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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Articles tagged: Fail

Watch: Dodgers fan somehow dropped this home run ball

Dodgers fan drop

A Los Angeles Dodgers fan was perfectly positioned to catch a home run ball during Monday night’s game against the Colorado Rockies but failed to make the grab.

Chris Taylor was leading off the bottom of the fourth against Yency Almonte and drove a pitch to center field for his 10th home run of the season. The fan moved over to the front of the blacked-out section and prepared to make the grab, but there was one problem …

That was rough. That was a one-cent play but at least he gave us a million dollar reaction.

I’m also not one of those people who is going to shame an adult for bringing a glove to a game. If you want to bring a glove, fine, that’s your business. But here’s the thing: if you are an adult and you do bring a glove to the game, you better be making that play. That’s inexcusable!

Just to make you feel better, here’s a Dodger fan making a great catch on a Justin Turner walk-off home run in 2017.

Watch: Southern Illinois hilariously whiffs on touchdown celebration

Southern Illinois touchdown whiff

Southern Illinois got off to a nearly flawless start offensively against Ole Miss on Saturday, but there is one area of their game that could use some work.

Quarterback Sam Straub threw three touchdown passes on the Salukis’ first three possessions. His second TD pass went to tight end Nigel Kilby, who posed in the end zone following his score. One of Kilby’s teammates tried to leap on him in celebration but whiffed:

The Salukis might have to work on their touchdown celebrations in practice just to avoid injury.

Buster Posey totally faceplanted on this slide

Buster Posey slide

San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey proved he has enough wheels to go from first to third on a single. What he didn’t show everyone is that he is capable of mastering proper sliding techniques.

Watch as Posey totally faceplanted while going head-first into third base on Monday night:

He ended up with a big scrape on his face as a result:

And he may have hurt his finger:

If you’re sliding like that and the closest comp is to Prince Fielder, you’re not doing so hot. Get it together, Buster.

Michael Jeter? CBS News royally screws up Derek Jeter tweet

Michael Jeter tweet CBS News

Ooph! When it comes to epic screwups, this is up there.

CBS News sent a tweet during Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game linking to a story about Derek Jeter, who just so happened to be the biggest focus of the entire game. The only problem is they screwed up his name. Badly.

What do you think, did the person running the Twitter account mix Jeter and Michael Jordan? Jeter and Michael Jackson?

After an embarrassing mistake like that, you figure CBS News might poke fun at themselves for the blunder. But 10 minutes after leaving the tweet up there for all of mankind to laugh at them, they finally decided to address matters. They disappointingly played it straight:

Carlos Gomez repeatedly tries breaking bat over knee, fails (Video)

Carlos Gomez broken batCarlos Gomez already felt embarrassed enough about striking out with a man in scoring position to end the 5th Saturday, but he managed to embarrass himself even further by failing to take out his frustration.

Gomez punched out against Adam Wainwright and was so upset at fishing for a ball in the dirt that he tried breaking his bat over his knee. He tried once on his left knee, but that didn’t work. So the right-hander moved on to his right knee and tried twice — but that didn’t work either. Realizing that his epic fail would have him on low-light reels, Gomez decided he had to complete the dirty deed.

He slammed the bat to his ground, then his helmet and then he ripped off his batting gloves.

Rather than try to break the bat, Gomez should save it. I mean that piece of lumber is downright indestructible. Think about it — it survived three attempted knee breaks and a slam to the ground. Imagine what it could do against a 95-mph fastball!

Vincenzo Nibali rejected on kiss after winning stage at Tour de France (Video)

Vincenzo Nibali probably felt like he was on top of the world after winning stage 2 of the Tour de France Sunday, but one of the yellow jersey presenting girls quickly put him back in place.

After receiving the yellow jersey for winning the stage, Nibali looked to his right and kissed the girl who presented him with flowers. But when he went to kiss the jacket presenter on his left, he was totally denied.

What was weird was the girl even put her arm on the back of his head/neck as if she were ready for the kiss. Then she quickly turned away.

What happened?

Did he scare her off with some stanking dragon breath? Did she notice a piece of food caught in his teeth? A big pimple on his nose? Why did she do him dirty like that?

You gotta love the way Nibali tried to play it off by going with the collar adjustment.

Vincenzo Nibali neck

“Yeah, I was really just trying to touch my neck there. Nothing to see, people.”

Surrrrre Nibali, like nobody noticed.

As funny as that was and as much as I like to mock Nibali for the embarrassing moment, that’s all on the podium girl. She has to know that’s part of the job. What was she thinking?

H/T For the Win

Yasiel Puig has bat flip fail after walk (Video)

I think we just found out why Yasiel Puig doesn’t like to walk. It totally ruins his bat flip flow.

My words are actually inaccurate, because Puig has been taking his base this season. He already has 33 walks in 63 games, compared to 36 in 104 last season.

Still, swinging the bat is always better than walking, because that way you can at least do a proper bat flip. And check out Puig styling like he was in “The Matrix.”

Yasiel Puig bend