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Video: Chris Sale had Javy Baez so fooled on this slider

Chris Sale Javy Baez

Chris Sale is known for his wicked slider. Javy Baez can attest to how dangerous it is.

Sale pitched five innings and picked up the win in his Boston Red Sox’s 12-5 victory over the New York Mets on Wednesday night. Baez actually walked and singled in his first two at-bats against Sale. But his third at-bat was a different story.

Sale had the Mets infielder 2-2 and then threw a slider that fooled Baez so badly that the second baseman swung at it despite it hitting him.

Did you see how much that pitch broke? Goodness gracious.

That was one of the four swing-and-misses Sale recorded with his slider in the outing.

Overall, Sale allowed two runs on six hits and two walks over five innings. He struck out eight and is now 5-0 since returning this season.

His slider remains elite.

Javier Baez’s lost earring is worth a ridiculous amount of money

Javier Baez thumbs down

The New York Mets caused a somewhat amusing scene earlier this week when they frantically searched for Javier Baez’s lost earring following a walkoff win. A new piece of information adds a bit of important context that explains why that search was so exhaustive.

The Mets could be seen searching the field after Tuesday’s win looking for Baez’s lost jewelry. Even team president Sandy Alderson was involved in the search, which does not appear to have been successful.

So why the urgency? According to Mets broadcaster Wayne Randazzo, Baez’s lost earring was worth roughly $200,000.

Baez should probably not be running around with something that valuable on, but the guy’s gonna do what he’s gonna do. Given his recent behavior, don’t expect Mets fans to have a lot of sympathy for him.

Look: Mets have search party for Javy Baez earring lost on field

Javier Baez thumbs down

The New York Mets had a search party out on the field after their 6-5 win over the Miami Marlins on Tuesday to help look for a piece of lost jewelry.

Javy Baez scored the winning run in the game, which was resumed from April 11. Apparently he lost an earring while scoring the winning run, which led to a multi-person search effort after the game.

Even team executive Sandy Alderson joined the search party.

This all comes two days after Baez led his teammates in a movement to boo the fans. Baez and Francisco Lindor apologized to the fans.

Maybe this will lead Baez to rethink wearing any jewelry of significant monetary or sentimental value while he’s playing, but we doubt he will change that.

Javier Baez, Francisco Lindor apologize to Mets fans for ‘thumbs down’

Javier Baez thumbs down

The New York Mets have been taunting their own fans after big hits recently, and it should come as no surprise that some players have decided to apologize.

Javier Baez told reporters following New York’s win over the Washington Nationals on Sunday that the team’s “thumbs down” celebration after big hits is a way of booing back at the fans. Naturally, that did not go over well. Prior to the Mets’ double-header against the Miami Marlins on Tuesday, Baez issued an apology.

“I didn’t mean to offend anybody,” he said, via Newsday’s Tim Healey. “If I offended anybody, we apologize.”

Francisco Lindor expressed regret, too.

“I apologize to whoever was offended. It was not my intent to offend people,” the shortstop said. “I can’t go against the fans. I have never done that in my career.”

Baez also tweeted a message to Mets fans.

The apologies may not be universally accepted. Healey later noted that Lindor was greeted with a “mix of boos and cheers” during his first at-bat on Tuesday.

The Mets have been horrible in August and have fallen out of playoff contention. Baez is hitting barely over .200 since New York acquired him at the trade deadline. Lindor has hit just .224 in 93 games. Those numbers are worthy of boos, which is why a Mets executive publicly scolded the team over the thumbs down gesture. Team owner Steve Cohen also said Tuesday that he was happy the players apologized.

Marcus Stroman tried to blame the media for blowing the thumbs down celebration out of proportion, but Baez should have never let the secret out. If the Mets want to draw motivation from their fans booing them, they’d be wise to keep that to themselves.

Marcus Stroman blames media for controversy his teammates created

Marcus Stroman

New York Mets players have decided to fight back against fans who are understandably fed up with the team’s recent performance, and Marcus Stroman is blaming media for a controversy his teammates created.

Mets players have been using a “thumbs down” gesture to celebrate some of their big hits and other plays recently. After Sunday’s 9-4 win over the Washington Nationals, Baez admitted that the thumbs down celebration is a way for him and his teammates to boo the fans back.

“We’re not machines, we’re going to struggle. It just feels bad when I strikeout and I get booed,” Baez said. “We’re going to do the same thing to let them know how it feels. … They’re going to get booed when we get success.”

Kevin Pillar, who made the thumbs down gesture after a big hit on Sunday, said the celebration has nothing to do with booing fans. He wrote on Twitter that he has “felt nothing but love in NYC.” Stroman agreed and said the story is nothing but a media fabrication. You can see his reply below, which was edited by LBS for profanity.

“FACTS! Media always searching for anything to cause controversy. Stop playing into these narratives,” Stroman wrote. “It’s all fake bulls—. We won today. That’s all that matters. On to the next not dwelling in the past … same mindset we’ve had all year! Thankful for this squad!”

Baez, who is hitting just over .200 with the Mets since they acquired him at the trade deadline, lectured the fans in his postgame press conference. He did so with his son sitting on his lap.

Obviously, some Mets players did not want Baez letting the secret out. His comments even led to the team being publicly scolded by a Mets executive.

The Mets are 8-19 in the month of August and have fallen out of playoff contention. If they’re tired of being booed, they should play better. Blaming the media for the controversy they created has only made them look worse.

Sandy Alderson plans to stop Mets from using ‘thumbs down’ gesture

Javier Baez thumbs down

The New York Mets caused a bit of an uproar Sunday when infielder Javier Baez admitted the team’s “thumbs down” celebration is a response to booing fans. In response, team president Sandy Alderson vowed to put a stop to it.

In a statement released by the Mets, Alderson said Baez’s comments, as well as any gestures or actions responding to fan criticism, are “totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.” Alderson asserted that fans have the right to boo as well.

It’s a PR nightmare for the Mets, whose players have caused a significant backlash. Baez said Sunday that the “thumbs down” celebration the Mets have adopted is in response to fans booing the team’s recent performances. Baez, who was acquired from the Cubs at the trade deadline, added that he felt the booing added unnecessary pressure for players.

Baez’s actions and remarks were tone-deaf and absurd for a player hitting just over .200 since joining the Mets. Add in the 8-19 record the team has posted in August and it’s no surprise fans are booing. Firing back at them like this is only going to make it worse, which is why Alderson felt the need to step in.

Javier Baez calls out Mets fans with thumbs down celebration

Javier Baez thumbs down

The struggling New York Mets have been hearing it from their fans for much of the month, and Javier Baez has had enough of it.

Baez and the Mets have been celebrating key hits by giving a thumbs down signal recently. Several Mets players could be seen making the gesture after getting big hits on Sunday, including Francisco Lindor and Kevin Pillar. After the game, Baez revealed it was a response to the fans who have been booing. Baez added that he feels the fans have to be better, and the players want to let the fans know how it feels to get that sort of response.

There’s no way this is going to go over well. The Mets have been struggling immensely, posting a 8-19 record so far in August and falling well out of first place. Things have been so bad that even the team’s owner openly called them out on social media.

Baez has been part of the issue. Coming into Sunday, he was hitting just .207 since the Mets made him their big trade deadline acquisition, striking out 20 times in 62 plate appearances. This will come across as a player who hasn’t been performing criticizing unhappy fans. Rightly or wrongly, that is going to go over very poorly in New York.

Kris Bryant becomes third ex-Cub in three days to homer in debut for new team

Kris Bryant

The Chicago Cubs traded three of their longest-tenured offensive players at the trade deadline, and all three of them are settling in very quickly to their new homes.

The Cubs traded Anthony Rizzo to the New York Yankees on Thursday, and followed that up by shipping Javier Baez to the Mets on Friday. Rizzo made his Yankees debut on Friday and homered, and Baez did the same in his first game for the Mets on Saturday.

On Sunday, it was Kris Bryant’s turn. Bryant was traded to the San Francisco Giants on Friday, but did not make his team debut until Sunday. In the third inning against the Houston Astros, Bryant joined both of his former teammates by homering in his debut.

Sure, all three players have hit their share of home runs in the majors, but the odds of this still have to be pretty ridiculous. Part of the comfort may be down to how much the Cubs accommodated all three players. Whatever the case, all three players are quickly endearing themselves to their new teams.

Javy Baez traded to Mets as part of Cubs fire sale

Javy Baez taunting

The Chicago Cubs held a fire sale at the MLB trade deadline on Friday, and the New York Mets came away with shortstop Javier Baez.

The Mets acquired Baez in a deal with the Cubs, according to multiple reports. Starting pitcher Trevor Williams is also headed to New York in the trade. Outfielder Pete Crow-Armstrong, one of New York’s top prospects and their first-round pick last year, will go to Chicago.

Baez has been a fan favorite in Chicago for several years. He’s hitting .248 this season with 22 home runs and 65 RBI.

The Mets were said to be motivated to make a big splash at the deadline, especially with Francisco Lindor out nursing an oblique injury. Baez will take over at shortstop until Lindor returns, at which point the Mets will have one of the best middle infields in baseball.

The Baez trade is one of several the Cubs made this week. They also sent Craig Kimbrel to the cross-town rival White Sox, who now have arguably the best bullpen in baseball.

Video: Javy Baez taunted the ever-loving crap out of Amir Garrett

Javy Baez taunting

Javy Baez delivered a walk-off hit for the Chicago Cubs on Monday night, and he sure took pleasure in taunting Amir Garrett afterwards.

Garrett and Baez have history dating back to a 2019 game when the Cincinnati Reds pitcher taunted Baez after striking out the Chicago Cubs infielder. The next season, Baez stood up to Garrett after the pitcher chirped at Anthony Rizzo.

So when Baez came in to pinch hit against Garrett in the bottom of the ninth with one out and the bases loaded on Monday, the two players were already talking. But Baez got the best of things, delivering a shot to deep center field to win the game 6-5.

Baez was so busy taunting Garrett after the hit that he barely made it to first base.

You can be assured that Garrett and the Reds won’t be happy about that. You also have to wonder if the league will have anything to say to Baez after that display. Nick Castellanos was suspended for less.