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Ex-NFL Pro Bowler wants shot at Jake Paul

Jake Paul Canelo

Jake Paul has boxed against former NBA players and UFC fighters. Now he could be going up against a forrmer NFL star as his next opponent.

After Paul defeated Tyron Woodley by knockout in their cruiserweight bout on Saturday night, he got called out on Twitter by three-time Pro Bowl running back Le’Veon Bell.

“@jakepaul fight me,” wrote Bell. “Stop tryna fight ppl who can’t box.”

“I’m tired of watching him out box ppl who don’t even wanna box,” Bell said in another tweet. “If he wanna boxing match, a real one, he’d fight me…period, stop fightin small dudes who can’t box.”

“He won’t tho cuz i’m 29,” Bell added. “I’m actually his size, an athletic background, & been boxing just as long as he has.”

Paul responded by trying to direct the attention over to Woodley. Bell then proceeded to call out Paul for “run[ning] from the work.”

Bell, who played for the Baltimore Ravens earlier this season before being waived, is listed at 6-foot-1 and 225 pounds. Paul is also 6-foot-1 and fought against Woodley on Saturday at 191.5 pounds. Bell wrote in another tweet this weekend that he could “easily” get down to 192.

The former All-Pro Bell has shown off his skill in some other sports before. While he does indeed have experience boxing as well (using it to train for the 2020 season per ESPN), it remains to be seen how well Bell’s skills would translate into a professional boxing match.

Did Jake Paul signal to Tyron Woodley before KO punch?

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley in knockout fashion during their pay-per-view fight at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Fla. on Saturday night, but the nature of the knockout left many feeling suspicious.

Paul stopped Woodley in the sixth round of their cruiserweight bout with a devastating right-hand shot to the dome. Take a look.

Many on Twitter noticed though that Paul made a clear gesture with his right glove, appearing to turn it inwards just seconds before throwing the shot. That led to theories that he was giving a signal for Woodley to let his guard down at that moment.

Others may argue however that Paul was simply making a incidental motion, which seemed more natural from other angles.

But Paul, who had made the gesture even prior to the knockout sequence, may have been flashing the signal to Woodley multiple times to make sure they were on the same page. Another theory was that Woodley slapped his leg immediately before the knockout to acknowledge receipt of the signal.

Paul, who rose to fame as a YouTube star, is now a perfect 5-0 in his boxing career. But he has faced criticism from those who believe that his fights are scripted or take place against opponents who pose no real threat to him. This was Paul’s second time in a row beating Woodley. He manipulated the former MMA champion into getting a tattoo in order to be granted a lucrative rematch against him.

The 24-year-old Paul has had other emphatic knockout victories before. But Saturday’s win over Woodley may not be especially convincing for those who believe that he gave a hand signal to Woodley before his knockout punch.

Jake Paul imitates Canelo Alvarez in hilarious video

Jake Paul Canelo

Jake Paul has been trying to work is way into the conversation to potentially fight Canelo Alvarez. Alvarez used to be opposed to the idea, but he has come around somewhat.

In a video published by Fight Hype on Thursday, Alvarez said “we’ll see” about the possibility of fighting Paul. He is keeping an open mind to the possibility and said “you never know.”

The best part is Paul ended up imitating Canelo.

To appreciate Paul’s video, you must first watch Canelo:

OK, now watch Paul’s version:

This guy is a comedian. Is it any wonder how he became so popular on social media? He knows how to be a real thorn and egg people on.

Paul is 4-0 in his pro boxing career and is powerful and skilled. But the 24-year-old still has never fought a professional boxer in the ring, much less the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world. He would be asking for a lot of trouble if he were to face Canelo. Tons of people would buy the fight though because they’d be excited to see him get drilled. At least it would be lucrative.

Paul still has a different fight to address before worrying about Canelo.

Tyron Woodley gets Jake Paul tattoo on fitting body part

Tyron Woodley tattoo

Tyron Woodley made good on his agreement to get a Jake Paul tattoo. He put the fresh ink on a very fitting body part.

Woodley shared video on social media Monday of him getting the tattoo done. The tattoo says “I love Jake Paul.” Woodley got it done on his middle finger, likely as an F-you to Paul.

Here’s the video of him getting the tattoo done:

Paul beat Woodley via split decision in a boxing match on Aug. 29. It was the first pro boxing fight for Woodley, who is a former UFC champion.

Paul told Woodley that he needed to get an “I love Jake Paul” tattoo in order to be granted a rematch. However, since Woodley took his time getting the tattoo, Paul started exploring other possible fights.

It’s unclear whether Paul will give Woodley the rematch. But Paul didn’t waste time teasing Woodley about needing the money from a rematch.

Woodley earned $2 million in base pay for his fight with Paul, plus a cut of the pay-per-view sales.

Paul, 24, is 4-0 as a pro boxer and has beaten former MMA stars in consecutive boxing matches.

Tyron Woodley announces decision on Jake Paul tattoo

Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley has made a decision regarding the Jake Paul tattoo.

Woodley and Paul met in the boxing ring at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio on Aug. 29. The fight marked Woodley’s first ever as a pro boxer; he is a wrestler-turned-MMA fighter.

Paul beat Woodley via split decision. Paul told Woodley that he would need to get a tattoo saying “I love Jake Paul” in order to have a rematch.

Woodley hasn’t committed to the tattoo, until now.

The 39-year-old told Ariel Helwani on Wednesday that he is probably going to get the tattoo on Saturday.

Once Woodley gets the tattoo, the two can proceed with scheduling a rematch.

Woodley earned $2 million in base pay for his fight with Paul, plus a cut of the pay-per-view sales.

Maybe another $2 million (or more) is worth the tattoo for Woodley. Plus, he can always cover it up afterwards!

Robert Griffin’s wife calls out Jake Paul for bullying after fight

Tyron Woodley Jake Paul

Jake Paul beat Tyron Woodley via split decision in their fight at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday night, and the two could be headed for a rematch. Woodley just needs to humiliate himself first, which is something Robert Griffin III’s wife finds to be quite ironic.

After he defeated Woodley, Paul told the former UFC champion he is willing to fight him again if Woodley gets an “I love Jake Paul” tattoo. Woodley immediately said “bet” and shook Paul’s hand. You can see the video of the exchange here.

Griffin’s wife, Grete, thought the demand was hypocritical of Paul.

Paul recently admitted that he was bullied in high school, which is what Mrs. Griffin was referring to. The YouTuber also has a foundation that advocates against bullying.

Paul knows how to promote, and the tattoo demand is just his brilliant idea to drum up attention for a potential rematch. Woodley would probably disagree that he is being bullied into it.

Jake Paul demands Tyron Woodley get tattoo to get rematch

Tyron Woodley Jake Paul

Jake Paul beat Tyron Woodley via split decision in their fight at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday night, and he is ready for a rematch. But there is one condition.

In their postfight interviews on Showtime, Paul insisted that Woodley get an “I love Jake Paul” tattoo in order to have a rematch.

Here is the clip, but beware of the bad language.

Paul is all about spectacles, hype and attention. What better way to garner headlines and drum up attention for a rematch than by forcing Woodley to get such a humiliating tattoo?

The rematch would be lucrative for Woodley, but is it worth putting such an embarrassing tattoo on your body? Probably not for me. But that’s the price of admission when it comes to the Paul brothers.

Paul, by the way, is now 4-0 in his professional boxing career. Woodley, a former UFC champion, is now 0-1 as a pro boxer.

The Jake Paul-Floyd Mayweather beef was so fake

Floyd Mayweather

Thursday’s media event between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather should give a preview to fans regarding what they are going to see if they buy the pay-per-view fight card featuring the men.

Paul and Mayweather are fighting in an exhibition at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla. on June 6. They had a staged encounter in front of the media in Miami on Thursday to build some hype for the fight. They were successful in getting a lot of attention on social media thanks to Jake Paul snatching Mayweather’s hat.

Take a look at this fakeness:

Jake Paul, who is Logan’s brother, is great at being a heel. But he is not the one who is fighting, nor would it matter.

Nobody should get this confused: this will not be a fight. The event is not official; it’s just an exhibition. Mayweather is retired and not looking to get hurt. Paul definitely won’t hurt him. Any conflict between them is completely manufactured.

Mayweather will do with Paul what he did with Conor McGregor: carry the guy for a few rounds to make it look like a fight. Floyd knows to give the fans their money’s worth. He also knows how to do what he does best: get paid the most for the least amount of effort. There’s a very good reason his nickname is “Money.”

Jake Paul blasts Dana White for not paying fighters

Dana White

Jake Paul seems to be using feuds with some of the UFC’s biggest names to grow his brand even more, and his latest verbal spat is with the head honcho of the whole organization.

Paul attended UFC 261 in Jacksonville on Saturday night, and he came face-to-face with former heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier during the event. Cormier, who was working as a ringside commentator, got in Paul’s face and later said on the air that he told the YouTube star turned boxer that he will “smack him in the face.” You can see the video here.

White was asked about Paul after UFC 261, and he accused Paul and Triller of lying about their PPV buys for Paul’s fight against Ben Askren last weekend. He also said Paul could never fight in the UFC.

“The numbers are there? Nah. I don’t know if the numbers are there,” White said. “Do you know what would happen to this guy [in the UFC]? He ain’t fighting in the UFC. He’s getting hand-picked opponents, and God knows what else is going on with that whole f—ing thing.”

Paul fired back on Sunday. He issued a statement ridiculing White for supposedly supporting Askren financially leading up to last week’s fight. Paul also criticized White for not paying UFC fighters more money.

Paul has actually gained the respect of some prominent people within the boxing community. He’s unlikely to ever fight in the UFC, but the publicity he gets from public spats with people like White and Cormier can only help his brand. Whether you believe he’s a good fighter or not, it’s tough to argue against Paul’s marketing prowess.

Video: Jake Paul confronted Daniel Cormier at UFC 261

Jake Paul

Jake Paul and Daniel Cormier have traded shots since Paul knocked out Ben Askren last week, and the two came face-to-face during UFC 261 on Saturday night.

Paul, who attended the event and was booed by fans on the way to his seat, confronted Cormier during the event. The two pointed fingers at one another and were separated by event security. Paul shared a video of the altercation on Twitter and taunted Cormier for previously saying he would smack the YouTube star turned boxer.

Cormier later told Joe Rogan on the air that he pointed at Paul and told him “don’t play with me because I’ll smack (you) in the face.”

The feud between Paul and Cormier seemingly stems from Cormier’s support of Askren, whom Paul knocked out in the first round last Saturday night (video here). Paul appeared on his brother Logan’s “IMPAULSIVE” podcast after that fight and said he would pound Cormier just like Stipe Miocic did in Cormier’s last fight last year.

“Shut the f– up, b—h,” Paul said of Cormier, via Chris Bengel of CBS. “I’ll beat the f— out of your fat a–, too, just like Stipe did. … I swear to God. I’ll beat the f— out of Daniel Cormier.”

Cormier then said during an appearance on ESPN that he would “kill” Paul and that Paul would never fight him.

Paul gained popularity on YouTube and was originally considered a gimmick, but he has earned the respect of some noteworthy people within the fight community. Any attention he receives is great for his brand, so Cormier basically did him a favor at UFC 261.