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Sunday, December 15, 2019

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Jimmy Butler trolls Trae Young on Instagram after ‘it’s over’ move backfires

Trae Young its over

Jimmy Butler trolled Trae Young after the Miami Heat’s comeback win over the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday night.

Young assisted on a layup by Alex Len with 59.9 seconds remaining to give the Hawks a 117-111 win over the Heat. After the basket, Young made a motion with his arms and said “it’s over.”

You can guess what happened next. The Heat made a couple of threes, including one by Butler to tie the game and send it to overtime. and Miami obliterated Atlanta 18-4 in the extra period to win 135-121.

Naturally, Butler went on Instagram afterwards and trolled Young.

“this man @traeyoung is a teller of the future. he was right. game WAS over!” Butler wrote.

Young at least tried to play it cool on Twitter.

A loss like that will probably only add to the frustration Young has reportedly been feeling.

Jimmy Butler on Heat’s hot start: ‘We’re for real’

The Miami Heat are off to an excellent start in a season in which many were unsure of what to expect from them, and Jimmy Butler insists the results are not a fluke.

After Butler scored 21 points in Miami’s 124-100 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night, he told reporters that the Heat are not going to be surprising opponents for very long. He believes the 10-3 start shows they’re “for real.”

Butler has obviously helped turn the Heat into a contender in the Eastern Conference, but the big story so far has been the leap third-year big man Bam Adebayo has taken. The former No. 14 overall pick is averaging a double-double with 13.8 points and 10.2 rebounds per game. He’s also making a major impact with his tremendous defense.

Miami won just 39 games last year and missed the playoffs, and the belief from many was that trading for Butler wouldn’t be enough to get them over the hump. If Adebayo and others continue to step up, it just might be. The East is top heavy after Kawhi Leonard left the Toronto Raptors in free agency, so there’s no reason the Heat can’t compete for a top seed.

Jimmy Butler hints he had issues with 76ers

Jimmy Butler

The Philadelphia 76ers seemingly wanted to keep Jimmy Butler when he became a free agent last year, but things went sour between Butler and the organization at some point.

Butler alluded to a behind-the-scenes issue with the Sixers that helped lead him to joining the Miami Heat this past offseason, but wouldn’t go into detail.

“Stuff just don’t work out. Nobody knows what really went on in Philly and we’re going to leave it that way,” Butler told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. “But it was a great opportunity for me.

“Just go with your gut. You’re not dumb. All of that will come out whenever it’s time. Right now is not the time. I’m locked in with this. I’m happy, man. I’m smiling and my guys want me to be here, my organization wants me to be here, I want to be here and we’re going to ride this thing until the wheels fall off. I’m not saying Philly wasn’t great, man. We had some really good players. I talk to Joel [Embiid] damn near every f—–g day. It’s a brotherhood, man. I love that guy. I’m going to always have his back and I know he’ll always have mine.”

It’s anyone’s guess what the issue was. One thing reported at the time was that Butler wanted a five-year max and the Sixers didn’t even come close to offering it, so it could be as simple as that. Butler wants to be respected and can be a bit touchy over perceived slights, so a lot of things could have happened behind the scenes to rub the forward the wrong way.

Did Joel Embiid allude to girlfriend drama between Jimmy Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns?

Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns became the talk of the NBA on Wednesday night when they were ejected for their on-court scuffle, but many people were more interested in the social media fight that followed. While the two big men traded a lot of standard trash talk, Embiid may have also gotten very personal with Towns.

If you followed all the drama that went on with the Minnesota Timberwolves early last season, you may recall some rumors about Towns not wanting to sign an extension with the team unless Butler were gone. Black Sports Online had a summary of it at the time, but the gist of it was that Butler had an intimate relationship with a woman who was dating Towns. Around the time the alleged hookup took place, Towns and his girlfriend stopped posting about each other on social media.

Here’s what one Instagram user claimed he was told from “someone in the organization.”

Of course, there’s no way to confirm any of that. However, the rumors picked up enough steam that Towns felt the need to shoot them down.

Fast-forward to Wednesday night. As you know, Butler was traded from Minnesota to the Philadelphia 76ers last season. When Embiid was unloading on Towns on Instagram, one of the things he said was, “That’s why you were treated like a b—- by you know who. I ain’t gonna put your business out (but) I got the facts about you.”

It seemed like Embiid was saying Butler told him all about Towns, and most would agree he was alluding to the girlfriend rumors.

Embiid and Towns have long had problems with each other, largely owing to their status as top big men in the game. In December 2017, Embiid rubbed it in on social media after getting a win over Towns’ Timberwolves, which led to a response from Towns. Then when the teams met again in March last year, Embiid took another shot at Towns. If Embiid was alluding to the girlfriend rumors, the rivalry just got a little more personal.

Jimmy Butler has funny remark about life after having a baby

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler offered a funny remark about life at home with a newborn at home following his season debut on Tuesday night.

Butler made his first regular season appearance for the Miami Heat in the team’s 112-97 win over the Memphis Grizzlies. He missed the Heat’s first three games of the season following the birth of his daughter.

Following the Heat’s win, Butler was asked if he will be heading home to “bottles and diapers.” Butler’s response was neither — he said he would be having wine instead.

Butler scored 21 points in his debut to go along with five rebounds and three steals.

During the playoffs earlier this year, Toronto Raptors guard Fred VanVleet went on a roll following the birth of his son. Maybe Butler will ride the wave of newborn to a big season.

Jimmy Butler will miss Heat opener for personal reasons

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler’s Miami Heat debut will have to wait for some strange reasons.

Butler has been ruled out of Miami’s regular season opener against the Memphis Grizzlies for personal reasons. Coach Erik Spoelstra assured the media that everything was “fine” and there were no significant issues with Butler.

This one really came out of the blue and there is very little information behind the call. Whatever the issue is can’t be completely minor if Butler is sitting out a game because of it, but at the moment, it doesn’t sound significant. There’s no reason to believe he’s disgruntled in any way, either — after all, this is where he wanted to play. Presumably, we’ll hear more soon, but the wait for Butler’s Heat debut will go a little longer.

76ers hilariously screw up Jimmy Butler farewell image

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler officially left the Philadelphia 76ers for the Miami Heat on Saturday, and the Sixers sent him packing with a rather hilarious flub.

As has become customary for departing superstars, the Sixers’ official Twitter account posted an image wishing Butler farewell in his new home. There was only one problem: they messed up his last name.

Amazingly, the tweet stayed up for roughly a half hour amid a lot of derision before the team finally deleted it.

First the Sixers wouldn’t give Butler a max deal, now this. In seriousness, it’s a simple mistake to make, and typos happen to everyone. This was just a bad time for one to happen, and one would think that someone would have spotted it before it went up for everyone else to spot instead.