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Ex-Yankee’s old prediction about Aaron Judge goes viral

Aaron Judge running

Aug 23, 2021; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge (99) runs to first base after hitting a single against the Atlanta Braves during the eighth inning at Truist Park. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

One former New York Yankee is looking like Miss Cleo right about now.

Retired six-time All-Star slugger Jose Canseco took to Twitter on Sept. 13 with a prediction. His prediction read, “There is a simple reason why [Aaron] Judge will hit exactly 60 hrs this year.”

Canseco, who played for the Yankees during the 2000 season, did not give any further details as to what the “simple reason” was. But his prediction was made when the history-chasing Yankees slugger Judge was at 55 home runs on the year. Judge then proceeded to hit five home runs over the next week to bring himself to 60, the exact number that Canseco mentioned.

However, Judge, who needs one more homer to tie Roger Maris’ American League record of 61 home runs in a single season, now finds himself mired in a mini-slump of sorts. Judge is now homerless over his last six straight games (spanning 26 total plate appearances) with only nine games remaining in the regular season to either tie or surpass Maris.

Judge will most likely still homer again before the season is over. But it begs the question of what Canseco knew when he sent that tweet (as well as what his reason was for why Judge would hit exactly 60). Did Canseco think that Judge would succumb to the pressure of making history? Or was it simply that pitchers would stop giving Judge anything good to hit down the stretch?

In any case, Canseco has not tweeted again since posting his clairvoyant message. But it is worth noting that Canseco actually made a stunningly correct prediction about another Yankees figure just a little while ago.

Jose Canseco has huge prediction about A-Rod’s next girlfriend

Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco has seemingly been keeping tabs on everything Alex Rodriguez does for years now, and he has made yet another bold prediction about A-Rod’s personal life.

Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez recently announced that they have ended their engagement. An even more prominent couple, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, revealed on Monday that they are getting a divorce after 27 years of marriage. That news inspired Canseco’s latest A-Rod prediction.

“Melinda Gates and Alex Rodriguez will be publicly dating by the end of the summer,” Canseco wrote on Twitter.

Before you laugh, remember that Canseco predicted A-Rod’s breakup with J-Lo months before it happened. He even had the details of how it would go down and ended up being right, allegedly.

The Gates family has a net worth of more than $100 billion. Their split could set the record for the largest divorce settlement, which is currently the reported $36 billion divorce settlement between Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott a few years ago.

Canseco has been calling out A-Rod for years, including back when he said Rodriguez was messing with Canseco’s ex-wife.

Jose Canseco predicted the Alex Rodriguez breakup in January

Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco may not be the best person to do business with, but the guy sure has a record of telling the truth. He was right on again recently when it came to an Alex Rodriguez prediction.

In January, Canseco said that A-Rod and Jennifer Lopez would break up in 2021. Canseco even predicted that Rodriguez would hook up with a fitness model.

Well, fewer than two months later, Canseco’s first prediction came true. The news became public this week that Rodriguez and J-Lo were breaking up. It’s quite possible that they were broken up prior to this week but the news didn’t become public until now.

There are no rumors yet about Rodriguez and a fitness model, but there was a rumor about him and a reality TV actress.

Bottom line: Canseco was right again! The former AL MVP has been calling out A-Rod for years, including back when he said Rodriguez was messing with Canseco’s ex-wife.

Athletic commission investigating Jose Canseco fight

Dave Portnoy

Jose Canseco has been accused of taking a dive in a pay-per-view fight that was hosted by Barstool Sports earlier this month, and West Virginia officials are looking into what exactly happened.

Canseco headlined the “Rough ‘N Rowdy” event with his fight against Bill Football, who is one of the characters on the popular “Pardon My Take” podcast. The bout lasted about 10 seconds, with Canseco going down for seemingly no reason. The former MLB star later saying he was trying to fight with a significant shoulder injury.

The chairman of the West Virginia state commission told PlayMichigan that the Canseco fight is being investigated. He also said the commission has not committed to sanctioning any future “Rough ‘N Rowdy” events.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy publicly accused Canseco of taking a dive. Portnoy also shared the details of the pay structure for the fight and said he was furious with how Canseco handled it. Canseco fired back by calling Portnoy a “liar & greasy salesman.”

This could be the last time we see Canseco taking part in a sanctioned fight. He also once no-showed a fight event and sent his brother in his place, so most people weren’t surprised by what happened at “Rough ‘N Rowdy.”

Jose Canseco calls Dave Portnoy ‘liar’ after fight dive accusations

Dave Portnoy

Jose Canseco is trying to turn the tables after being accused by Dave Portnoy of taking a dive in a recent fight.

Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, put on a “Rough N’ Rowdy” pay-per-view fight show on Friday night. The headline event on the card was a bout between Canseco and one of the characters on popular podcast “Pardon My Take,” Billy Football.

Canseco’s fight with Billy Football didn’t last more than 10 seconds. Canseco went down quickly and the ref stepped in.

Portnoy immediately called out Canseco for taking a dive.

Portnoy explained the pay structure for the fight.

Canseco initially apologized for not putting on the show fans expected.

By Monday, Canseco’s tone changed and he was back to being the heel.

This sort of thing is typical of Canseco. He once no-showed at a boxing event and sent his twin brother Ozzie instead.

Even if Barstool Sports made money off the event, they didn’t give their fans the value they sought. Pleasing their fans is a top priority, which is what makes this a problem for Barstool.

Jose Canseco snubs Alex Rodriguez in Easter message

Alex Rodriguez

Jose Canseco really dislikes Alex Rodriguez, and it’s reached a rather hilarious degree.

Canseco wished everyone a very happy Easter on Sunday — everyone except Rodriguez, who he singled out in a hilarious tweet.

Simple and to the point. No beating around the bush here.

It’s harder to figure out why. Sure, Canseco publicly accused A-Rod of using steroids, and has also claimed that Rodriguez is cheating on Jennifer Lopez with Canseco’s ex-wife. Maybe Canseco just really dislikes A-Rod on a personal level. He wouldn’t be the only one. Regardless, Canseco’s sentiments are appreciated, and a really hilarious diversion during strange times. Keep it up, Jose, and don’t hold anything back.

Video: Jose Canseco publicly scolds fan for trying to meet him

Jose Canseco remains one of the most recognizable figures in sports even nearly 20 years after he last played, and he is obviously used to being approached in public. However, the former MLB slugger does not always approve of the way people try to grab his attention.

Canseco was at a Top Golf recently when a man tried to call him over to meet him. Canseco didn’t appreciate the way the fan used his finger to signal for him, so he berated the guy. It was all caught on video, and Canseco shared the footage on his Instagram page.

“If you see me in public, DO NOT call me over with a finger like I’m your small child in trouble or a chick at the bar! ⁣If you see me in public and want a photo, an autograph, or just too meet me, you come over to me. I’m more than willing to and enjoy meeting you guys,” Canseco wrote.

The fan explained that he was trying to subtly get Canseco’s attention without barging into his private swing suite and interrupting, which is understandable. Unless there’s more to the story, it seemed like Jose overreacted a bit. That would hardly be a surprise, of course.

Remember, this is the same Canseco who recently went off about A-Rod supposedly cheating on Jennifer Lopez with Jose’s ex-wife. The guy’s a loose cannon, so it takes some courage to even try talking to him in public.

Jose Canseco offers his help to struggling Chris Davis

Chris Davis

Jose Canseco has offered to help Chris Davis return to the form that once helped him finish third American League MVP voting.

Last season, Chris Davis struggled through a disappointing year that saw him post a .168 batting average in 128 games. Things got so bad the Baltimore Orioles benched the struggling first baseman indefinitely.

Although it’s a new season, the same struggles remain for Davis. On Tuesday, he reached an unwanted milestone by going hitless in 47 consecutive at-bats, dating back to last year.

In the wake of his struggles, former MLB slugger Jose Canseco reached out via Twitter to offer Davis help to regain his good form.

Davis has reportedly tried seemingly everything to right the ship over the past two seasons. Who are we to rule out Canseco being able to help the two-time AL home run king?

Jose Canseco wants ex-wife Jessica, Alex Rodriguez to take polygraph

Alex Rodriguez

Jose Canseco is determined to prove that his claims about Alex Rodriguez cheating on his fiancee Jennifer Lopez are true, and he thinks everyone involved should submit to a polygraph test if they have nothing to hide.

Canseco, widely known as the biggest snitch in MLB history, took to Twitter over the weekend to accuse A-Rod of cheating on J-Lo with Jose’s ex-wife, Jessica Canseco. On Tuesday, Jessica said she is friends with both Rodriguez and Lopez and mocked Canseco over the “false accusations.”

Of course, Canseco isn’t going to let it go. In another series of tweets on Wednesday, he urged his ex and A-Rod to take a polygraph test.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Whether Canseco is telling the truth or not, no one takes him seriously. He’s always going on incoherent social media rants and even challenged A-Rod to a fight while making his initial cheating allegations. He also talked about Rodriguez using PEDs in his second book that came out years ago, so there is already bad blood between the two.

J-Lo likely isn’t going to put a lot of stock into something Canseco says, though A-Rod does have a history that involves cheating. A-Rod and J-Lo probably would have preferred to ignore Canseco altogether, but Jessica’s denial riled him up even further.

Jessica Canseco disputes Jose’s claim of cheating with Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

Jose Canseco came up with a new way to call attention to himself this week, and the former MLB slugger’s ex-wife says there is no truth to the latest claims he made.

Canseco, who is known for being the biggest snitch in the history of baseball, took to Twitter on Sunday to accuse Alex Rodriguez of cheating on Jennifer Lopez with Jose’s ex-wife, Jessica Canseco. Jessica said on social media Tuesday that she is friends with both A-Rod and J-Lo and mocked Jose.

Jose went on one of his infamous Twitter rants about A-Rod and even challenged him to a fight. Keep in mind Canseco talked about Rodriguez using PEDs in his second book years ago.

No one really knows what the truth is, but none of it is shocking. It would not be a surprise if Canseco was lying in an attempt to ruin A-Rod’s relationship with J-Lo, just as it wouldn’t be a surprise if A-Rod was cheating given his history. The drama seems pretty typical for the parties involved.