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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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Noah Syndergaard sends funny tweet about ‘Game of Thrones’ cameo

Noah Syndergaard brought some serious heat on Sunday night. But don’t get excited, Mets fans, we’re not talking about that kind of heat.

Syndergaard, who has been on the disabled list for more than three months, made a cameo appearance in the latest episode of HBO’s hit show “Game of Thrones.” The flame-throwing pitcher appeared as a Lannister soldier in a crucial battle scene, and his big moment was heaving a spear.

If you’re a big “Game of Thrones” fan and haven’t seen the outcome of Episode 4, you might want to stop here. Syndergaard sent some funny tweets about his appearance on the show, but one contained a spoiler:

Syndergaard fit the bill perfectly, especially with the nickname he has embraced since he became a household name. You couldn’t have picked a better guy for GoT.

How the NBA Playoffs is Just Like Game of Thrones

Now that we’re eight episodes into Season 1, I think it’s time to welcome Game of Thrones into the pantheon of can’t miss cable dramas. It’s a great series. Borderline brilliant. The writing is terrific. The cast is fantastic. And the plot is paced  just right — slow enough not to confuse the audience, convoluted enough to be unpredictable and keep people guessing.

GoT is quickly becoming the gold standard for medieval dramas thanks to HBO’s holy trinity of television production: sex, violence and, ahem, little people (sound familiar, Boardwalk Empire fans?). It’s Lord of the Rings meets Braveheart with a whole lot of nudity and backstabbing mixed in.

What makes the show so popular, though, what keeps people hooked, is how relatable the characters are. The action takes place among kings and knights and 14th century prostitutes, but the character types are straight out of your local bar.

There’s the schemer, the bully, the outcast, the b****, the pretty boy, the honest Abe, the tomboy, the guy in the corner cracking jokes, the good wife (yeah, you’re right, she wouldn’t be at the bar), the rebel, the nitwit, the hot chick, the alcohol-soaked person in charge, and, of course, the crazy lady who still breast feeds her 6-year-old son. Okay, forget the last one. That’s just plain weird.

Independently (or, in some cases, dependently), these characters are fighting for the same goal: the right to sit on the throne (which looks like something straight out of a Tim Burton film, by the way). Like Kanye West, they want all that power. And they’ll stop at nothing to get it.