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Monday, June 1, 2020

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Antonio Cromartie calls out Joey Bosa, asks if his mom is running the show

Joey Bosa NFL Combine

Joey Bosa’s holdout is beginning to attract the attention of some NFL veterans.

Free agent Antonio Cromartie, who started his career with the San Diego Chargers, said Bosa’s continued holdout will raise questions in the locker room about what the rookie is all about.

“I think it’s going to be the veteran guys [who care about the holdout],” Cromartie told NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football,” via Andrew Lynch of Fox Sports. “It’s going to be his locker room presence. ‘What kind of guy are you really?’ Who’s really running the show? Is it your mom, or is it you? I think that’s what everyone is looking at. And I think Antonio Gates said it best, get your butt in here. Man up, do what you need to do. Tell your agent what you’re gonna have to do.

“I think that’s one of the biggest — I mean, I had a two-day holdout when I was coming in. But I was just like, ‘Look man, let’s get a deal done before I can get into camp.’ I think that’s the biggest part. They’re looking for you to come in and make plays and come in as a starter as a first-round draft pick. They’re not looking for you to sit on the bench, they’re looking for you to come in and make plays. They need you, and you need to try to build that team chemistry that’s with the guys in the locker room also.”

Bosa’s mother recently had some strong words regarding her son’s situation, which has only inflamed tensions. Bosa, for his part, reportedly feels that serious damage has been done to his relationship with the team. It doesn’t really matter who’s in the right, though — as Cromartie said, the veteran players on the team almost certainly won’t be impressed by this standoff.

Report: Joey Bosa feels Chargers have caused ‘irreparable damage’

Joey Bosa NFL Combine

Joey Bosa has held out longer than any first-round draft pick since the new collective bargaining agreement went into place, and it appears there is no end in sight in his standoff with the San Diego Chargers.

According to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, negotiations between Bosa and the Chargers have “turned ugly” and the two sides have not spoken in weeks.

“Bosa feels there is irreparable damage that has been done with the relationship between the team and him,” Cole said. “The fact is the Chargers have not called back in nearly two weeks after Bosa’s agents gave the team a proposal. Bosa feels like he has been disrespected in this whole process and forced to take what the Chargers offered.”

Cole adds that Bosa believes the Chargers have made a “calculated” and “unfair” effort to get him to give in to their demands by having players like Antonio Gates come out publicly and say the former Ohio State star needs to show up to camp.

The issue between the Chargers and Bosa has to do with signing bonus money. While the new CBA is supposed to make rookie contracts fairly cut-and-dry, Bosa is unhappy that the Chargers want to defer some of his bonus money. The No. 3 overall pick wants all of his signing bonus up front.

While it would be a surprise if a deal is not eventually agreed upon, comments like the ones Bosa’s mother made give you a good idea of the current state of the relationship.

Mother of Chargers holdout Joey Bosa: ‘Wish we pulled an Eli Manning’

Joey Bosa NFL Combine

The mother of top Chargers draft choice and contract holdout Joey Bosa probably won’t make many friends with her recent comments.

Cheryl Bosa left an incendiary Facebook comment that has been authenticated by the San Diego Union-Tribune. “Wish we pulled an Eli Manning on draft day,” she wrote.

It is, of course, a reference to Eli Manning, who was drafted No. 1 overall by San Diego in 2004 but did not want to play for the franchise, leading to an immediate trade to the New York Giants for fellow rookie Philip Rivers.

A source did note to Michael Gehlken of the Union-Tribune that Bosa has no intention of seeking a trade, and that his mother’s comments don’t necessarily reflect his feelings on his holdout.

Bosa has not reported for camp, having not signed his rookie contract reportedly over the timing of the payment of his signing bonus. It’s worth noting that this is not the first time one of Bosa’s parents has spoken out about the NFL process.

Joey Bosa reportedly will not report to Chargers camp amid contract dispute

Joey Bosa NFL Combine

Joey Bosa’s NFL career is off to an inauspicious start.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Bosa will not be in training camp on Friday as he still has not signed a rookie contract with the San Diego Chargers.

Bosa has already missed OTAs and the team’s mandatory minicamp, and now he’ll miss the start of training camp. The holdup is reportedly largely over the deferred payment of Bosa’s signing bonus. Offset language, which would allow the Chargers to pay the remaining portion of his salary instead of the entire thing should Bosa ever be released and sign with a new team, is also a sticking point.

“It really just comes down to generally this — there’s some things that are negotiable, and money always is negotiable, obviously — but there’s certain things in contracts language-wise, whether you’re picked third, 33rd or 203rd, there’s certain things of consistency and doing things the same way for everyone on the team,” Chargers GM Tom Telesco said earlier in the week, via ESPN’s Eric D. Williams. “And we’re far from uncommon with how we work. I know a lot of other teams probably operate the same way. We try to keep some things constant in everyone’s contract, whether you’re Philip Rivers or the 85th guy on the football team. So that’s kind of where we are. We’re still working through it.”

The Chargers targeted Bosa in the draft from the start. They probably didn’t bank on having such a hard time getting him into camp though.

Chargers were amused by lack of pre-draft links to Joey Bosa

Joey Bosa NFL Combine

The San Diego Chargers had Joey Bosa at the top of their draft board from January onward, and they did a fantastic job of hiding it.

The Chargers brass, including president John Spanos, GM Tom Telesco, and coach Mike McCoy, were in agreement that the Ohio State defensive lineman would be the favorite to go No. 3 to the Chargers provided he was there, and they knew it from the Fiesta Bowl onward, according to the team’s official site.

“Watching Joey play in the Fiesta Bowl, I left there thinking if he does declare, and if he is there at number three, we’ve got to take him,” Telesco said.

The Chargers did their research on Bosa and loved everything they heard, and by April, the front office had basically settled on Bosa. They even celebrated when Los Angeles and Philadelphia swung trades into the top two with the intention of picking quarterbacks, knowing those deals ensured that Bosa would be there for them at No. 3.

Despite all this, nobody ever caught on to San Diego’s plans.

“To be honest, nobody really asked me about Joey Bosa when it came to this draft class,” Telesco said. “And I wasn’t going to go out of my way to talk about him. But if someone asked about him, I would have talked about him.”

“It was amusing to see,” Spanos added. “We would sit back, read these mock drafts and see who people thought we would take. We would look around at each other and say, ‘Man, I can’t believe no one knows.'”

In fact, Bosa was a frequent mock choice for the Cowboys at No. 5, though it was reported before the draft that they didn’t want him. For all the inside sources and reports that fly around when the draft happens, it’s rather impressive that nobody ever caught on to San Diego’s plans.

Cowboys not deterred by Joey Bosa character issues

Joey Bosa NFL Combine

The Dallas Cowboys are not going to let whatever potential character issues there are surrounding Joey Bosa prevent them from drafting the Ohio State defender.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke with the media on Monday and said any character concerns about Bosa do not bother him.

“His character issue would not be a factor in us drafting him,” Jones said Monday via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Cowboys defensive ends Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence are suspended the first four games of the season, so the team has a need at defensive end. That’s part of what makes Bosa a good fit for the Cowboys, who are drafting No. 4 overall.

Bosa was suspended for Ohio State’s season opener. Some report it was for testing positive for marijuana.

Even if the Cowboys are undeterred about any character issues for Bosa, the whole matter may be immaterial; a previous report said the team was not planning to draft Bosa.

Report: Cowboys unlikely to draft Joey Bosa

Joey Bosa sack shrug emoji

Joey Bosa has been a popular pick for the Dallas Cowboys in mock drafts, but he’s reportedly not going there.

According to NFL Media’s Lance Zierlein, the Cowboys aren’t really enthusiastic about the Ohio State defensive end and are unlikely to draft him.

“I don’t believe the Dallas Cowboys will draft Joey Bosa,” Zierlein said on his The Pick Is In podcast. “I’ve heard that they’re not in love with Joey Bosa. I don’t think Joey Bosa is going to be a Cowboy.”

Zierlein believes that linebacker Myles Jack and tackle Ronnie Stanley could make sense for Dallas, as well as Oregon defensive lineman DeForest Buckner and Florida State cornerback Jalen Ramsey, if he were to fall to the fourth pick. His current mock draft has the Cowboys selecting running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Why wouldn’t the Cowboys want Bosa? I have no idea. He’s highly rated by virtually every scout. Perhaps they didn’t like his NFL Combine answers or something.