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Monday, April 6, 2020

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Troy Aikman rips into Doug Gottlieb over Andrew Luck tweet

Doug Gottlieb

Andrew Luck has been the target of plenty of unfair criticism since he made the shocking decision to retire from football over the weekend, but one of the most absurd takes came from Doug Gottlieb. Troy Aikman, who works for the same company as Gottlieb, had no problem unloading on the former college basketball player.

Not long after Luck announced his retirement, Gottlieb sent an idiotic tweet about the Colts quarterback being too much of a millennial to handle a difficult rehab process.

Aikman suffered numerous concussions during his career as a Dallas Cowboys quarterback and retired due to a back injury, so he can understand what Luck is going through like few others. Aikman is also the lead analyst for NFL games on FOX. Gottlieb hosts a show on FOX Sports Radio and appears on FOX Sports 1. Aikman blasted Gottlieb and even took a shot at FS1 while he was at it.

“That’s total bulls— Doug,” Aikman wrote on Twitter. “What qualifies you to decide how someone should live their life? So you’re now the authority on what motivates Andrew Luck? And if his decisions don’t fit into what you think is best for him then you rip him? Guess that keeps you employed on FS1. Nice.”

The way Colts fans treated Luck as he walked off the field on Saturday was bad, but Gottlieb’s tweet was worse. Of course, as Aikman mentioned, it’s the type of hot take that keeps someone like Gottlieb employed. The more attention it gets, the better — even if that attention is almost exclusively negative.

Doug Gottlieb gets ratio’d for worst tweet ever about Andrew Luck

Doug Gottlieb

Congratulations to Doug Gottlieb for inserting himself into the Andrew Luck retirement story with the worst tweet possible on the matter.

Gottlieb, a former college basketball player and current FOX Sports Radio talk show host, ripped Luck for retiring. He called Luck a “millennial” and said the quarterback was retiring because rehab was “too hard.”

Here we were thinking it was bad of Indianapolis Colts fans to boo Luck, and Gottlieb somehow topped them.

Since 2015, Luck has suffered:
– torn labrum in shoulder (he played through this injury in 2016)
torn cartilage in two ribs
lacerated kidney
– partially torn abdomen
– at least one concussion
– current ankle/calf injury that led to his retirement

A hit Luck took from Danny Trevathan in 2015 left a doctor saying the injuries were consistent with a car crash victim.

Luck has always had a true love of the game and been one of the most physical quarterbacks when he’s played, going back to his college college days. He is a tough dude who played through injuries and never shied away from contact. Walking away from football after being broken by the injuries and rehab is a personal choice that he is free to make. We will miss watching him but understand his difficult decision. It’s a shame there are knuckleheads out there like Gottlieb who don’t get it.

Stephon Marbury crushes Doug Gottlieb over New York basketball take

Doug Gottlieb

Doug Gottlieb has gotten himself in pretty hot water over comments he made about one of the legendary hot beds of basketball.

When it comes to cities that have produces great basketball players, New York City can hold its own with anyone. Former hooper and current basketball analyst Gottlieb doesn’t think so. He took to social with a take that resulted in him getting crushed by a couple of ex-NBA players.

Stephon Marbury, who is one of the legendary names in NYC basketball, went into his memory bank to recall when he played against Gottlieb in high school.

Marbury wasn’t the only one to unleash on Gottlieb. Baron Davis did as well.

The reactions around the internet were harsh. Gottlieb got the Wikipedia treatment after Marbury’s Twitter beatdown.

In addition to Marbury, some other New York hoopers you might know include Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Kenny Anderson, Chris Mullin and Mark Jackson. And you also have Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bob Cousy and Bernard King if you want to go back in time.

It’s safe to say Gottlieb woke up a sleeping giant with this take, which is nothing new for him.

Jay Williams blasts Doug Gottlieb over scholarship idea for transfers

Jay Williams

Doug Gottlieb probably is not the only person who has an issue with college athletes transferring in their freshman seasons, but NCAA basketball analyst and former Duke star Jay Williams does not think Gottlieb is in any position to pass judgment about it.

On Wednesday night, Gottlieb suggested that athletes who transfer as freshmen should have pay back their scholarship.

In response, Williams essentially ripped Gottlieb for being a hypocrite.

The circumstances were a bit different for Gottlieb at Notre Dame, of course. Gottlieb was a star point guard as a freshman for the Irish in 1995-96, but he ended up transferring amid a credit card scandal where he stole a classmate’s credit card and used it to make multiple purchases. He transferred to Golden West College and eventually ended up at Oklahoma State.

You could make the argument that someone in Gottlieb’s position would have more reason to pay back their scholarship than an athlete who is in good standing but chooses to transfer. In any event, Gottlieb is used to hearing it from fans about his credit card fraud scandal, so he probably won’t be all that bothered by the shot Williams took at him.

Doug Gottlieb congratulates Trae Young on breaking his record

Trae Young

Doug Gottlieb was among those to congratulate Trae Young on his huge game Tuesday. And Gottlieb’s congratulations meant a little more.

Young, who has burst onto the scene as a freshman at Oklahoma this season, scored 26 points in the Sooners’ 105-68 win over Northwestern State on Tuesday night. But the bigger part of the story was his 22 assists in the game, which tied the NCAA record. Only three players had dished out 22 assists in a game before Young — Tony Fairley (Charleston Southern) in 1987, Avery Johnson (Southern) in 1988, and Sherman Douglas (Syracuse) in 1989.

Young also set the Big 12 record for assists, blasting past the previous mark of 18 which was set by Oklahoma’s Michael Johnson in 1997 and tied by Gottlieb a year later at Oklahoma State.

Here’s what Gottlieb tweeted on Tuesday:

Young has been one of the best stories in college hoops this season and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Doug Gottlieb to interview for Oklahoma State job

Doug Gottlieb

Doug Gottlieb will interview for the Oklahoma State head coaching job.

The former Cowboys point guard has been lobbying for the job since Travis Ford was fired last year, but he did not receive an interview as it went to Brad Underwood. With Underwood leaving for Illinois, the position is vacant again, and Gottlieb is first up for an interview.

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman first reported the news, which was confirmed by The Oklahoman.

News of Gottlieb’s interview came an hour after FOX Sports announced that the former player had been hired by the network. Gottlieb has served as a college basketball analyst and talk show host since ending his playing career. His “The Doug Gottlieb Show” is set to air on FOX Sports Radio and FS1 beginning on April 24.

Doug Gottlieb expected to push for Oklahoma State job

Doug Gottlieb

Oklahoma State will be searching for a new head coach for the second year in a row, and Doug Gottlieb figures to factor in once again.

The former Oklahoma State point guard-turned-broadcaster is expected to make a run at the job, according to Yahoo’s Pat Forde:

Gottlieb sent a tweet after news that Brad Underwood was leaving for Illinois came out that made it seem like he was hoping for the job:

Gottlieb made a push for the job last year before it eventually went to Underwood. He received an endorsement from Oklahoma State legend Eddie Sutton, and issued this statement about his pursuit of the job.

“Over the last couple days, I have let it be known my desire to be the head coach at Oklahoma State,” Gottlieb said in a statement released on Facebook. “Last Saturday I was at a fork in the road… Travis had been let go, and while people have said incredible things about me, I couldn’t decide if I should stay on the fringes and let friends, fans and writers make my case or use my gift of gab to make it for myself. I have a plan, it is thorough and specific to OSU and I believe it will work. So, I chose to go All In. Cause that is me. Of the lessons I have learned in life, one of the biggest is that failing to try, is trying to fail.” “My former teammates and other members of the basketball family have offered support and my coach Eddie Sutton gave me his backing as well,” Gottlieb said. “Fans have come out of hiding and some students started a #BringDougHome campaign with videos that bring goosebumps to my skin.

“Turns out I have friends, in low places…. If you sent one of the 1000s of emails to Coach Holder, if you tweeted, IG’d or called into a radio show to show support, thank you. I’m very happy that I made my feelings known and blown away by the people who believed and still believe in my leadership of Oklahoma State Basketball.”

Gottlieb played three seasons at Oklahoma State and led the school to the Elite Eight as a senior. He was one of the best point guards in school history. Since ending his playing career, Gottlieb has enjoyed a successful broadcasting career and has become a preeminent college basketball analyst.