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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Articles tagged: Florida Gators Baseball

Father of LSU player, LSU strength coach save Florida fan’s life at CWS

A Florida fan nearly lost his life during the sixth inning of the Gators’ College World Series Game against LSU Monday night, but fortunately two other people who were in attendance were able to save his life.

And the heroes were Tigers fans.

Dr. Jerry Poche, the father of LSU pitcher Jared Poche, and Jimmy Roy, whose son is LSU strength and conditioning coach Travis Roy, performed CPR and helped revive the man.

“The man died,” Poché said, via Luke Johnson of The Advocate. “He didn’t have a pulse; he didn’t have nothing. It looks like, luckily, we got him back.”

LSU infielder Cole Freeman’s mother, Kellie, shouted out to Poche after she saw the elderly man slump over and lose consciousness. Poche raced over and began providing chest compressions for several minutes before paramedics arrived. Roy, who has been a firefighter for 30 years, gave the man mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Poche speculated that the man, who was said to be around 80 years old, had a heart attack. Fortunately, he was conscious when paramedics took him out of the stands.

“The main thing is, when he left in the stretcher, he was conscious and nobody was doing compressions,” Poché said. “It looked like he was going to make it. They brought him to the emergency room and I talked to the senior paramedic over here at TD Ameritrade, and he said the old man is stable. That’s awesome.”

Florida defeated LSU 4-3 in Game 1 of the three-game series, but Poche and Roy still felt as though they contributed to a more important victory.

“He’s alive now,” Roy said of the elderly man. “He was done. He was done. He wasn’t breathing; he didn’t have a pulse, and me and Doc brought him back.”

Florida pulls off hidden ball trick on College of Charleston (Video)

College of Charleston infielder Nick Pappas was on the receiving end of a cruel joke on Friday night. Well, maybe it wasn’t a joke, but it was certainly embarrassing when Florida nailed Pappas with a classic hidden ball trick.

Pappas was on second base when Florida pitcher Logan Shore stepped off the mound to “tie his shoe.” Pappas stayed on the base while the “shoe tying” was going on, but he took about a half step off as Shore was standing up to put his glove back on. At that point, Gators shortstop Richie Martin tagged Pappas with his glove. Yup, Martin had the ball the entire time.


The turn of events was every Little League coach’s nightmare. Fortunately for Pappas, College of Charleston went on to win win the game and would later advance in the NCAA Tournament. Florida has been sent home early, but at least they’ll always have the hidden ball trick highlight.

Video via Fansided

Josh Adams Breaks Down and Cries After Florida Loss (Video)

Florida lost in the College World Series to South Carolina Tuesday ending their season. For the seniors on the team, the loss was even more saddening because it marked the end of their collegiate careers. That realization was manifested through second baseman Josh Adams’ emotional breakdown in the post-game news conference. The senior began to cry and had difficulty answering a question. Check out the video:

When you’re that connected to your team and teammates and then you lose in the finals, it’s pretty crushing. I cried after my last game as a senior so I understand where he’s coming from. I can only imagine how devastated he felt given how close the Gators came to the national title. Just like we said when Chris Bosh cried after the Heat lost to the Mavs, this just shows how much he cared.