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Watch: College Jeopardy! contestants coordinate basketball intros

Jeopardy basketball

The three finalists for the “Jeopardy!” College Championship coordinated some basketball-themed motions during their introductions on Thursday’s show.

Take a look as the three contestants all pretend to play basketball during their intros:

Brown University freshman Dhruv Gaur seemed to be the one who coordinated the effort.

As awesome as those intros were, it’s even better with the NBA on NBC theme song in the background.

We’re just pleased to see some sports effort on Jeopardy!, especially after a previous NFL disaster on the show.

‘Jeopardy!’ ran Aaron Judge category

Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge has made his way from the diamond to Alex Trebek’s lips.

An episode of iconic quiz show “Jeopardy!” that aired on Friday featured a category in the Double Jeopardy round that was named after the New York Yankees slugger.

Alas though, the category was not actually “Aaron Judge” but rather “Aaron, Judge.” So instead of getting clues about the 2017 AL home runs leader, the College Championship contestants got ones about hypothetical courtroom scenarios starring a judge named Aaron. A couple of examples: “As Judge Aaron enters the courtroom, the bailiff gives this two-word command to those seated in attendance,” and “Jail awaits, as you disrespected Aaron in the open court and the judge held you in this, a synonym for scorn.”

So while Friday’s episode may have disappointed sports fans who had gotten excited after seeing Judge’s name at the start of the round, perhaps it was all for the best considering the show’s history with sports-themed categories.

These ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants never saw UCLA’s comeback win over A&M

Josh Rosen Jeopardy

UCLA’s comeback win over Texas A&M in their season opener last year was historic and had some serious repercussions, but some “Jeopardy!” contestants clearly missed it.

Though contestant Sean did well in the sports category, he missed this clue about the Bruins and Josh Rosen:

We’re pretty confident you would have gotten that right. So would have Kevin Sumlin, who ultimately lost his job — in large part due to that collapse by the Aggies.

H/T Tennisdude

Alex Trebek zings ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants for lack of football knowledge

Alex Trebek

With the Super Bowl just a few days away, Thursday’s edition of “Jeopardy!” had a football category. Unfortunately, the contestants on the show were not big football fans, and they clearly forgot to brush up on the subject before appearing on the contest.

Watch as the contestants fail to answer some basic football questions, leading host Alex Trebek to zing them:

That was brutal. On the bright side, at least it’s an opportunity for us sports fans to feel smarter than some quiz-whizzes at least for a night. You may recall that something similar happened in September too.

These ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants had no clue on NFL questions


A group of contestants on “Jeopardy!” Monday evening proved that while they may be knowledgeable about many subjects, football is not among them.

During “The Jeopardy!” round, one of the categories was “NFL teams by Hall of Famer.” That asked contestants to name the team the Hall of Famer represented. Two of the players were “Mean Joe” Greene and Marcus Allen. The contestants failed to name the teams correctly, with one contestant answering the “Colorado Rockies” for one item.

It didn’t take long to find out why the contestants had left the NFL category for last. Clearly they were stumped.

The only question is whether we will see one of the participants send an apology.

Ageless wonder Julio Franco makes it onto ‘Jeopardy!’ as clue

Julio Franco

You know you’ve truly arrived as an athlete when you’ve been used as a clue on “Jeopardy!” In Julio Franco’s case, he can now list that along with his accomplishments.

Franco was mentioned as a clue during Wednesday’s edition of “Jeopardy!” for playing in MLB at age 49 and playing pro ball in Japan at age 57.

Franco played 23 seasons in the majors, most notably becoming an All-Star from 1989-1991. He led the league in batting average in ’91. That was 25 years ago. The guy is still playing pro ball. I guess when you love something that much, you never give it up.

And at least give credit to the contestant for getting it right and not going viral for missing a sports question like this.

Jeopardy contestant apologizes for not knowing Warriors logo (Video)


A contestant on “Jeopardy” forgot to study his sports logos before going on the game show, and it led to an embarrassing moment in an episode that aired Tuesday night.

His name is Titi Alailima, and he apparently isn’t all that familiar with the defending NBA champions and the best basketball team on the planet.

Alailima was clearly embarrassed, although none of the contestants knew the answer. He later apologized on Twitter.

We all know what it’s like to freeze under pressure, but I bet Alailima felt even worse after he saw Stephen Curry do this over the weekend. Better luck next time, champ.

H/T Extra Mustard

Jeopardy contestant gets Alabama question wrong, answers Auburn

Jeopardy Steve

One contestant on “Jeopardy!” better not ever set foot on the University of Alabama campus after his blunder Tuesday night.

One of the categories on the game show was “colleges by team names.” The first clue/answer was “Crimson Tide.” A contestant by the name of Steve answered Auburn.

Alabama residents who couldn’t name five elements on the periodic table for you could all tell you that the Crimson Tide is Alabama, not Auburn. And that was a $200 question too, not a trick, making matters for Steve even more confounding.

But, hey, being on Jeopardy isn’t as easy as it seems. I can tell you from my experience on Sports Jeopardy! last year.

Gilbert Arenas gun incident becomes Jeopardy clue

Gilbert Arenas selfie

For a brief period, Gilbert Arenas was one of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA. The former Washington Wizards star’s career went downhill following several knee injuries and one unfortunate locker room incident — an incident the folks at “Jeopardy!” do not intend to let Arenas live down.

During a recent episode of the popular game show, Arenas’ infamous locker room gun incident was used as an answer.

If you don’t get the reference, you can read all about that time Arenas pulled a gun on a teammate in the locker room here.

Arenas, who was an NBA All-Star from 2005-2007, has not played in the NBA since 2012. Still, he has provided fans with plenty of great advice on how to beat traffic tickets and things of that nature. We’re glad “Jeopardy!” is keeping the legend alive.

Jeopardy contestant answers Magic Johnson for NHL question (Video)

Jeopardy-contestant-Magic-JohnsonWhy is it that the producers of “Jeopardy!” expect the contestants to have an extensive knowledge of sports? When we’re all glued to the TV watching Paul George dunk on LeBron James while mic’d up, future Jeopardy contestants are home studying, reading and getting smarter. So don’t ask them questions about Wayne Gretzky.

Earlier this week, a question was looking for the NHL player who has recorded more than 100 assists in a season 11 times. The answer, of course, is The Great One. Our man Joe quickly hit his buzzer and confidently answered “Who is Magic Johnson.”

Alex Trebek sympathized with Joe and realized he must have read the question as “NBA” instead of “NHL,” but does that really make it any better? I suppose Joe deserves credit for thinking of Magic when it comes to assists, but 100-plus assists in an NBA season? Come on now. Rajon Rondo gets there in about 10 games. Stick to National Geographic, Joe.

Video via The PensBlog
H/T Puck Daddy