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Donovan McNabb DUI video: I’m not drunk, I have a cold

Donovan McNabb was arrested last month in Arizona and hit with his second driving while under the influence charge in less than two years. Not surprisingly, the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback insisted he was not drunk while speaking with police.

Police arrived on the scene after McNabb rear-ended another car at a traffic light. TMZ obtained video footage of the arrest, which shows McNabb telling an officer that he was taking cough medicine because he was battling a cold.

“I’ve been really sick,” he said. “I live two blocks away. I’ve just been going home to my wife and kids. I’m not into that.”


While McNabb didn’t seem wasted, he did admit that he had just left a local sports bar called Blue 32. That probably didn’t help him at all considering he was emphasizing that he has been fighting an illness.

You can see more below:


Terrell Owens to Donovan McNabb: ‘Next time, call Uber’

Donovan-McNabb-Terrell-OwensDonovan McNabb was arrested last month for driving while under the influence, and it was his second such offense in less than two years. As a repeat DUI offender in Arizona, the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is facing a minimum of 90 days in jail.

Terrell Owens, one of McNabb’s most famous former teammates, told TMZ on Tuesday that McNabb’s second arrest should serve as a wakeup call.

“DUI is a very serious thing. The number of lives that have been lost from it are staggering,” Owens said. “It’s a blessing no one was hurt.

“We may not still be playing, but we still serve as role models. You have to be more responsible. Next time, call Uber.”

That’s the main thought that comes to everyone’s mind when we hear that a wealthy current or former athlete was busted for drunk driving — why not pay for a cab? Heck, some of these guys have enough money to hire a personal driver.

You can read some of the details from McNabb’s latest DUI arrest here.

McNabb, who now works as an NFL analyst, hasn’t always had the best relationship with Owens. T.O. shed some light on that when he spoke last year about playing with McNabb. But in this case, it’s hard to argue with Owens. McNabb was stupid to drink and drive in the first place. Doing it a second time is asking for serious trouble.

Donovan McNabb arrested for DUI after rear-ending car


Donovan McNabb was arrested for driving while under the influence in Gilbert, Ariz., last month following a traffic accident, according to a statement from the Gilbert Police Department.

McNabb allegedly rear-ended another car at a stoplight just before midnight on June 28. Police say he was taken to a holding facility before being released. Here’s the full statement, which Deadspin passed along:

On 06/28/2015 at approximately 2335 hours, officers responded to a non-injury collision involving two vehicles which occurred just west of the intersection at E Chandler Heights Rd and S Higley Rd in Gilbert, AZ. Subsequent investigation revealed Donovan McNabb (11/25/76) was impaired by alcohol and collided in a rear-end fashion with another vehicle which was stopped at a red traffic signal. Donovan was arrested for DUI at 2358 hours and transported to the Gilbert/Chandler Unified Holding Facility for processing, after which, he was cited and released.

This is the second time McNabb has been arrested for DUI in less than two years. He spent a day in jail the last time.

McNabb, who currently works as an NFL analyst, has become known for being a critic of NFL quarterbacks — oftentimes a very harsh one. The six-time Pro Bowler spent 11 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles before closing out his career with the Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins.

Jay Glazer blasts Donovan McNabb for thinking this could be Tom Brady’s last year with Patriots (Video)

Donovan-McNabbThe sky is falling in New England after the Patriots were demolished by the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night football. No, it’s not just those obnoxious Boston fans who are overreacting to Tom Brady’s horrific start to the 2014 season. Here’s what Donovan McNabb had to say after the game.

“Jimmy Garoppolo got in there and moved the ball down the field and got into the end zone. If this continues for another five or six weeks, the rumblings will start that this could be Tom Brady’s last year in New England. I’ll put it out there first.”

Jay Glazer, one of McNabb’s co-workers at Fox Sports, was shocked by what he heard come out of the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback’s mouth.

“Tom Brady’s last year in New England?” Glazer asked. “Are you out of your mind? There’s been rumblings every time Tom Brady has a bad game. … Are you crazy, dude? They don’t grow those guys on trees.”

Glazer and McNabb then began talking over each other, with Glazer’s main point being that Brady would be just fine if the Patriots got him a better offensive line and gave him some weapons.

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Randy Moss, who is a former teammate of Brady’s, sat and chuckled while Glazer and McNabb went at it. Randy feels there is no chance Brady is going anywhere.

“Naw man, that’s Tom Brady,” he said. “He’s the face of the franchise. Not this year, maybe two, three, four years down the line. Tom Brady is the man in New England.”

If McNabb’s point was that Brady is no longer invincible and is showing serious signs of aging, it’s hard to disagree with him. But we have seen the Patriots make adjustments before, and no one would be surprised if they do it again. Brady may not play out his contract through the 2017 season, but there’s no way this is his last season in New England — no matter how much the team struggles.

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Video via The Big Lead

Donovan McNabb: Nick Foles is not a franchise QB

Nick-Foles-EaglesDonovan McNabb hates giving current NFL quarterbacks credit for anything they do. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, who is a double whammy for McNabb in that he is an NFL quarterback who plays for Donovan’s old team, is the latest target of the Fox Sports 1 analyst’s criticism.

Despite the fact that Foles threw 27 touchdowns and just two interceptions in his first full season as a starter last year, McNabb does not believe he has what it takes to be the Eagles’ cornerstone. During an interview with 97.5 The Fanatic’s Harry Mayes and Brian Baldinger on Tuesday, McNabb was asked if he believes Foles can be a franchise quarterback.

“I can’t answer that but if I had to give a take, I would say no,” he said, as transcribed by’s Matt Lombardo. “I think what he will do, he won’t do what he did last year, that just won’t happen. I see him being maybe a 25 touchdown, 8-10 interception guy. They’re trying to have in the mind of Nick Foles, you don’t have to take chances all the time.

“There’s nothing wrong with checking down to the tight end, to your running back. It’s not the kind of offense that we’re going to score on the first play of the drive and get off the field. The big thing is, don’t worry about what you did last year. Things are going to change. Defenses are going adjust to you.”

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Foles had to have done something right to throw just two interceptions in 13 starts last season. You can’t get that lucky, can you? While we’re not saying the former Arizona star is the next Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers, he is only 25. McNabb seems to be writing off the franchise QB thing a bit early.

“Foles isn’t known for his ability to get out of the pocket,” McNabb added. “I told him on my radio show, I said to him, ‘Does anyone tell you you have the speed of a turtle?’ But with his size he does a great job moving in the pocket and getting the ball out, getting it to his guys quickly.”

Kelly’s offense involves a lot of quick passes and delivering the ball in a short amount of time. Foles seems to handle that well. Will he duplicate last year’s numbers in 2014? Probably not, but I’d like to see another season before passing judgment on whether he is the Eagles’ quarterback of the distant future.

Donovan McNabb blasts Jets for possible Michael Vick wildcat usage

Michael-Vick-JetsThere are many people who believe using Michael Vick in wildcat packages would stunt the growth of Geno Smith as an NFL quarterback. The New York Jets may end up using Vick as a wrinkle in their offense, as Vick hinted at when speaking with reporters recently.

Donovan McNabb thinks that would be a horrendous idea.

“The Jets tried this whole garbage with Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez and it got them nowhere,” McNabb told the NY Daily News on Tuesday. “In the situation now, I think it takes away from what Geno Smith can do. It’s a maturity process for him to try to develop into an NFL quarterback. Now you’re taking him off the field or splitting him wide to bring in a 34-year-old quarterback? To do what? I understand the ‘wow’ effect, but it’s not a good thing for either quarterback.”

Obviously, the Tebow experiment was a massive failure. We don’t know if he made a Jets offense that has been horrible for years any worse, but he certainly didn’t help. Not only that, but McNabb is convinced that is not how Vick wants to be used anyway.


Donovan McNabb and Randy Moss: Cowboys’ problem is coaching

Jason GarrettThe Dallas Cowboys have not made the playoffs since 2009, which was also the last time they posted a winning record. Despite having some talented players on their roster, the Cowboys can’t seem to win when it counts. Tony Romo takes most of the blame for that, but Donovan McNabb and Randy Moss see things a bit differently. The two former NFLers think coaching is the issue.

Under Monte Kiffin last season, the Cowboys allowed a league-worst 415.3 yards per game. They also gave up 27 points per game, which makes the fact that they even won eight games somewhat impressive.

“I think for the Dallas Cowboys it’s much more than just what we see from the defense and offense, I mean, let’s go upstairs,” McNabb said on FOX Sports Live, via The Dallas Morning News. “Let’s talk about the coaching staff. How do you go from Monte Kiffin and Marinelli being a position coach to [Marinelli] now being the defensive coordinator and Kiffin being like a position coach? And it’s the same on the offensive end. You had Jason Garrett calling plays, supposedly, then Callahan.”

Most defensive coordinators would have been fired in a heartbeat given how bad the Cowboys were last season. Kiffin was basically just demoted.

McNabb didn’t let Jason Garrett off the hook, either. He said it makes no sense that Garrett has kept his job while doing worse than Wade Phillips did before him.

“I’m still figuring out how he still has a job at this particular point the way we have continued to see this team just continue to crumble,” McNabb said. “(You played) behind hall of famers and you see how they carry the two-minute offense. He’s run the two-minute offense himself as a starting quarterback. The way that they control their offense in certain games, how can you lead games in the middle of the third quarter and you end up losing the game?”

Moss agreed, though he went much easier on Garrett.

“The thing that’s not really fair to Tony Romo is he really hasn’t had that coaching to be able to bring him along,” Moss said. “I’m not sitting here busting Garrett or trying to call Garrett out, but there has not been nothing steady in Dallas. It’s always coaches come and go.”

Playcalling has been a major issue for the Cowboys in recent years — there’s no debating that. They seem lost at times when playing with a lead, and most of that falls on the coaching staff. If Dallas misses the playoffs again this season, Jerry Jones will have no choice but to move on from Garrett.

Donovan McNabb: Jay Cutler lucky Bears gave him that contract

jay-cutlerAdd Jay Cutler to this list of NFL quarterbacks that Donovan McNabb believes are overpaid. The former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, who has become quite the critic since he retired in 2011, is stunned that Cutler signed a seven-year, $126 million deal with the Chicago Bears earlier this year.

During an interview with 87.7 The Game’s Jarrett, Harry and Spike Show on Thursday, McNabb described Cutler as “lucky.”

“Are you serious?” McNabb asked, via “I think Jay might be the luckiest dude in Chicago, to be honest with you, with the contract that he received for what we haven’t seen thus far.

“Don’t get me wrong, I think Jay’s got a strong arm, I think the sky’s the limit for him. But for what we’ve seen in Chicago, when you didn’t finish the NFC Championship — which it was due to injury. But even with that, you haven’t been able to get past that hump you needed.”

McNabb, while admitting that Cutler has been slowed by injury, was making the point that Cutler is fortunate to have been paid so handsomely without winning in the playoffs. The contract really works out to a three-year, $54 million deal with options each season after that, but McNabb doesn’t seem to care.

“This is a real big year,” McNabb added. “Josh McCown, your buddy, is not here no more. So you have no excuse. When you look across the board, you have the best wide receiver duo in the NFL. A great running back who they wouldn’t pay just about a year and a half ago, and then the tight end is excellent. And the offensive line finally looks good because you throw the ball, you don’t drop back 12, 14 yards.”

To a certain extent, McNabb is right. It just gets old hearing it from him. He said the same stuff about Tony Romo after he signed his big deal and again when Matthew Stafford signed his. You can’t help but think McNabb is bitter and jealous.

Donovan McNabb served a day in jail for DUI

Donovan McNabb mugshot

A mugshot of Donovan McNabb circulated around the web Thursday seemingly without reason, but now we know why: he was released from jail after serving one day.

McNabb was pulled over on Dec. 15 and arrested in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community for speeding (TMZ says he was doing 81 in a 65 zone). He was booked for DUI and pleaded guilty on March 27.

McNabb was sentenced to 10 days in jail, but nine days were suspended, so he served his one day in the clink Wednesday and was released on Thursday.

There isn’t a whole lot to this story, but it just goes to show that a lot of famous people can get into trouble and have it fly under the radar. In the case of McNabb, he almost got away with nobody finding out.

Donovan McNabb arrested in January in criminal traffic DUI case

Donovan McNabb mugshot

Donovan McNabb was arrested in January in Arizona for DUI, and the arrest is making headlines Thursday because his mugshot was just released.

The Maricopa County justice website says the case type is “criminal traffic” and that McNabb received a citation on Jan. 6. According to the record, there were three times when a change of plea were discussed.

After seeing that the plea change was discussed, we speculated that he may have been arrested for DUI and was trying to work out a deal. That’s exactly what happened.

McNabb supposedly has a trial scheduled for May 16.

McNabb lives in Arizona and now works in the media as a radio host for NBC Sports and commentator for “FOX Sports Live.”