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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Watch: Zion Williamson dunks for couple’s baby gender reveal

Zion Williamson gender reveal

When it comes to baby gender reveals, this one may top them all.

Nolan Burg works for Duke athletics and used his connections to orchestrate a great gender reveal. He and his wife Danielle got Blue Devils star Zion Williamson to dunk a ball that was coordinated with the mascot releasing blue and white confetti to show they were having a boy.

If you ask me, everything in life is better with Zion Williamson involved, and that includes gender reveals. Maybe he can offer that service to others.

That was probably our favorite sports-related gender reveal since Joey Logano’s awesome one.

Duke fans chant ‘Check your sources’ during ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’


Duke fans sure know how to conduct a timely roast.

ESPN’s “College GameDay” broadcasted live from Duke on Saturday ahead of their big rivalry game against North Carolina. During a segment about the allegations surrounding Arizona head coach Sean Miller, the Blue Devils faithful audibly chanted, “Check your sources” behind anchor Rece Davis.

In what has been the biggest story in college basketball this past week, Miller was implicated in an ESPN report alleging that he was caught on wiretap discussing a $100,000 payment to ensure star big man Deandre Ayton’s commitment to Arizona. Miller himself has strongly denied any wrongdoing and continues to coach the Wildcats. Meanwhile, ESPN is standing by their reporting, albeit while making a few corrections to the original piece.

As for the Duke fans, they don’t necessarily have a horse in that particular race, but their troll game definitely continues to be on point.

Louisville players were fascinated with Cameron Crazies’ cheat sheet

Louisville Cardinals

A few Louisville players were particularly intrigued with a cheat sheet used by the Cameron Crazies prior to the Cardinals’ game against Duke on Wednesday night.

Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium is known as a hostile environment for opposing teams. The student section — the Cameron Crazies — takes their jobs of rattling opponents seriously. They prepare cheat sheets featuring notes the students can use as the subject of their taunts towards opponents. Combine that with the recent news regarding Louisville’s men’s basketball program, and the Cameron Crazies had plenty of ammunition to use.

Prior to the game, a few Louisville players headed over to the Crazies to see the notes and were quite amused. The video contains some explicit language.

Coach K apparently told the Cameron Crazies to “take it easy” on Louisville regarding the scandal surrounding the program.

It seems like the fans didn’t even need their taunts as Duke blew out Louisville 82-56.

Everyone making fun of Yale-Duke for being spoiled, preppy match-up

Yale Duke

You can feel the smugness in the air as Yale and Duke are getting set to do battle in the second round of the NCAA Tournament on Saturday following their wins in the first round.

Saturday’s Duke-Yale game will mark a match-up of two private schools filled with privileged students and fans. One program is from the Ivy League, while the other considers itself Ivy League-worthy. Such levels of elitism causes resentment among ordinary fans, leading to lots of hate (and fun) prior to the game.

Take a look at these tweets for an idea of how people are already mocking the upcoming game:


Johnny Manziel’s sister Meri was fed up with a ‘douche Duke fan’

Johnny-Manziel-sisterJohnny Manziel led Texas A&M to a tremendous comeback against Duke in the Chick-fil-A Bowl on Tuesday night. His sister Meri was in the stands watching the 52-48 victory, and as you might expect she had to listen to a bunch of people tool on her brother.

There are more than a few thousand people who love to hate Manziel. Duke led 38-17 at halftime, so Blue Devils fans were probably feeling great about their chances of ending Johnny Football’s collegiate career on a sour note. At one point, a Duke fan came dangerously close to catching a knuckle sandwich from Meri.


Manziel and his family got the last laugh, as Johnny made one of the best plays of the year and ended his time with the Aggies in fitting fashion. Watch out, NFL fans — you’re next on Meri’s radar.

H/T For the Win

Duke’s ‘Cameron Crazie Style’ may have been the worst Gangnam Style parody video

Thankfully the Internet has moved on from the Gangnam Style obsession and parody videos that inevitably followed. Unfortunately, people have moved on to “Harlem Shake” videos, but that’s a post for another day.

Today, we will talk about the Gangnam Style parody video put together by some Duke fans. The video seen above was posted to YouTube in October, but thanks to BuzzFeed Sports, I’m just seeing it now for the first time.

BuzzFeed already analyzed the video and pinpointed the worst aspects of it, which is pretty difficult considering that I thought the entire 2:53 was equally awful. It’s not that the video itself was poorly put together, it’s just that the lyrics are terrible and the lameness is off the charts. I guess that makes this the perfect video for the Duke hater.


Duke fans accused of chanting ‘How’s your grandma’ at Tyler Lewis, whose grandmother passed away (Video)

Tyler-Lewis-NC-StateThe Cameron Crazies have been known to cross the line in various ways during Duke basketball games, but nobody wants to believe they would chant what some of them are being accused of having chanted on Thursday night. NC State freshman guard Tyler Lewis lost his grandmother last Friday. He was reportedly close with her and has been taking it hard, and some people are accusing Duke fans of taunting him over it.

The chant in the video above is fairly inaudible. During Lewis’ second free throw, it certainly sounds like the fans were chanting “past your bedtime,” which was a reference to a message that was shown on the videoboard at Cameron Indoor Stadium, according to The Blue Zone. However, a number of people believe a small group of fans were taunting Lewis about the passing of his grandmother during the first free throw, and several students and fans have gone on message boards and social media sites to say that they were there and heard it.