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Friday, September 20, 2019

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NFL Mock Draft: Using wisdom of the crowd to predict the first round

Nick Bosa

Over a century ago, Sir Francis Galton observed that over 700 participants guessing the weight of an ox at a county fair in England were near perfect in getting the exact weight when the group was averaged. More recently, James Surowiecki wrote a book on the concept of “Wisdom of the Crowds,” the idea that large groups of people are collectively smarter than an individual expert.

If you want a recent sports example that the concept works, look at individual predictions for the 2019 NCAA Tournament bracket. The Bracket Project tracked the individual predictions of 195 entries. If you took the average across all those entries, you would have been more accurate than all but six of the individual ones. That’s right, taking the collective wisdom outperformed all but 3 percent of the individual expert opinions.

I am bringing that same philosophy to this mock draft. I have reviewed 18 different mock drafts from national sites and experts (the full list and links to those mocks are at the end of this post). This mock draft presents that collective wisdom, by looking at both where players were being drafted on average, and what positions the experts were predicting teams would focus on.

One thing that can hurt a wisdom of the crowds exercise is if there is too much groupthink. However, in this case, there is plenty of variation and individual opinions. Sixty-four different players appeared in at least one of the mock drafts reviewed. So what is the consensus on how the first round will go? Let’s take a look at our mock draft.

1. Arizona Cardinals — Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

Will Arizona really move on from Josh Rosen after one season? Right now, the consensus guess seems to be that Kyler Murray will in fact be the choice, and he will follow in Baker Mayfield’s footsteps in becoming the first overall pick at quarterback out of Lincoln Riley’s offense. Arizona has no incentive to show their Cards yet (pun intended) since they can influence trade offers both for the first pick and for Rosen by remaining publicly non-committal.


NFL reportedly allowing uninvited Combine prospects to travel to Indianapolis

Three draft prospects uninvited from the NFL Combine will still get the chance to be in town for NFL teams interested in them.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com, Jaylon Ferguson, Jeffery Simmons, and Preston Williams, all removed from the Combine for previous off-field issues, will still get to go to Indianapolis and undergo the same medical evaluations that other prospects will. They will not, however, get the opportunity to work out or participate in other events.

In other words, all three players will get full medical evaluations, but that’s basically it. The inability to work out is a big deal, and it’s why one of the player agents was so upset over his client’s Combine invite being rescinded.

Report: Potential first-round pick Jeffery Simmons suffers torn ACL

Mississippi State logo

Mississippi State defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons was expected to be one of the first players selected in the NFL Draft this year, but an untimely knee injury has probably changed that.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen report that Simmons suffered a torn ACL recently while training. That means he will likely be unavailable for a large portion of the 2019 NFL season.

In addition to the injury, Simmons was one of the players who was not invited to the NFL Scouting Combine later this month due to some off-field issues. Between that and the knee injury, his stock could plummet.

Simmons recorded 62 total tackles, two sacks and 18 tackles for loss during his junior season at Mississippi State. If he slips way down the draft board, he could wind up being a value pick for some team.

Prospects Jeffery Simmons, Preston Williams not invited to combine due to violence

Two NFL prospects have been barred from taking part in the NFL Scouting Combine later this month due to legal trouble that involves allegations of getting into a physical altercation with a woman.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports that Mississippi State defensive tackle Jeffrey Simmons and Colorado State wide receiver Preston Williams have been informed they will not be invited to the Combine due to issues involving violence. Both players were arrested in the past following allegations that they assaulted women.

Williams’ arrest came in 2017, and he ended up receiving a deferred sentence for pleading guilty to a harassment charge. Simmons, who is considered a potential top-10 pick, was arrested in 2016 after a video surfaced that showed him and a woman punching and kicking another woman on the ground. He pleaded no contest to simple assault and disturbing the peace.

Players have been banned from the Combine in the past for drugs, arrests and other issues, so it’s possible Williams and Simmons won’t be the only two.

Each top 25 college football team’s most important player

Tua Tagovailoa

The college football season is upon us, which should have fans pumped across the country. Though it will take a while to get a sense for the best 25 teams in the country, we do have our preseason top 25 entering the first full slate of games. Those teams will be relying on some key players all season. Here is a look at the most important player for each of the preseason’s top 25 teams.

1) Alabama — Tua Tagovailoa, QB

After taking over the second half of the national championship game, Tagovailoa showed what he can do. He is mobile, fearless, and has a big arm. He can give Alabama the kind of big-play ability at quarterback they haven’t seen for a while — possibly ever. He has no shortage of talent around him, much of it NFL-level, and he has already demonstrated skill and poise in the most pressure-filled situation. Expect him to have a solid year at minimum.


LSU, Mississippi State get into it on field before game (Video)

Arden Key

The heat was on before kickoff between LSU and Mississippi State on Saturday.

Players from the two teams had to be separated after getting into it during pregame warmups Saturday:

Reporters indicated it was LSU defensive star Arden Key getting into it with Mississippi State’s Jeffery Simmons:

The pregame squabble was a nice appetizer before the game between the 2-0 squads.

Mississippi State AD: Jeffery Simmons is ‘a unique case’

Jeffery Simmons

Remember Jeffery Simmons? He’s the Mississippi State signee who was seen on video in March beating up a woman on the ground during a fight (here’s the video).

Well Mississippi State announced on Thursday that they would allow Simmons to enroll in the school and join the football team despite the misdemeanor assault charges he faces. Simmons will have to sit out the team’s first game of the season and undergo counseling. AD Scott Stricklin said the following in a statement.

“Based on conversations our staff has had with school, community and church leaders in Noxubee County, this incident appears to be uncharacteristic of Jeffery,” Stricklin said in a press release. “It’s a highly unique circumstance to administer discipline to a student for an incident that occurred prior to that individual joining our university. However, it’s important that Jeffery and other potential MSU students understand that these type of actions and poor decisions are not acceptable.

“We expect the structure and discipline Jeffery will be a part of in our football program to benefit him. Jeffery will be held accountable for his actions while at MSU, and there will be consequences for any future incidents.”

Though Stricklin did issue a statement, he also faced the media Thursday and answered questions. According to AL.com, Stricklin conceded that admitting Simmons opens the school up to a risk on campus. But he called the matter a “unique case.”

“Essentially, this was a parking lot fight that got out of control, which is why he’s not being charged with domestic violence or sexual assault,” Stricklin said. “That doesn’t make it OK. It makes it a unique situation — a unique case.”

Admitting a player who enters school with such a public concern is problematic, especially in light of the sexual assault cover-ups we just saw at Baylor. But looking at it objectively, as long as they closely monitor Simmons, it is not irresponsible to give him a chance at the school.