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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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Ian Poulter not a fan of Baba Booey chant, hears from Howard Stern

Fans attending the PGA Championship at Oak Hill this weekend were going a little overboard on the chants off the tee. The trend of yelling “get in the hole!” after a tee shot has been going on for a while, and the “mashed potatoes!” chant is a little newer. In addition to both of these chants, some fans were yelling “The Howard Stern Show” calling card “Baba Booey,” which is commonly used during crank calls.

It sounds like Englishman Ian Poulter is not familiar with the Stern show and not a fan of the “Baba Booey” call.

Ian Poulter Baba Booey

Hey Poulter, U mad bro? Poulter sent that tweet after shooting an even par 70 for the second time this week. He’s tied for 61st at 8-over par.

The best part was seeing Poulter’s tweet make it back to Stern, who offered a response.

Howard Stern Ian Poulter Baba Booey

Maybe that will teach Poulter not to complain. Or better yet, if he wants to protest, he should pull a Graeme McDowell and do something like this.

H/T Jimmy Traina

Fan wears windmill on head in response to Ian Poulter complaining


Ian Poulter was one of several golfers who were unhappy with the layout of the course at the British Open on Thursday. After shooting a 72 in the opening round at Muirfield, Poulter took to Twitter to complain about how difficult some of the pin placements were given how stiff the course was. One of the holes he was upset with was the 18th.

And that should help explain the gentleman you see in the photo above. Of course, Poulter was referring to a miniature golf course because he thought the pin placement on 18 was a joke. He wanted a windmill and a smile and that’s exactly what he got. Tremendous effort by the guy who went through the trouble of making that contraption.

Photo via Twitter user @JSwiss

Ian Poulter fires back at Johnny Miller over criticism

ian poulter windIan Poulter fired back at NBC golf analyst Johnny Miller who criticized how long Poulter was taking to set up his shots over the weekend.

Play at the season-opening Hyundai Tournament of Champions in Kapalua, Maui, was cancelled three straight days because of strong winds. Poulter was among those who wanted golfers to tough it out despite the harsh winds.

“We need to try to put the show on,” Ian Poulter said at first. “Hyundai spent a lot of money. We want to play. Fans want to see us play. TV wants to see us play. We’re backed into a corner. I don’t think they understand how windy it really is. Now they’ve seen it.

“This is going to be crazy golf. You’ve just got to suck it up,” Poulter said via Reuters.

Though Poulter wanted to tough it out, he found golfing in those conditions to be extremely difficult. He had to back away six times on a 10-foot putt on the 11th hole Sunday, which irked Miller and Dan Hicks:

“He surely doesn’t have the Tom Watson attitude so far,” said Miller. “He’s afraid he’s going to hurt himself, probably set back the game 20 years. … He’s just taking way too much time. He’s being fairly dramatic here.”

Hicks shared similar thoughts.

“You have to give in to the conditions and the whole scene here to a degree or you’re going to drive yourself crazy trying to get set perfectly…”

Word of Miller and Hicks’ criticism got back to Poulter, who fired back via his Twitter account.


Ian Poulter blasts Bethpage Black: ‘The worst course setup I have ever played’

A number of golfers struggled during Sunday’s final round at The Barclays, many of whom had later tee times. After several hours of sunshine, the greens at Bethpage Black became very dry and hard. There were signifcantly more three-putts than we are used to seeing from a Tour event, and many players were not shy about blaming the course conditions for their misfortunes. After finishing the afternoon with a 76, Ian Poulter was easily the most vocal.

“I’ve got to tell you, they (screwed) up today,” Poulter said after the tournament according to the Golf Channel. “Royally (screwed) up. Look at how many guys have had a bad day, and there’s a lot of guys that had a bad day. You know, (hole) eight, especially, is the worst I’ve ever seen on Tour. Eight was worse than Shinnecock. How about that? How about that for a statement? They have lost it.

“There’s supposed to be cloud cover, there wasn’t cloud cover. I don’t want to use that as an excuse. Fact is, the greens have barely got double-digit moisture in them. That is borderline unplayable on a golf course that simply plays as the longest course on Tour, pretty much. Right? Par 71. It’s the longest 71 we play. So therefore you’re going in with even more club than any other course we play. Elevated greens. Rock hard. That is an absolute recipe for disaster. You can quote me on all that stuff.”

And quote him we will. In addition to the interview, Poulter also shared the following tweet: “The worst course setup I have ever played in 13 years on tour. They have ruined what is a great course, greens like concrete (and) stupid pins (setups).”

While the course conditions were obviously not ideal, it’s important to remember that someone (Nick Watney) did shoot well enough to win the tournament. Several other players also shot in the 60s during the final round, so not everyone struggled. Poulter may have a legitimate gripe, but saying it publicly simply makes you sound like a sore loser.

Golf clap to Devil Ball Golf
Photo credit: Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

Ian Poulter thinks the Olympic golf format should be match play

Golf will be making its glorious return to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Games after a staggering 112-year absence. But even though that moment is four years from coming to fruition, Ian Poulter is already assuming the role of an Olympic organizer and expressing ideas for what he thinks would be in the sport’s best interest.

The current plan for Brazil is to use a 72-hole stroke-play tournament format, similar to what we see almost every week on the professional tours. But Poulter thinks the Olympics should abandon uniformity and go for entertainment value by utilizing match play.

“Most other sports are one-on-one,” the Englishman told The Telegraph. “And that’s why I think viewers enjoy match play more. It’s more exciting and plays out better on TV. I think match play would suit the Olympics better.”

In fact, Poulter wouldn’t be upset if match play started popping up more frequently on the calendar.

“How about every week?” Poulter added. “The more we play, the better. I love the cutthroat, face-to-face nature of it and find the buzz a refreshing change from what we play week-in and week-out.”

Pretty bold idea from a guy with a pretty bold sense of style in his own right.

But, ultimately, people aren’t going to care what format in which golf is played during the Olympics, so long as stars like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy are on the course. And, yes, we too crack a smile at idea of Tiger possibly hanging out at Rio.

Note: This post also appeared on Yardbarker’s Olympics blog Medal Detector.

Photo credit: Simon Stacpoole/Offside Sports via US PRESSWIRE

Ian Poulter: My Hilton Head Rental House is Haunted

Professional golfer Ian Poulter has a reputation for goofing around on Twitter.  Like so many other athletes and celebrities, he seems to enjoy getting a rise out of his fans and followers with unusual and quirky tweets.  Lately, his tweets have taken a more serious tone.  Yours probably would too if the house you were staying in was haunted.

Yahoo! Sports’ Devil Ball called our attention to Poulter’s Twitter page on Sunday, where he was rambling about the Hilton Head home he rented being haunted by a ghost.

“Check this out, we have a ghost in our house this week & I’m not joking we have had some very strange goings on every night,” Poulter initially tweeted.

“We have a dead bolted door in the house & every morning that door is unlocked & slightly open,” he continued. “It’s happened 7 times already. No joke for real, very bizarre the door is pretty solid with a dead & number of times it’s been unlocked & open. Calling home owner now.”

He then went on to tweet at a few fellow golfers asking for their help. We get it — you either aren’t joking or are very determined to convince people you aren’t.  We would be lying if we said this wasn’t one of the most entertaining narratives we have heard from a pro golfer.  The question is do you believe him? This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of haunted house stories from sports people. Is Casper really haunting this Hilton Head home and torturing its residents one slightly cracked door at a time?  For the love of God, I hope not.