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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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Rory McIlroy buys gift for Holly Sweeney’s baby

Rory McIlroy Holly Sweeney

Rory McIlroy and his ex-girlfriend Holly Sweeney are apparently good friends. Sweeney began following McIlroy on Twitter about two months ago, which gave us an indication that the former couple is on speaking terms. Rory confirmed that on Tuesday when he bought a gift for Sweeney’s new baby boy.

It was revealed over the summer that Sweeney and her new boyfriend, Belfast hockey player Jeff Mason, were expecting a child. Little Max was born last month, and McIlroy is obviously friendly enough with both Sweeney and Mason that he decided to pay them a visit and bring some Nike swag.

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Are we a little disappointed that McIlroy breaking up with Caroline Wozniacki didn’t result in a rekindling of his relationship with Holly? Sure, but it’s nice to see everyone getting along. We can always hold onto our first memories of Holly. Nobody can take those away from us.

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Rory McIlroy’s ex-girlfriend Holly Sweeney follows him on Twitter

Rory McIlroy Holly Sweeney

The real reason for Rory McIlroy’s success lately is not because he’s been practicing more and it’s not because he broke up with Caroline Wozniacki. It’s because Holly Sweeney is back in his life.

Holly is Rory’s childhood sweetheart and girlfriend from his early days on tour. Holly is the one he broke up with to get with Woz.

Since Holly is still a favorite WAG here at LBS (current or former — they all count to us), we still follow her on Twitter. She tweeted Saturday about her baby shower — we told you she was pregnant with her current boyfriend’s baby — and we decided to check what she’s been up to lately.

And guess what? She recently started following Rory again.

Holly Sweeney Twitter

Her Twitter activity log shows she began following him between July 27 and Aug. 4.

Look, Holly has a boyfriend — Belfast Giants hockey player Jeff Mason — and is expecting a child, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have some interest in Rory’s life.

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Rory, by the way, has been following Holly all along and followed her at the same time he followed Kate Upton. That has to be a sign. And it certainly can’t hurt to have Holly back in his corner.

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Rory McIlroy’s ex-girlfriend Holly Sweeney is pregnant

Jeff Mason hockey Belfast Holly Sweeney

The name Holly Sweeney hasn’t graced the pages of sports blogs for years. If you know anything about LBS, you know that’s been a real disappointment for myself and Steve DelVecchio. After all, Holly was not just golfing great Rory McIlroy’s first love, but ours as well.

When we first heard about Rory breaking up with Caroline Wozniacki, one of our first thoughts (and hopes) was that Holly might be back in the picture. When you’re feeling down, you oftentimes look to someone familiar to help you feel better. Holly could have been that person for Rory.

Unfortunately, that’s not happening. Sweeney has a new boyfriend and is actually pregnant.

The Irish Mirror reports that LBS’ dear Holly has a new boyfriend — hockey player Jeff Mason — and that she is pregnant. Mason is from Easthampton, Mass., and played hockey at Providence College. He’s been with the Belfast Giants for four seasons after several seasons in the ECHL. Sweeney lived in Belfast the last few years.

The two have avoided posting photos of their relationship on Twitter for the most part, but here’s Holly holding a button of Mason:

Holly is now 23 and supposedly has been dating Mason for two years. She’s said to be six months pregnant. Rory broke up with her three years ago and quickly began seeing Wozniacki. Later in the year, Holly took a shot at Rory by throwing a “golf pros and tennis hoes” party, but the beef between them didn’t last very long.

Bottom line in all this: We miss you, Holly!

Photo: Twitter/JeffMase3

Caroline Wozniacki takes shot at Rory McIlroy’s ex-girlfriend Holly Sweeney?

Caroline Wozniacki appeared to take a shot at her boyfriend Rory McIlroy’s ex-girlfriend Holly Sweeney over the weekend.

Last year, Sweeney hosted a “Golf Pros, Tennis Hoes” themed-party on TV3’s “Come Dine With Me.” The theme for the party was a clear shot at McIlroy and Wozniacki, who are two of the top golfers and tennis players in the world, respectively. The episode was filmed a handful of months after McIlroy left Sweeney for Wozniacki. It aired in Ireland in April, leading to some backlash for Sweeney.

Sweeney’s “Come Dine With Me” episode aired on Channel 4 in the UK on Saturday evening, and it appeared to prompt a response from Wozniacki, who tweeted the following message on Saturday night:

Though the episode was enough to set off Wozniacki, it appears as if Sweeney is over it. She distanced herself from the episode in response to those who asked her about it over Twitter.


Holly Sweeney criticized for dinner mocking Rory McIlroy, Caroline Wozniacki

Holly Sweeney is better known as the woman Rory McIlroy dumped in favor of Caroline Wozniacki. While Rory and Caroline are having a grand old time taking pictures and making bets with each other, Sweeney was coming off as a bitter ex.

We told you about the “golf pros and tennis hoes” themed dinner she was hosting last year for a TV show, and the series, titled “Celebrity Come Dine With Me Ireland,” is finally airing.

The episode debuted Monday night and the Irish Independent says Sweeney was criticized by one of her diners for being stuck on McIlroy.

“For a woman who is trying to move on from a previous relationship and rebuild her life and establish her own personality, she should stop harping on about golf to be perfectly honest,” says Michael O’Doherty, one of the show’s characters.

Sweeney also responded over Twitter to a critic who accused her of continuing to cash in on her relationship with McIlroy:


Holly Sweeney Bans Friends from Mentioning Rory McIlroy Over Christmas

This just in: Holly Sweeney hasn’t gotten over Rory McIlroy.  I realize that may be hard to believe when you take into consideration her golf pros and tennis hoes party and the fact that she is still giving interviews about how Rory broke her heart.  The most recent proof that she still longs for McIlroy came over the Christmas weekend, when she turned the golfer into He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

“Holly is a very strong girl so she’s not losing sleep over the fact Rory is bringing Caroline (Wozniacki) home to the North for Christmas but she has banned any mention of him,” a source told the Irish Daily Mirror.

That means no talking about any of his big wins and certainly no mention of the corny moments Rory and his new girlfriend have shared together.  Holly even made it clear that Rory is not allowed to send her presents or cards, but she had a friend deliver gifts to her dogs which still live with McIlroy.

Sweeney was with McIlroy for every Christmas since she was 15 prior to this year, so you can understand why she might feel bitter.  A friend said she’s “looking forward to a new start in 2012,” but something tells us we haven’t heard the last of McIlroy stories that pertain to Holly Sweeney.


Holly Sweeney Says Rory McIlroy Always Had a Thing for Caroline Wozniacki

It’s no secret that we flip back and forth between Team Holly and Team Rory here at LBS.  The bottom line is life was just much simpler when the two were together, but now Rory McIlroy is with Caroline Wozniacki and Holly Sweeney spends a lot of her time bashing him and coming up with clever practical jokes.  Recently, the 21-year-old Sweeney gave an interview that would be fit for an MTV reality show, but she did reveal an interesting piece of information about Rory and Woz.  According to Holly, Rory always had a thing for Woz.

“I always suspected he had a thing for her,” Sweeney said according to the Irish Sunday Mirror. “He’s always been a big fan of tennis. When he was watching the women’s games he always said he fancied her but I didn’t take it that seriously – little did I know.

“It was Rory that ran away with Caroline – not the other way around – so I guess I blame Rory, or both of them if I’m totally honest. I have to put the blame on him for what has happened but obviously I’m not her biggest fan ever.”

Holly added that McIlroy met Wozniacki at a boxing match in Germany while he and Sweeney were still together.  She said she saw a tweet from Woz saying she had met Rory and hadn’t heard from him while he was gone, so that’s how she knew something was up.  When he returned home, McIlroy broke the news that he was going to date Woz.

One corny custom golf club later and McIlroy and Wozniacki are still going strong.  Sweeney said she thinks their relationship will last “a good while,” but we hope she’s wrong.  They’re well on their way to taking the cake as the world’s lamest couple.