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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

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James Dolan took away actor Ethan Hawke’s tickets for criticizing Knicks

James Dolan

Charles Oakley may have found another ally in his anti-James Dolan crusade.

Actor Ethan Hawke appeared this week on “The Bill Simmons Podcast” and revealed that he used to have free tickets to New York Knicks home games until Dolan took them away for his public criticisms of the team.

“I’ve been a Knicks fan a long time, but I got kicked out of the Garden. They won’t give me tickets anymore,” he said, per CBS Sports’ Pete Blackburn. “I’m being serious. I’m being dead serious. I really was vocal on some talk shows like this that I thought it was a huge mistake to let [ex-coach] Mike [D’Antoni] go and I would have bet on Mike before I bet on Melo [Carmelo Anthony].

“I have been left team-less,” Hawke continued. “The point is that I’m not wanted and I don’t go where I’m not wanted. It’s hard to be a fan for a place that doesn’t like you. One person who owns [the team] … I called up one night and they said it would be $7,800. I was like, ‘Oh, um, oh, why is this the first time you guys are charging me?’ They said that you should have thought of that before you went on The Jimmy Fallon Show. I was like, ‘Wow, this is real.’ So I’ve apologized publicly many times to try and get my seats again.”

Granted, Dolan was well within his rights to rescind the “Boyhood” actor’s tickets, especially since they were free to begin with. But for an owner who is known for his pettiness and thin skin, it’s a move that seems very true to form.

Report: ‘Furious’ James Dolan called Rupert Murdoch to complain about anti-Knicks ads

James Dolan

A series of advertisements bashing the Knicks appeared on a New York City subway Tuesday, and owner James Dolan isn’t exactly taking them too well.

According to a report by SportsNet New York’s Adam Zagoria, a “furious” Dolan personally called 21st Century FOX CEO and chairman Rupert Murdoch (the ads were part of a campaign by FOX Sports 1) to complain.

More from Zagoria:

Knicks owner Jim Dolan called Rupert Murdoch on Tuesday and was “furious” about the new Knicks’ Hopeless ad campaign sponsored by FS1 that is running in New York City subways, an industry source said.

They are “dealing with a s–tstorm internally at Fox,” the source said. “If you post something like this you have to expect Dolan’s wrath.”

The ads in question did get pretty personal, so it probably comes as a surprise to absolutely no one that the notoriously thin-skinned Dolan reacted as such.

For what it’s worth though, the ads are reportedly coming down.

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James Dolan considering firing Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson’s future with the New York Knicks is reportedly in question.

The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported late Tuesday that Knicks owner James Dolan is considering firing Jackson, who has served as team president for three seasons.

Woj says Dolan is concerned about Jackson’s plans to lead the Knicks considering the team president was entertaining trades for Kristaps Porzingis. Woj also reports that Dolan is questioning Jackson’s fitness to serve in his role as team president. Perhaps Dolan read this story talking about Jackson falling asleep during a prospect’s workout.

Jackson was hired by the Knicks a little over three years ago to run the team’s front office. He received a five-year, $60 million deal. At first he was operating in somewhat of a hands-off manner before realizing he needed to be in New York more often to do the job properly.

The Knicks have not won more than 32 games in a season since Jackson took over. His tenure has been marred by a series of bad decisions and controversies, ranging from head coach Derek Fisher’s issues with Matt Barnes, to butting heads with Carmelo Anthony, to players complaining about the triangle, and now to the Porzingis trade rumors. It doesn’t take much to see that the Knicks could use more stable leadership.

Draymond Green backpedals on James Dolan ‘slave master’ comments

James Dolan

Draymond Green basically accused New York Knicks owner James Dolan of being a racist earlier this week, but the Golden State Warriors star is now backing off of those remarks.

On the second episode of his “Dray Day” podcast, Green said Dolan exhibited a “slave master mentality” by throwing Charles Oakley out of Madison Square Garden. On Thursday, Green told ESPN Radio’s Meet the All-Stars Show that his criticism of Dolan “came off the wrong way.”

“I never said James Dolan has a slave master mentality,” Green said. “I said when you look at something and someone is doing something for someone and all of a sudden they can’t anymore, that falls under the slave mentality.

“… I can’t say James Dolan is a racist. I don’t know James Dolan. Honestly, if he walked past me right now, I wouldn’t know who he is.”

Green said previously that he thought it was wrong of Dolan to ban Oakley from the Garden just because Oakley has been critical of the Knicks, especially after all he did for the team as a player in his 10 seasons there. Green stuck by that, but he insisted he is not calling Dolan a racist.

“Like I said, I don’t know [Dolan]. I could never say he’s a racist or he has a slave owner’s mentality,” he added. “I don’t know if he has that. That’s just how the situation looked to me from the outside looking in. And so that came off the wrong way, and it wasn’t what I meant by it.

“But what I meant by it, there should be a respect level between players, ownership, staff, people who work in the organization, the league office, former players. It’s a family. And I think there should always be a respect level that is kept amongst the family, and I don’t think that situation it was necessarily kept.”

Oakley’s ban from MSG lasted less than a week, as the situation turned into a public relations nightmare for Dolan. Between the comments Green made and what we heard from Oakley on Thursday, Dolan is suddenly being compared to former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. That may be unfair, but that’s clearly where we’re at.

Charles Oakley won’t call James Dolan racist, says he has heard ‘stuff’

Charles Oakley

Charles Oakley raised some eyebrows when he compared the current situation with the New York Knicks to the one that took place with Donald Sterling and the Los Angeles Clippers, but he later clarified that he was not calling Knicks owner James Dolan racist.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated on Thursday, Oakley said Dolan is inching closer to a nightmare like the one Sterling created. Naturally, that prompted a question about whether Oakley feels Dolan is a racist. Oakley said he puts Dolan on the same level as Sterling, but he stopped short of saying the Knicks owner is racist.

“When people start talking about stuff over and over and over, sooner or later the truth comes out. I don’t know yet,” Oakley said. “If he is, it’ll come out. Right now, we’re still waiting to see.”

Oakley was later given a chance to elaborate in a chat with TMZ, and he clarified that he was not accusing Dolan of being racist.

“I don’t know because I don’t know him. I’ve never met him like that,” Oakley said. “You hear all of that stuff, but I don’t know. I didn’t say yes to Sports Illustrated and I’m not saying yes to you. There’s a lot of stuff going on.”

When asked if he has accepted Dolan’s apology now that his ban from Madison Square Garden has been lifted, Oakley made it clear he is still holding a grudge.

“I can’t accept that right now. It still hurts me,” he said. “Somebody’s gotta step up for something that happened in the old days and is still happening in this day and age. I just can’t see myself doing that.”

Oakley said previously that Dolan has had an issue with him for years over Oakley’s past criticisms of the team. Kicking Oakley out of MSG has become a public relations nightmare for Dolan, and it even led to Draymond Green accusing Dolan of having a “slave master mentality.” You can read more of what Green had to say here.

Charles Oakley says he would not sit with James Dolan, wants apology

James Dolan

Charles Oakley and James Dolan may have worked things out to the point where Oakley is no longer banned from Madison Square Garden, but the former New York Knicks star says he has no intention of sitting courtside with Dolan anytime soon.

Oakley appeared on “The Dan LeBatard Show” Tuesday amid reports that his very brief ban has been lifted, and he was asked if he is open to attending a Knicks game as Dolan’s guest.

“Right now, no,” Oakley said. “I told him yesterday. If a swimming pool is filled with water, it takes a while before you drain it. It doesn’t just go away.”

Oakley acknowledged that he has criticized Dolan in the past and said he discussed that with the Knicks owner when they met on Monday. However, he still wants a public apology.

“I have never asked for nothing,” Oakley said. “I love the fans in New York. They’ve been supportive. One of the things I told the commissioner, I want to have a press conference and I want him to apologize to me and the fans. They’ve had my back and they’ve felt the pain and I really appreciate the people all around who’ve had my back.”

Two very influential NBA figures tried to help Oakley and Dolan bury the hatchet this week, but it sounds like the mediation was not totally successful. Oakley is still upset over a press release the Knicks put out that implied he has an alcohol abuse issue. You can read Oakley’s response to that release here.

Dolan created a public relations nightmare by having Oakley escorted out of Madison Square Garden and arrested. Any frustrations Oakley has hurled at Dolan and the team are shared by the fans, which is why they immediately took Oakley’s side. Don’t be surprised if Dolan extends the olive branch in public at some point in the future.

Report: Charles Oakley, James Dolan working on truce

Charles Oakley

Charles Oakley and James Dolan are working on a truce to resolve their issues, according to a report.

The New York Post’s Marc Berman reports that the sides are trying to work out a compromise in their highly-publicized feud that resulted in Oakley’s arrest following an incident at a Knicks-Clippers game last week.

Berman says Oakley’s camp has reached out to the Knicks.

Oakley has long expressed frustration with the franchise for whom he played 10 seasons and became a beloved figure. He has accused Dolan for years of having a bias against him and freezing him out of the franchise.

Last week the former Knicks big man was escorted out of MSG and got into a heated fight with security guards early in the Clippers-Knicks game. He was arrested for three counts of assault.

Dolan and the Knicks went on a campaign to smear Oakley, even suggesting he is an alcoholic who needs “help.” Those brash moves only backfired as public support surged in favor of Oakley, who is still beloved in New York for what he did for the Knicks, while fans can’t stand Dolan for what he’s turned the team into.

A report on Monday said Adam Silver and Michael Jordan would try to settle the feud. Resolving the matter would be the best thing Dolan has done for his public image in NYC in years.