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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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Freddie Mitchell found out from strippers that Donovan McNabb hated him


Former NFL wide receiver Freddie Mitchell and Donovan McNabb played together for four seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, but they were never able to establish much chemistry. Mitchell insists that was not due to a lack of effort on his part.

Although Mitchell was not all that talented, he always insists McNabb simply didn’t like him. In an interview with Anthony Gargano on 97.5 The Fanatic Wednesday, Mitchell claimed he went above and beyond to get on McNabb’s good side, even offering to babysit the quarterback’s kids.

“The things that I would do for him to try to win him over… I would damn near try to babysit his kids,” Mitchell said, as transcribed by Andrew Kulp of The 700 Level. “Stay in Friday nights and babysit his children so he could go out and have fun and come back home.

“Just throw me the ball, that’s all I want. It was that bad where I didn’t know what to do.”

Mitchell went on to say he was sort of joking with the babysitting offer, but he insists he moved close to McNabb in an attempt to develop a relationship with him.

“I did all the things that it took to establish a great relationship, but the fact that the fans loved me more than they loved him, it pissed him off,” Mitchell said.

Keep in mind, this is a guy who caught a career-high 35 passes and two touchdowns in 2003. But we haven’t even gotten to the best part. Mitchell also said he wasn’t even aware McNabb disliked him until he was at a strip club. And guess who told him? The dancers, of course.

“It’s funny. I was sitting up in the strip club at Delilah’s. I had strippers coming up to me and ask, ‘Why does he hate you?'” Mitchell recalled. “I’m like, damn. I’m trying to have me a nice gentleman’s drink, and they say, ‘Why does he hate you so much?’ I’m like what, ‘What are you talking about?’ Everybody knew it but me, and that’s what the problem was.

“When the strippers know there’s a problem, it’s time to move on to different things.”

Mitchell, who later did time in prison, isn’t exactly the most credible source. It’s more likely that he didn’t get the ball much because he simply wasn’t that good, but his story is much more fun. We’ll leave it at that.

Freddie Mitchell gets 37 months in prison for tax fraud scheme

Freddie MitchellFreddie Mitchell always appeared to have a screw loose, so it’s no surprise that he is going to spend the next several years behind bars.

TMZ reported on Tuesday that the former Philadelphia Eagles receiver was sentenced to 37 months in prison for his role in a tax fraud scheme. Mitchell was facing 10 years in prison but struck a plea deal with prosecutors in March.

Mitchell told NBA player Drew Gooden that he knew a former IRS employee who could file his tax return and get millions back in a refund. Mitchell supposedly accepted payment from Gooden, created a fake take return, and received $2 million in a refund that he and his partners had deposited into their accounts.

Gooden was not accused of any wrongdoing in the case. Investigators learned of the scheme after Gooden filed his return and the IRS realized they had already paid a refund to him.

I wonder if Mr. 4th and 26 still wants to thank his hands for being so great.

Aaron Rodgers Belt Celebration Stolen From Freddie Mitchell

Aaron Rodgers’ celebration where he mimics wrapping a “championship belt” around his waist has received a lot of attention recently. ESPN recently did an entire segment about how the celebration started and progressed. Rodgers says in the piece that it actually started when he was behind Brett Favre on the Packers’ depth chart as a way of making practice a little more interesting. Nowhere in the piece does anyone mention that former Eagles receiver Freddie Mitchell did the same celebration while Rodgers was still at Cal.

Remember this from Mitchell?

The play of course is the famous — or infamous depending which side you’re on — 4th and 26 conversion which led to a game-tying field goal and ultimately, an Eagles victory after a (surprise) Favre interception. The irony here is that Rodgers adopted the move from the guy responsible for one of the most heart-breaking plays in Packers history. Rodgers’ career surpassed that of Mitchell even before this run to the Super Bowl, but Mitchell at least deserves a little love for pioneering the move that Rodgers has made famous.

Thanks to eagles4ever17 for the video.

Freddie Mitchell Working Out for Ravens?

You’ve probably come to expect me to be down with all athletes that are former Bruins. Au contraire. When a guy’s got a mouth as big as Jay Bruce’s hat, and not the skills to back it up, it becomes hard to root for him. It is in that light that I must laugh along with pretty much the rest of sports world in hearing that the Ravens actually worked Fred Ex out. MDS at Pro Football Talk says he first heard about his from a reader tip saying Freddie talked about it on his Myspace page and that a league source confirmed the story. MDS is quite the reliable fellow so I have pretty good reason to believe this is true, not to mention new coach John Harbaugh used to be with the Eagles, Freddie’s former team.

There is a dilemma however: do you laugh at Fred Ex just for being himself, or at the Ravens for actually working the guy out? It’s comical that Freddie’s still trying to get a job in the NFL. He’s a former 1st round pick, who not unlike many other highly drafted wide receivers, busted out of the NFL after a few unsuccessful seasons. He’s only known for his big mouth, having given himself the Fred Ex nickname, and notably thanking his hands “for being so great” when he made the incredible catch on 4th down. The Ravens though, my goodness. They got Mark Clayton who’s a former 1st round pick, Derrick Mason who needs to avoid the hirshey squirts, and now they’re even working out Fred Ex? That’s pretty low on the barrel. I’m sure he won’t sniff a roster spot, but still funny he’s trying to hang on.