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Jennifer Lopez scrubs Alex Rodriguez from her Instagram

Jennifer Lopez

It has now been four months since Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez announced they have called off their engagement, and J-Lo appears to have taken yet another step toward leaving the former MLB star in her past.

Several people who follow Lopez noticed over the weekend that the 52-year-old has deleted most of the Instagram photos and videos she previously had that featured her and Rodriguez together. She has also unfollowed her ex-fiance. A-Rod was still following Lopez on Instagram as of Sunday evening.

Lopez did, however, leave some posts up that featured Rodriguez and her kids and vice versa.

Since breaking up with A-Rod, Lopez has gotten back together with Ben Affleck. The two have made little to no effort to hide their rekindled relationship. Rodriguez may have also moved on, as he has recently been spotted spending a lot of time with NFL on CBS reporter Melanie Collins.

It would appear that J-Lo wants nothing to do with A-Rod, though she is supposedly hanging onto something extremely valuable that he gave to her.

Jennifer Lopez not returning engagement ring to Alex Rodriguez?

Jennifer Lopez

There appears to be very little chance of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez getting back together, but apparently that does not mean J-Lo is going to give back the ring.

A source told the National Enquirer that Lopez still has the engagement ring A-Rod gave her. The ring reportedly cost $1.8 million, but J-Lo considers it a gift like the many others the former couple exchanged.

“Jennifer still has the ring. It’s in a safe place for security reasons but very much still in her possession,” the source said, via Camille Heimbrod of “She and Alex gave each other lots of expensive jewelry, including several watches for his collection that she doesn’t want to be returned, but nothing as valuable as the engagement ring.”

Rodriguez was said to be fine with J-Lo keeping the ring at first, as he believed there was a chance he and Lopez would get back together. Now that Lopez is back with her ex-fiance Ben Affleck, that ship has sailed.

“At first, Alex was confident that he could win Jen back, which is why he didn’t say anything about the ring,” the insider said. “But with Ben in the picture, even Alex has had to admit there’s zero chance of him ever getting back with Jen. It’s hard enough losing Jennifer Lopez, but losing almost $2 million, too? That really hurts.”

A separate source told the National Enquirer that J-Lo also kept the engagement ring Affleck gave her years ago. The source said it is “not about the money” and that Lopez believes an engagement ring is something that shouldn’t be taken back “especially after you were the one who messed up.” That is likely a reference to the talk that Rodriguez cheated on J-Lo before the two announced their split.

Lopez’s rekindled relationship with Affleck appears to be serious. Rodriguez was also recently spotted with one of his exes, though it doesn’t sound like the two are getting back together.

Alex Rodriguez rents property close to Jennifer Lopez’s home

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez announced two months ago that they have mutually agreed to end their engagement, but it doesn’t seem like the former MLB star is doing everything he can to avoid his ex-fiancee.

Rodriguez has rented a mansion in the Hamptons that is located a mile from one of Lopez’s homes, Emily Smith of Page Six reports. A-Rod plans to stay at the $5 million Bridgehampton home while he searches for property to buy in Manhattan and the Hamptons. The home is only a mile away from J-Lo’s $10 million mansion in Water Mill, where she and Rodriguez spent much of their time last summer with their children.

A-Rod shared a video of him shooting some hoops at his new pad last week:

Lopez, of course, has not been spending much time in New York. She has mostly been spotted in the Los Angeles area hanging out with Ben Affleck. The two dated nearly two decades ago and were engaged in 2002. They have since gotten back together and appear to be in a serious relationship again.

It’s interesting that A-Rod would rent a place so close to where Lopez lives, but plenty of celebrities rent and own property in the Hamptons. We doubt this has anything to do with him supposedly thinking he had a chance to work things out with J-Lo not too long ago.

Alex Rodriguez thought he had chance to reconcile with Jennifer Lopez?

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez announced in a joint statement back in April that they have called off their engagement. The split came after weeks of rumors that the two were heading in separate directions, but apparently A-Rod still had not given up on the relationship at the time.

Desiree Murphy of ET was told by a source that Rodriguez was initially hopeful that he and Lopez could work things out even after they announced their split. However, A-Rod has since accepted reality.

“When they first split, he wanted to work things out, and still held on to hope that he and J.Lo would get back together,” the source said. “He’s come to terms with the fact that it’s over now.”

A-Rod may not have known at first that Lopez would dive back into a serious relationship with her ex Ben Affleck. J-Lo and Affleck, who dated nearly two decades ago and were engaged in 2002, have not been shy about flaunting their rekindled flame.

Rodriguez was also recently spotted with one of his exes, though it doesn’t appear the two are back together. Whatever the case, the odds of him and J-Lo ever dating again seem very slim.

A-Rod at gym with ex-wife Cynthia following breakup with J. Lo

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez reunited with his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis at the gym this weekend, just months after his breakup with Jennifer Lopez.

A woman shared a photo on her Instagram Story that showed Rodriguez getting his leg wrapped by Cynthia at the gym. Rodriguez shared the photo to his Instagram Story on Saturday. He also was smiling with his arm around Cynthia and another person for another photo shared on Instagram.

Rodriguez married Cynthia in 2002. The two first met in a gym. They had two children together before Cynthia filed for divorce in 2008 over Rodriguez’s cheating. She has since remarried.

Interestingly, Lopez broke up with Rodriguez, reportedly over trust issues.

Rodriguez, 45, recently had his offer accepted to become the owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Alex Rodriguez planning ‘new beginning’ after breakup with Jennifer Lopez

Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez has quickly moved on from Alex Rodriguez and gotten back together with one of her exes, and there have been rumblings that A-Rod is devastated by the breakup. Not so, says the former MLB slugger.

Rodriguez told fans in his Instagram story on Sunday that he is entering a “new beginning” of his life.

“I am about to step into a new beginning in my life,” Rodriguez wrote, according to Page Six. “Anything that doesn’t serve me is clearing out of my life. New energy is emerging. New levels are unlocking for me mentally, physically, and spiritually.

“I am remaining patient and know that this new phase of my life is coming.”

Page Six previously spoke with a source close to Rodriguez who said A-Rod is “doing fine” despite reports of him being heartbroken. The 45-year-old recently purchased a stake in the Minnesota Timberwolves and is focusing on his family new business ventures.

Lopez and Ben Affleck have been spotted hanging out numerous times since J-Lo and A-Rod announced they have called off their engagement. It’s even possible that J-Lo and Affleck were together before Lopez and Rodriguez split.

J-Lo and Affleck previously dated nearly two decades ago and were engaged in 2002.

Rodriguez recently slid into the DMs of a TV host, so perhaps he is already looking to move on with his love life. Either way, he insists he is in a good place mentally.

Alex Rodriguez ‘not thrilled’ about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is said to be perturbed about what’s going on between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

A-Rod and J. Lo officially announced in April that they had broken up. The two had been engaged since 2019, but didn’t ultimately get married. Lopez reportedly had trust issues with Rodriguez.

There was an interesting twist in the story when we learned that Lopez was seeing her ex-boyfriend, Affleck, following the A-Rod split.

A source for “People” said that Rodriguez was “surprised” over Lopez talking with Affleck again. A-Rod was described as “not thrilled” with things and having his ego hurt.

How could he not be? He thinks he and Lopez are breaking up, and next thing he knows there are headlines about Lopez and Affleck.

Rodriguez wasn’t without headlines when he was in his relationship with Lopez, but that doesn’t mean this doesn’t hurt.

Rodriguez, 45, is part of an ownership group that agreed to buy the Minnesota Timberwolves for $1.5 billion.

Is Ben Affleck the reason Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez broke up?

Jennifer Lopez

Former MLB slugger Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez announced less than a month ago that they have ended their engagement. J-Lo appears to already be dating somebody else, and it’s fair to wonder if that flame was rekindled when her and A-Rod were still together.

Several gossip outlets reported this week that Lopez and Ben Affleck, another one of her exes, are once again romantically involved. They apparently took a week-long vacation together recently and appear to have picked up where they left off nearly two decades ago. According to TMZ, Affleck began regularly sending emails to J-Lo back in February.

Sources told TMZ that the tone of the emails was “more loving and longing for Jen” rather than Affleck simply reaching out to a friend. In one email, Affleck supposedly told J-Lo how beautiful she looked and that he wished he could be with her after he saw some photos of her from when she was shooting the upcoming film “Shotgun Wedding” in the Dominican Republic.

Lopez is said to have reciprocated and told Affleck in one email that he has the ability to “own her heart” with his writing.

A-Rod and J-Lo announced in April that they have mutually decided to part ways. However, it should be noted that there were rumors as far back as March that they were in the process of splitting. It’s possible that they had already decided to end their engagement before J-Lo and Affleck reconnected.

In any event, Rodriguez seemed pretty bummed out with the breakup video he posted around the time he and J-Lo announced the split.

J-Lo and Affleck dated nearly two decades ago and were engaged in 2002. They postponed their wedding in 2003 and ended their relationship months later.

There has been no indication that Rodriguez has a new girlfriend yet, but Jose Canseco made yet another huge prediction about what will happen next for A-Rod.

Jennifer Lopez dating Ben Affleck again after split with A-Rod?

Jennifer Lopez

Former MLB slugger Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez announced less than a month ago that they have ended their engagement, but it appears as though J-Lo may already be in a new relationship — with an old boyfriend.

Lopez has been spotted spending a lot of time with Ben Affleck since she and A-Rod split. While people close to the two celebrities recently said they are just friends and always have been, that is becoming harder to believe.

Multiple gossip publications revealed on Monday that Lopez and Affleck vacationed together in Montana for a week this month. A source told E! News that the two were alone and appear to be romantically involved again.

“Ben reached out to her to see how she was doing and they had dinner together a few times within this last month. It’s natural between them and the chemistry is unreal,” the source said. “They picked up where they last left off and are enjoying each other’s company right now.”

You have to wonder if that stings for A-Rod, especially after we saw the video he posted on social media at around the time him and Lopez split.

J-Lo and Affleck dated nearly two decades ago and were engaged in 2002. They postponed their wedding in 2003 and ended their relationship months later.

There has been no indication that Rodriguez has a new girlfriend yet, but Jose Canseco made yet another huge prediction about what will happen next for A-Rod.

Jennifer Lopez spending time with Ben Affleck after A-Rod breakup

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced last month that they have officially ended their engagement, and J-Lo has been spotted spending time with more than one of her exes since. It would appear Ben Affleck is the latest.

According to a report from Page Six, Affleck has made multiple trips to Lopez’s home in Los Angeles since her split from Rodriguez. A source said “security picks him up at a nearby location and drops him off after spending a few hours at her house.”

People close to Lopez and Affleck told Page Six that the two are just friends and have “never not been.” J-Lo and Affleck dated nearly two decades ago and were engaged in 2002. They postponed their wedding in 2003 and ended their relationship months later.

In addition to Affleck, Lopez has also been in contact with her ex-husband Marc Anthony since her breakup with A-Rod and is supposedly leaning on him for support.

Lopez appears to still be on good terms with Rodriguez. The two had dinner together in L.A. last week and have said they will continue to work on shared business projects together.

Lopez and Rodriguez dated for two years before getting engaged in March 2019. A recent report offered a theory about why they may have called things off.