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Video: Draymond Green took shot at Rudy Gobert during All-Star Game

Draymond Green on TNT

Rudy Gobert must have kicked Draymond Green’s dog when they were kids or something.

The Golden State Warriors star Green was briefly interviewed during TNT’s broadcast of the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday. Upon being mentioned by the broadcast team along with fellow Defensive Player of the Year winners like Gobert, Green took exception to even being included in the same sentence as Gobert.

“You keep mentioning me in the same sentence with him. We’re not alike,” said Green. “No, we ain’t nothing alike.”

In case it was not clear already, Green can’t stand Gobert. Just a few weeks ago, Green took another opportunity to troll Gobert on national TV.

The two players do have fairly different profiles as defenders. But Green’s continued pettiness towards Gobert make you wonder what Gobert did to tick him off in the first place. Maybe Green just hates opposing centers.

Draymond Green keeps trolling Rudy Gobert over All-Star snub response

Draymond Green during practice

Three years ago, Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert famously cried over being left out of the NBA All-Star Game. The response to that was mixed, but Draymond Green was among those taking shots at Gobert for that reaction.

In 2019, Gobert became so emotional while reflecting on his All-Star snub that he had to end the interview he was doing. That drew a mixed reaction, and Green was one of the players who cracked a joke at the Jazz center’s expense.

Three years later, Green still hasn’t forgotten. The Warriors forward appeared on “Inside the NBA” Thursday and was asked by Kenny Smith who he’d seen take an All-Star omission the hardest. That was basically an invitation for Green to bring back the Gobert jokes.

“One thing I can assure you, if I hadn’t made it this year, I was not going to cry,” Green said. “It has to be Rudy. The man cried on national television when he didn’t make the All-Star team. Thank God he made the next three.”

Green didn’t back down even after Charles Barkley admonished him for his take.

“You can’t cry, Chuck,” Green added. “I said it then, I’m gonna say it now. I got killed on Twitter then, I’ll probably get killed today. But you can’t cry.”

Green has a long memory, so it’s no surprise he’d eagerly bring that whole thing up if given the opportunity. Gobert had a pretty brutal response the first time around, so we’ll have to see if he goes there again.

Photo: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green joins TNT as NBA analyst

Draymond Green during practice

Draymond Green’s NBA career is not over yet, but he is already getting the opportunity to test out serious media work.

Green is joining TNT Sports as an NBA analyst. Green will continue his playing career but make select appearances on “Inside the NBA.” The 31-year-old has served as a guest analyst in the past, but had never actually committed to the network or the potential career.

Green is viewed by TNT as a potential heir apparent to Charles Barkley. Barkley has claimed he will retire fairly soon, though whether he actually holds to that is anyone’s guess.

If there is any active player perfect for a role like this, it’s Green. He’s willing to offer the sort of opinions that Barkley has become known for. That’s why a rival network reportedly pursued the Golden State Warriors star, but Turner was always going to have the edge with their pre-existing relationship.

Photo: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Video: Draymond Green had cool gesture for Klay Thompson amid Warriors return

Draymond Green commits an intentional foul

Nothing was going to stop Draymond Green from being on the floor to honor Klay Thompson during Thompson’s long-awaited return.

The Golden State Warriors star Thompson returned for the team against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday after missing over two-and-a-half years with injury. Unfortunately for Green, he was a late scratch for the contest after experiencing left calf tightness during pregame warmups.

As a symbolic gesture for Thompson, Green suited up for the opening tip and officially got the start alongside his longtime teammate. Green then committed an intentional foul to sit out for the rest of the game. He was replaced by Juan Toscano-Anderson.

Take a look at the video.

Green has been teammates with Thompson since being drafted in 2012, and they have won three titles together. Since Green technically played Sunday, he will go down as having recorded all zeroes, which will hurt his per-game averages. That makes his gesture for Thompson here a very selfless one.

Fortunately for Green, he got quite the show as he watched the rest of the game from the sidelines in warmup gear. Less than a minute after Green checked out, Thompson connected on his very first shot attempt, hitting a layup in traffic to the roars of the home crowd.

It is definitely good to have Thompson back after such a long absence. As for Green, this is probably the least that he could have done for his teammate considering how dirty he did Thompson when Thompson first got hurt.

Draymond Green upset with referee over technical foul call

Draymond Green during practice

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Draymond Green is upset with a referee over a technical foul call.

Green was called for a tech in the second quarter of his Golden State Warriors’ 99-82 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night. He saw plenty of contact on a layup attempt by Steph Curry and was upset over the lack of a call.

Green immediately ran up to an official and started making his case. He continued to talk Marat Kogut’s ear off.

Green talked after the loss and was incredulous over the tech, his 8th of the season.

“I got a technical for a referee walking away from me and then coming back to talk to me and I walk away,” Green said after the game. “That’s why I got a technical. I think I got eight or nine techs this year. Five or six of them are super questionable. And as I said to the ref, ‘It’s unbelievable that you’ll walk away from me, very disrespectful, mid-sentence when we’re having a normal conversation and if I walked away from you when you were talking to me, you’d give me a tech.’ He continued to walk away from me, then walked up to me and said ‘All right, what do you have to say?’ And I said ‘f–k it. It’s cool. I don’t even want to talk no more. It’s all right’ and walked away and got a tech. So, you tell me where the tech is at.”

Green thinks what the official did was disrespectful, but what he did is actually disrespectful. He talked the official’s ear off instead of focusing on the game. Then when the official decided to listen to Green, Green disrespected him by cursing in front of him. What kind of way to show appreciation is that?

Draymond apparently wants conversations with referees to become like the way players have made things with fans where they can have them ejected if they don’t like what the fans are saying. Green appears to want referees to stop games, sit down and have arbitration hearings regarding calls he doesn’t like, and for refs who don’t listen to him to be replaced by ones who do. He lamented that referees have some power and don’t have to capitulate to him.

“But this ain’t the same world we used to live in and you can’t treat people like that. So that’s bulls–t because if I walk away, I get a tech, if I walk to you, I get a tech, have a normal conversation with you, I get a tech. I’m not going to stop talking. So I don’t know if the tech is supposed to stop me from talking. I’m not going to stop talking and I shouldn’t have to stop talking if I come to you and have a respectful conversation with you. I’m a grown man with my own children, so I won’t be treated as someone else’s child, that probably doesn’t even have as many children as I have. It’s garbage. Like I said, there’s been quite a few of them this year. And I don’t really make any noise about it because at this point in my career, I don’t really care about getting a tech. So it kind of is what it is, but it is a shame and that’s for certain.”

Green is in his 10th NBA season and still hasn’t figured out that the more he yaps at officials and confronts them over calls, the more prone he will be to getting techs. He thinks he’s having conversations, but what he’s really doing is badgering officials at times and trying to influence calls. Officials who are trying to be neutral and fair are not going to like that. That shouldn’t be hard to figure out. And referees not calling things the way Draymond likes doesn’t make him a victim.

Photo: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green sounds off on latest NBA postponement

Draymond Green during practice

Draymond Green is the latest NBA player to criticize the NBA’s handling of COVID positives and postponed games.

The Golden State Warriors’ scheduled game against the Denver Nuggets was postponed Thursday due to COVID issues among the Nuggets. The postponement comes despite the fact that the NBA recently adjusted rules to allow teams to sign extra players to replace those placed in health and safety protocols.

After the postponement was announced, Green voiced his frustration with the league on social media. In a series of tweets, Green questioned why the Warriors had to play against Denver with players sidelined, but the Nuggets’ issues led to a postponement.

The Nuggets beat the Warriors 89-86 on Tuesday, a game Golden State played without Green and Jordan Poole. The Warriors still would have been without Green Thursday had the game been played, but were poised to get Poole back against the shorthanded Nuggets.

Green’s point is similar to one another NBA star hinted at recently. Almost every team is playing through COVID issues. Players are fine with that, but they will not like it when some teams have games postponed while other teams play on.

Ultimately, Green has a point, but the league would as well. The Nuggets needed eight players to play, and there is not really an alternative to postponing if they could not get replacements signed and through protocols in time to play.

Draymond Green has surprising pick for best trash-talker in NBA

Draymond Green during practice

Draymond Green knows trash talk like Beethoven knew music. That is why Green’s pick for the best trash-talker in the NBA today may surprise you.

In an episode this week of his podcast for “The Volume,” the Golden State Warriors star Green said that he thinks Kevin Durant talks the best trash in the league (besides himself, of course).

“I think you started to realize it now with the more he talks on Twitter or the more he’s caught saying stuff to stands: KD,” said Green. “I’ve always told people that KD is one of the biggest trash-talkers to me since I came into the league. And it would be disrespectful stuff like, ‘Ay, who is this?’ KD would turn the dude around, like trying to look at the back of his jersey, like to see his name on the back.

“K would say stuff to people and you’re like, “Yo, you Kevin Durant. There’s not really much I can say back,'” Green added. “And KD got these one-liners like, ‘Oh, he drunk at the bar!’ Like K will hit someone with a cross. ‘Ay, he drunk at the bar!’ And so I think if I’m not going with myself, I would have to say KD for sure.”

Green played with Durant in Golden State for three years, so he witnessed Durant’s trash talk as both an opponent and as a teammate. The two also butted heads many times, so Green really got the full-on KD experience.

Durant is not the first player that you would think of when considering the NBA’s elite trash-talkers. But he has definitely had some memorable jawing sessions with opponents before, including playoff battles with players like Patrick Beverley and PJ Tucker. Just don’t make fun of Durant on Twitter because he probably won’t like that.

Photo: Feb 20, 2020; San Francisco, California, USA; Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23) stands on the court before the game against the Houston Rockets at Chase Center. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green fires back at Karl-Anthony Towns over Westbrook criticism

Draymond Green during practice

Western Conference: Civil War appears to be officially upon us.

Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns caused a stir this week with comments about L.A. Lakers guard Russell Westbrook. Towns said that he thinks Westbrook chases statistics and explained his reasoning why.

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green did not take too kindly to Towns’ opinion. Commenting on an Instagram video of Towns’ remarks, Green essentially called Towns a hypocrite.

“I once watched from the bench due to us beating the Twolves a– (profanity edited by LBS) and he was in the game down 20 with 2 mins to go,” Green said of Towns. “Come on man. Stop talking to people about the ‘bros’ and yelling this is a ‘brotherhood’. SMH.”

The argument could indeed be made that Towns himself is a “good stats, bad team” guy. He has averaged 23.0 points and 11.4 rebounds per game but has only ever made the playoffs once (losing in the first round in 2018). But Minnesota’s losing ways seem to be more tied to organizational dysfunction than to Towns.

In any case, Green is casting doubt here on the credibility of the speaker. But that alone does not make Towns’ criticism of Westbrook any less valid. In fact, Towns is far from the only NBA player who believes that Westbrook pads his numbers.

Photo: Feb 20, 2020; San Francisco, California, USA; Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23) stands on the court before the game against the Houston Rockets at Chase Center. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green gave Klay Thompson a real kick in the balls after torn ACL

Draymond Green during practice

Draymond Green added insult to injury after Klay Thompson tore his ACL.

Thompson suffered a torn ACL during Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals, which the Golden State Warriors lost to the Toronto Raptors. The Warriors lost those Finals in six games and were doubly disappointed. Not only did they lose the series, but both Thompson and Kevin Durant suffered serious injuries during the playoffs.

Green, who is a longtime teammate of Thompson, went to visit his injured friend the day after the series ended.

According to Green, he wanted to try to take Thompson’s mind off the injury. They ended up playing dominoes, and Green says he won $4,000 off Thompson.

Green shared the story for NBC Sports Bay Area.

Well, that is one way to take someone’s mind off an injury and the Finals.

Green says that Thompson hasn’t forgotten about the matter and reminds him of it. How could he not?

Thompson suffered a torn Achilles tendon while trying to return from his torn ACL and hasn’t played since 2019. He’s getting close to finally returning this season.

Photo: Feb 20, 2020; San Francisco, California, USA; Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23) stands on the court before the game against the Houston Rockets at Chase Center. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Steph Curry has made 1 big improvement to his game, teammate says

Steph Curry on the court

Steph Curry is already the NBA’s all-time three-point king, but he is still making some notable improvements to his game as a whole.

In an interview that aired this week with ESPN’s Doris Burke, Golden State Warriors teammate Draymond Green spoke on the strides that Curry has made on the defensive end.

“For all these years, you have had teams pick on him [defensively],” Green said. “Steph’s a competitor, and so you’re not just gonna keep singling him out and he’s just going to take that. I think the difference is he’s so grounded in his body with his strength. He moves better laterally, much better than he used to move laterally.

“His legs, super strong,” Green went on. “That change happened last year. From the time he walks in this facility, the first place he goes, to the locker room to get dressed, and then to the weight room … He is one of our best defenders. [Warriors assistant] Mike Brown has this sheet where he grades us defensively. Like, who makes the biggest jump. Over the last month, Steph is the highest person. He’s like a 96.”

Curry has never been a poor defender. But he has also never had the size, length, or quickness of a truly elite defender. Curry was generally seen as the weakest link of the elite Warrior defenses during the team’s peak years. He has always been able to play passing lanes and get steals though, and now it sounds like Curry has been making a concerted effort to become a physically stronger defender as well.

The former MVP Curry has obviously come a long way since his rivals used to clown him over his defensive ability. Curry’s improvement on D might be one of the more underrated reasons behind why the 25-6 Warriors are as good as they are again.

Photo: Mar 5, 2020; San Francisco, California, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) during the first quarter of the game against the Toronto Raptors at Chase Center. Mandatory Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports