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Monday, May 25, 2020

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Johnny Manziel has hilarious zinger about his cliff-jumping video

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel zinged himself with a funny liner on Tuesday.

Manziel shared video of himself jumping off a cliff on Instagram Monday. Manziel slipped and his jump wasn’t exactly smooth.

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Flawless execution

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ESPN’s NFL Twitter account tweeted the video on Tuesday and asked fans to fill in the blank to describe Manziel’s jump. The quarterback participated in the game and joked that his jump “went about as well as my time in the league”.

Self-deprecating humor is always a winner.

Manziel was the No. 22 overall pick by the Cleveland Browns in 2014. He went 2-6 in eight career games over two mostly forgettable seasons. He passed for 1,675 yards, seven touchdowns and seven interceptions during his NFL career and ended up in stints in Canada and the AAF. Last year he opened up about all the mistakes he made in his career, which led to him playing in the AAF.

Johnny Manziel says he would sign with XFL before deleting Twitter account

Johnny Manziel CFL

Johnny Manziel sparked a wave of speculation with a rather bizarre tweet and an even stranger series of events late Friday.

Manziel, who has previously been dismissive of the XFL, sent a message to league commissioner Oliver Luck urging him to send over a contract so Manziel could join the league. Hours later, however, Manziel’s entire Twitter account was deleted abruptly.

“Oliver Luck,” Manziel wrote, via Dean Straka of 247 Sports. “If ya wanna boost your ratings to another level just send me the contract tomorrow and we’re in there. Like I said YEARS ago… XFL2020 give the people what they want.”

Hours after sending that tweet, however, Manziel’s account was deleted. It’s not clear what happened or whether Manziel was somehow hacked.

If it was Manziel, this certainly represents a change in opinion. The quarterback took shots at the XFL as the league was starting and made it clear he didn’t think it would last. Perhaps he has changed his mind, or perhaps he’s just that desperate to get himself back on the field in some way. Maybe it wasn’t him at all. Those are the questions we’re left with after a very odd series of events.

Johnny Manziel takes shot at XFL

Johnny Manziel CFL
The XFL makes its return to action on Saturday, and perhaps surprisingly, Johnny Manziel won’t be a part of it despite his efforts to get back into football.

Manziel was last seen in early 2018 playing in the now-defunct Alliance of American Football, which fell apart after he’d played only two games in the league. That experience appears to have colored Manziel’s opinions, as he openly admitted that he didn’t want to play in a league he feared would not last in a Twitter post Friday.

In another tweet, Manziel was in a reflective mood.

Manziel initially had interest in the XFL, but nothing ever came of it, suggesting that perhaps the interest wasn’t mutual. The quarterback’s concerns about the league may be valid, but with good TV deals and lots of money, it should be able to keep itself steady for far longer than the AAF did. Whether Manziel changes his tune if the league is successful remains to be seen.

Johnny Manziel trademarks ‘comebackszn’ for clothing line

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel’s football career has not really gone anywhere lately, but if it goes somewhere, he will be promoting “Comebackszn” along the way.

Manziel officially filed and received a trademark for “comebackszn,” his lawyer shared this week. Comebackszn is a term Manziel popularized as he was trying to work his way back in the world of professional football.

Johnny Football was a bust as a first-round pick by the Cleveland Browns in 2014. His stint with the team last two seasons and he showed a lack of commitment. He ended up in the CFL and was cut for similar reasons. Manziel had a brief stint with the short-lived AAF earlier this year and is now hoping for a shot in the XFL.

Manziel has been fairly quiet on social media by his standards. If he does start making some noise in the future, expect it to be him promoting the new brand.

Johnny Manziel interested in playing for an XFL team in Texas

Johnny Manziel CFL

Johnny Manziel is still ready and eager to resume his football career, and now he’s eyeing the XFL.

The new league will have teams in Houston and Dallas, and both options appeal to Manziel due to their proximity to College Station, where Manziel played his college ball. The Houston team will also be run by June Jones, who coached Manziel during his brief CFL stint. All these factors mean that Manziel would love to play for Houston or Dallas if the opportunity arises.

Manziel has been open about his desire to join the league in the past, but he’s gotten more specific here. It remains to be seen if the XFL will extend the opportunity to him, as there’s no indication that’s happened yet.

Revisiting pre-draft scouting opinions on the 2011 to 2014 QBs

Cam Newton floss

We all love anonymous scout opinions, where people that refuse to put their name on something dish on a young man. Sometimes, though, the concerns and issues pointed out by someone in confidence prove to be accurate. I thought I would take a look back at some recent past quarterbacks who have played enough for us to make an evaluation, and see if the scouting comments proved prescient or problematic.

Bob McGinn, who used to write for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel compiled scout comments on the draft for years, and so I am looking at what he relayed for the 2011 to 2014 drafts.

2011, of course, was the year of the lockout and also the year that Cam Newton was entering the league. That entire spring was full of negative comments about Newton, most notably with the controversy involving Nolan Nawrocki’s assessment of Newton.

I could not find a recap that went down each QB individually, like some future editions, but McGinn did go in depth on Newton.

Let’s start of with this fire assessment from one scout. “I don’t like any of them, really. There’s no Sam Bradfords. There’s no Josh Freeman. I think they’re all second- or third rounders.” That one does not stand up well to history. Freeman flamed out soon after and Bradford never became a star, while Cam Newton won an MVP award, Colin Kaepernick appeared in a Super Bowl, and Andy Dalton has started for almost a decade.

Bill Polian was quoted as saying there was a big dropoff after Cam Newton, but of the 24 personnel people interviewed by McGinn, most thought Newton would be a bust. Sixteen of them had Blaine Gabbert as the best quarterback in the class, and only two thought Newton would be a perennial pro bowler.

Some scouts did favor Newton, though. One said, “our coaches just ripped his (expletive), but I’d take him top-10. This guy is so talented, so much a winner, such a force.”

That scout has largely been proven right.


Johnny Manziel confirms he wants to play in XFL

Johnny Manziel CFL

Johnny Manziel has maintained that his ultimate goal is still to play in the NFL again, and the former Heisman Trophy winner is willing to prove himself on any football field in order to get there.

Manziel, who spent a very brief time in the Alliance of American Football before the league went under, has been mentioned as a possible target for XFL teams. He was asked by TMZ this week about potentially playing in Vince McMahon’s league when it kicks off next year, and he made it clear he is open to it.

“Any football opportunity,” Manziel said. “That’s all it is, man. Ball 24/7.”

Oliver Luck, the CEO and commissioner of the XFL, told “The Ken Carmen Show with Anthony Lima” earlier this week that he is open to Manziel playing in the league.

“As long as he fits our profile, and our sort of behavioral standards, and quite honestly, a bigger challenge – as long as our eight head coaches think he’s one of the quarterbacks that can make us better, and we’ve got some guys that know quarterbacks fairly well, whether it’s Bob Stoops or Pep Hamilton, Jim Zorn – we’re going to rely heavily on our coaches to say, yes, these are the guys that will make our league better,” Luck said, via Shalise Manza Young of Yahoo Sports.

“If Manziel is in that group, I’m sure he might have that opportunity, but it really all depends on him, and we haven’t had any contact with him.”

McMahon has said players who have been convicted of crimes won’t be allowed to play in the XFL. While Manziel has had numerous off-field issues over the years, the charges that stemmed from him allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in 2016 were dropped after he reached a plea deal with prosecutors.

Manziel recently opened up once again about all the mistakes he has made, and he seems to be pretty good at talking people into giving him opportunities. If the XFL is hungry for star power, it could certainly do a lot worse than Johnny Football.