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‘Be Like Mike’ Gatorade commercial making a comeback


Children of the ’90s rejoice! Gatorade is bringing back a digitally remastered version of its classic “Be Like Mike” commercial featuring Michael Jordan. The spot, which first aired in 1991, will be shown during this NBA All-Star weekend to highlight the company’s 50th anniversary.

But wait, there’s more. Jordan’s favorite Gatorade flavor, Citrus Cooler, is also hitting shelves at the end of March with a retro label.

GatoradeOriginalGlassBottleThe flavor was never actually discontinued, but you’d have better odds of winning the Powerball than actually finding it. Now if Gatorade really wants to do the right thing, they’ll put it in a glass bottle.

You can watch the updated version of the commercial here, complete with Craig Ehlo getting his hopes and dreams crushed by one of many game-winning shots by His Airness:

By the way, if you’ve never heard the fascinating story of how the “Be Like Mike” campaign came to be, do yourself a favor and read up here.

LeBron actually was drinking Gatorade during Game 1, still got cramps

LeBron James Gatorade

Gatorade has a whole marketing campaign centered around how their drinks prevent athletes from getting cramps. When LeBron James exited Game 1 of the NBA Finals because of cramps, they took advantage of the opportunity to rip the Miami Heat star for not hydrating with the proper sports drink.

Not only did Gatorade apologize a day later for their attacks on the Heat star, but we also learned that LeBron actually did drink Gatorade during the game.

Gatorade reportedly pays $18 million a year to be the official sports drink of the NBA. That’s probably exactly why you see Gatorade cups and coolers on the sidelines and in front of players and coaches during postgame press conferences. They’re paying a lot of money for that exposure. And that means athletes are only allowed the choice of water or Gatorade to drink on the bench during games.

So during Game 1 of the NBA Finals Thursday, LeBron was actually drinking Gatorade, though the label was ripped off the bottle because James endorses Powerade.

Dang, talk about egg on your face!

“Our apologies for our response to fans’ tweets during [Thursday] night’s Heat vs. Spurs game,” Gatorade said in a statement. “We got caught up in the heat of the battle. As a longtime partner of the Miami Heat, we support the entire team.”

To recap: Gatorade does not prevent cramps, regardless of what they want you to think.

H/T Deadspin

Gatorade Twitter makes fun of LeBron James over cramping


Game 1 of the NBA Finals is in the books, and all everyone can talk about is broken air conditioning and cramps. LeBron James was so bothered by the hot temperatures in the AT&T Center that he had to leave the game with four minutes remaining. Would that have happened if he drank Gatorade?

After LeBron left the game, which the San Antonio Spurs held on to win, Gatorade started receiving tweets from people who were wondering why the most popular sports drink in the world couldn’t prevent King James from going down. The answer was simple.

As Eye on Basketball noted, Gatorade stopped trying to sign LeBron to a sponsorship deal back in 2003, citing differences in opinions on what role he should have in endorsing the product. LeBron went on to sign with Powerade, so the folks at Gatorade must have been loving all the tweets on Thursday night.

Between the Gatorade stuff and all the “LeBroning” cramp memes we have seen, the world has had quite a few laughs at LeBron’s expense over the past 10 hours or so.

Photo via @Jose3030

Yasiel Puig ruins TBS camera with Gatorade bath (Video)

Yasiel Puig Gatorade camera

Yasiel Puig fried a TBS videocamera while celebrating the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Game 4 NLDS victory over the Atlanta Braves on Monday. The Cuban outfielder, who delivered a leadoff double in the eighth and scored the tying run on Juan Uribe’s 2-run home run, decided to dump Gatorade on Uribe during the third baseman’s postgame interview. Unfortunately, Puig took a poor angle and dumped the Gatorade from behind the camera. The camera’s picture instantly warped like a Scooby Doo ending and the shot turned green. TBS switched to another working camera.

You can watch it happen in the video and GIF below:


Community college basketball team has Gatorade shower celebration fail (Video)

Richard ThurinThe women’s basketball team for North Platte Community College (Neb.) beat Dakota College at Bottineau (N.D.) 64-40 on Sunday to win their district, but their celebration didn’t go so smoothly.

As you can see in the video above, the team tried to give their coach, Richard Thurin, a Gatorade shower, but they missed and spilled the liquid, which caused him to slip and land on his face.

The team’s effort was poor across the board. Let’s examine all the areas they went wrong:

    – They charged right up to their coach instead of sneaking up from behind
    – They didn’t lift the cooler high enough to dowse him
    – They left all the liquid on the floor, causing two people to slip

The only good news is that the team advances to the national tournament next week. And at least they can take comfort in knowing that they have something in common with the Alabama football team.

H/T Busted Coverage

Erik Spoelstra gets Gatorade bath after Heat win (Video)

If you thought that Gatorade baths were strictly a football celebration thing, you were wrong. The Heat players were so excited about winning an NBA title, they doused coach Erik Spoelstra with the beverage after winning the NBA title on Thursday night.

Spoelstra’s suit was ruined but there’s little doubt it was worth it for him. Maybe this is what they need to do with Chris Bosh in the future considering he gets a little too awkward when he does it on his own.

Prince Fielder and Sons Grossed Out by Gatorade’s Protein Recover Drink (Video)

Prince Fielder may have been named MVP of the All-Star Game after hitting the difference-making three-run home run off C.J. Wilson, but he shouldn’t be expecting an endorsement deal from Gatorade anytime too soon. Fielder had his sons with him at the podium after the game and they were all distracted by the postgame beverage. Simply put, they were all grossed out by Gatorade’s Protein Recover drink. Check out the video:

After seeing that reaction from Prince and his sons, it shouldn’t surprise you that another prominent athlete had the exact same reaction to the drink. Could be worse, at least the squirt bottle didn’t blow up in his face.

Paul Pierce Gatorade Video Proves He Must Be a Powerade Guy

Considering Paul Pierce had a Gatorade sitting in front of him at a Celtics postgame press conference last week, I’m assuming there must be some sort of sponsorship deal in place. We all know nothing is free these days, so Gatorade must be paying to have their products sitting on the press table in front of the superstars after games. Maybe they should ask for some money back. Check out the Paul Pierce Gatorade video and pay close attention to his reaction:

Man, I really want to run out and try that stuff now. He looked so refreshed after that sip.  Thanks to Sports by Brooks Live for the video.

Rangers Center Dale Weise Gatorade Squirt Fail (Video)

I guess you can say it was just one of those nights for New York Rangers call-up center Dale Weise. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he had a goal waved off when the refs determined he kicked it into the net, someone played a prank on Weise when he returned to the bench. Or at least it certainly looks like a prank to me. If not, he really did have a rough night. Check out the Dale Weise Gatorade fail video, courtesy of Deadspin:

Rex Ryan Dumps Gatorade on Jason Taylor

We all knew that Rex Ryan wasn’t the most orthodox coach in football. From taunting Miami fans at an MMA event to challenging his players in a weight loss competition, Ryan does things unconventionally. I mean how often do you see a coach dumping gatorade on a player? Isn’t it supposed to work the other way around? Not for Ryan. He decided to celebrate Jason Taylor’s sack and win over his former team with a gatorade bath. Check out the Rex Ryan and Jason Taylor gatorade video:

Just like Nick Saban, they nailed Taylor in the head. I’m sure that’s the biggest hit he took all night.