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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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Josh Allen reacts on Twitter to Bills acquiring Stefon Diggs in trade

Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills acquired Stefon Diggs in a trade with the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night, and Bills quarterback Josh Allen seems pleased.

Allen sent a two-word tweet that said it all: “Ya Digg?”

The Bills are beefing up their receiving options for Allen by getting him a No. 1 receiver. They also have John Brown and Cole Beasley at the receiver spots.

Buffalo is giving up a tidy package for Diggs though. They are trading a first, fifth and sixth-round pick in 2020 and fourth-round pick in 2021 to Minnesota for Diggs and a 7th-round pick.

Diggs had 63 catches for 1,130 yards and six touchdowns last season. He had 102 catches for 1,021 yards and nine touchdowns in 2018. He hinted earlier on Monday that he was going to be traded, and that came through.

Booger McFarland criticized for analysis on Josh Allen pass to John Brown

booger McFarland

Booger McFarland’s analysis of a pass from Josh Allen to John Brown in the second quarter of Saturday’s Wild Card Game between the Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans was wrong and received negative feedback online.

The Bills were leading 7-0 and had the ball for a 3rd-and-10 at the Houston 22 early in the second quarter. Josh Allen threw a pass to the right sideline for Brown. The pass was caught but called incomplete because Brown was unable to get his feet down inbounds.

McFarland blamed Allen for the incompletion, saying the quarterback needed to throw the pass earlier. Most people watching disagreed and felt Allen made a nice throw and that Brown should have gotten his feet down.

Here are some of the tweets in response, including one from Jerry Rice’s son, who is a wide receiver.

Maybe Allen throwing the pass earlier would have helped, but he still made a good enough throw no matter how you look at it. That’s on Brown to do better with the pass.

Video: John Brown throws touchdown pass to Josh Allen on trick play

Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills came to play in their playoff opener against the Houston Texans.

Buffalo opened up the playbook on their first drive. Set up by a 42-yard run by quarterback Josh Allen, the Bills went with a flea flicker from the Houston 16, with John Brown successfully throwing a touchdown pass to his quarterback.

It takes some guts to run a play like that on the first drive of a road playoff game. Credit to Buffalo for doing so successfully, as it paid off for them. Perhaps Jalen Ramsey would like to reconsider.

10 biggest disappointments of NFL Week 10

Jared goff

Week 10 of the NFL season produced quite an impressive share of dramatic finishes and exciting moments, as well as some serious letdowns. After all, the Miami Dolphins won a game, and that has to come at someone’s expense.

Who didn’t have it together in Week 10? Here are ten big disappointments.

Jared Goff, QB, Rams

Take Goff out of his home stadium and this appears to be what he is. It gets even worse when he’s facing a good defense like Pittsburgh’s. He turned the ball over three times, including one very bad interception, and couldn’t even hook up with Cooper Kupp once in a loss to the Steelers. In tough road environments, Goff barely even looks like an NFL starter. The fact that his great disparity in play between home and road games has not ceased suggests has to be a major worry for the Rams.

Josh Allen, QB, Bills

Allen completed just over half his passes, but didn’t find the end zone against a Browns defense that has been vulnerable this year. He was fortunate not to turn the ball over, as he had it punched out on a pass just shy of the goal line that could have been disastrous had a teammate not fallen on it. The Bills are a good team buoyed by a great defense, but it’s easy to see what happens to them if they run into an equally solid defensive unit — Allen might not be good enough to overcome it.


Brett Favre advises Josh Allen not to be so ‘reckless’ on the field

Brett Favre beard

Brett Favre has seen what Josh Allen can do on the football field and has some advice for the Buffalo Bills quarterback.

When Allen came out of college at Wyoming, he received some comparisons to Favre. Allen is a big, athletic guy with a strong arm who loves to try making big plays happen. But that desire to make big plays has led to multiple turnovers and some injuries, including when Allen was knocked out of the Bills’ Week 4 game against the New England Patriots on Sunday.

In an article for The Athletic, Favre told Tim Graham he would advise Allen not to be as reckless on the field.

“From a coach’s standpoint, they’re going to have to demand that he not play as reckless as he has,” Favre told The Athletic’s Graham.

“What I would tell him, from a physical standpoint is, ‘Hey, Josh. I get it. I see you diving and running over people. I was that guy, too. But listen, man. Take it from a guy who’s played a long time and learned maybe later than I should’ve, there’s a time and place when you try for extra yards. That wasn’t it. You’ve got to be smarter.”

Favre faced the same issues when he was young. He told Graham it wasn’t until Mike Holmgren threatened him with fines for not sliding as a scrambler that he learned the importance of changing his style.

Beyond just trying to make big plays happen as a rusher, Allen has displayed a ball security problem. In 18 career games, he has thrown 18 interceptions and fumbled 13 times. Favre wants to see Allen learn the lessons about playing smarter while he’s still young, unlike Favre, who didn’t start to play that way until later in his career.

Allen, 23, is in concussion protocol heading into Week 5.

Josh Allen appeared to be knocked out cold on hit by Jonathan Jones

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was on the receiving end of a brutal hit to the head from a New England Patriots defender on Sunday, and it appeared to leave him unconscious for a few moments.

Allen scrambled for a first down in the fourth quarter before Patriots cornerback Jonathan Jones leveled him with a helmet-to-helmet hit. Allen laid motionless on the turf for a few seconds, but he was eventually able to get up and walk off the field under his own power.

Matt Barkley took over for Allen, who went to the blue medical tent on the sideline before jogging to the locker room. He was likely placed in concussion protocol.

The hit from Jones will almost certainly draw a fine from the NFL, and he is fortunate he was not ejected from the game. We saw Vontaze Burfict get ejected earlier in the day on a similar play, so Jones probably should have been tossed as well.

Josh Allen has funny answer to question about Bills beating New York teams

Josh Allen

Josh Allen’s Buffalo Bills own the New York City NFL teams this season, and the young quarterback knows it.

Last week, Allen’s Bills came back to beat the Jets 17-16. On Sunday, they beat up on the Giants 28-14. After the victory, Allen was asked what he showed New York football fans. First he pointed out that Buffalo was also in New York. Then he said there was only one team in the state.

The swag from Allen is evident and deserved, for now.

Allen went 19/30 for 253 yards and a passing touchdown. He also rushed for 21 yards and a score. The week before, Allen committed four turnovers but his team came back to win it.