said he would address it after getting through the draft. On Tuesday, Elway took time out from meeting with the press to specifically address it even further, and added that just because they would talk, it doesn’t guarantee a deal will get done.

It cannot make Harris, Jr. happy that while he was seeking a new deal, the team went out in free agency and signed Kareem Jackson and Bryce Callahan to deals at the same position worth $11 million per year and $7 million per year, respectively, putting them roughly in line with Harris, Jr.’s salary even though they are not in the same stratosphere as players.

Those moves seem to be a misstep in managing personalities and people, while not having the time to address Harris, Jr.’s contract demands. The truth is that Harris, Jr. is the second-most valuable player on the roster behind Von Miller. Now, the world knows that he wants out–or according to Mike Klis, wants $15 million per year. From Harris, Jr.’s perspective, this is the best time to put this out, as teams can figure out if they want to make a trade heading into the draft that remains Elway’s only focus at the moment.

Things could come to a head quickly in Denver, and if Denver does not make a trade, expect continued fireworks this offseason, and Harris, Jr. not being happy unless he is clearly paid as the top cornerback on the team.

Broncos reportedly would not have interest in Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen

If Josh Rosen is made available via trade, there is one team that, unsurprisingly, won’t be involved.

According to James Palmer of NFL Network, the Denver Broncos would be very unlikely to pursue Rosen if the Arizona Cardinals opted to trade him.

The Broncos do lack a young, franchise-caliber quarterback. However, they already went out and acquired Joe Flacco this offseason, and they are entirely committed to him as their starter. A more realistic destination for Rosen looks to be this NFC team, but there is no indication that the Cardinals have decided to move the young quarterback yet, or are in any hurry to do so.

Broncos propose onside kick rule change using AAF idea

Denver Broncos logo

The Denver Broncos liked a rule they saw in the AAF and are proposing that the NFL adopt it.

The NFL on Friday shared with all its clubs the rule change proposals made by franchises for the 2019 season. The Broncos submitted a few proposals, including one that would provide an onside kick alternative.

Denver’s rule proposal would allow the opportunity for a team to declare once in the fourth quarter that they want to try to retain possession rather than give the ball away on a kickoff after a score. That team would be given a 4th-and-15 situation from their 35-yard line. If they convert, they maintain possession. If not, the defense takes over at the resulting yard line.

Here’s the language of the proposal.

This proposal comes from what the AAF has put into effect. In fact, we saw one AAF team convert in this exciting scenario a few weeks ago.

Sign me up — I like this idea.

John Elway: Broncos will trade Case Keenum if requested to

Case Keenum

Case Keenum’s Denver Broncos future is a murky one, but the team appears willing to accommodate him as best they can.

Broncos GM John Elway said Wednesday the team would welcome Keenum back as Joe Flacco’s backup, though he would have to restructure his contract for that to work. Elway added that the Broncos would trade Keenum is that was his wish.

Keenum has an $18 million base salary in 2019, which is why Denver would insist on restructuring and negotiating that down if Keenum elects to stay.

Keenum had a lot of mixed emotions after Denver traded for Flacco. It’s unclear what he’ll opt to do next, but Elway has put the ball very much in his court.

Case Keenum opens up about Broncos trading for Joe Flacco

Case Keenum

The Denver Broncos were optimistic that they found a quarterback who could help them contend for a championship when they signed Case Keenum last offseason, but that did not work out. Despite Keenum’s struggles in 2018, many believed he would get another shot to prove himself next season.

Keenum thought the same.

In a recent appearance on “The Sports Spectrum” podcast, Keenum said he appreciated Broncos vice president of football operations John Elway calling him to inform him about the team acquiring Joe Flacco in a trade, but he was still stunned by the move.

“Elway called me that morning and we had a great conversation, which he didn’t have to do — I appreciated that. It was definitely a shock,” Keenum said, per Ryan O’Halloran of The Denver Post. “It was a surprise for (my wife and I) … For us, we’re definitely disappointed. It’s not something we wanted to happen. I know everybody is doing their job and John feels like it was a chance to help the Broncos out.”

Keenum said he is ready for the next chapter in his life and has no choice but to “roll with it.” He’s set to count $21 million against the salary cap next year, and the Broncos could save $11 million by cutting him. The 31-year-old said he does not know what the team plans to do.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen. This is still very fresh,” Keenum said. “A lot of these emotions we’re talking about are still going on and still happening. Who knows what’s going to be in store. I don’t, for sure.”

With Flacco now set to start in 2019, all signs point to Keenum not being on the roster next season. However, there are other teams in need of a starting quarterback, and he is just two years removed from an impressive season with the Minnesota Vikings. He could get another opportunity to prove himself.

Broncos reportedly won’t keep Case Keenum without ‘massive pay cut’

Case Keenum

The Denver Broncos have found a new starting quarterback for 2019 by acquiring Joe Flacco in a trade, and it seems unlikely that Case Keenum will remain with the team in the wake of the deal.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Broncos will be fielding trade offers for Keenum, whom they signed to a two-year, $36 million contract last offseason. If they cannot find a trade partner, Keenum will have to either take a massive pay cut or be released.

The Broncos probably are not opposed to keeping Keenum as a backup to Flacco, but but the 30-year-old likely wants another opportunity to start. He earned himself a big free agent contract by having an excellent season with the Minnesota Vikings in 2017, and there are plenty of teams still in need of quarterback help.

Denver would have to eat a large chunk of money by cutting Keenum, but they don’t want to pay a backup quarterback $18 million. There was originally some thought that the financial ramifications could result in the Broncos sticking with Keenum as their starter, but that is obviously not going to happen.