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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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Kevin Durant: JR Smith’s blunder ‘broke’ Cavs in NBA Finals

LeBron JR Smith

The Cleveland Cavaliers had as good of an opportunity as they could have asked for to steal a game from the Golden State Warriors to begin the NBA Finals, but JR Smith had other plans. Kevin Durant believes it was at that moment that his team won another title.

Durant was a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this week, and he was asked point blank if he knew the series was over after Smith’s unprecedented mistake. He hesitated for a moment before admitting, “Yeah, I did.”

“We had a good feeling,” Durant said. “We knew we had to play well, but we knew we kind of broke them a little bit with that one.”

Kimmel also asked Durant if he felt any sympathy for Smith after Smith made such a boneheaded play.

“I’m happy that he made that decision to do that, especially with the game on the line,” Durant said with a smile. “We needed that win for the sweep.”

Smith’s lack of awareness in a tie game could not have been more costly for the Cavs. In addition to costing them a potential win in Game 1, it also indirectly led to LeBron James’ hand injury. Fans had a strong feeling the series was over after that happened, so it’s no surprise the Warriors felt the same way.

JR Smith shouts out shirtless Nick Young

They may have been rivals during the NBA Finals, but Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith respects his Golden State Warriors counterpart Nick Young’s shirtless partying.

After Young emerged from the Warriors’ team plane shirt-free, Smith, the original shirtless partier, paid tribute with some congratulations toward a player he clearly sees as a kindred spirit.

As you may recall, Smith had a pretty good shirtless time at the Cavaliers’ victory parade in 2016. Swaggy P appears to following in his footsteps, and why not?

JR Smith says this loss hurt more than Game 1 defeat

JR Smith

The Cleveland Cavaliers fell into an 0-3 hole with a loss to the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday, and JR Smith offered an interesting take afterwards.

Following the 110-102 defeat at home in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Smith said that this loss was tougher than the one that the Cavs suffered in Game 1.

“I think that this one hurts more because it’s at home,” said the former Sixth Man of the Year. “We had a lot of lapses on the defensive end, trying to switch, guys getting layups and dunks. I think my man had like three or four of those. So I think this one takes the cake for sure.”

While losses in front of your home crowd are indeed a lot harder to stomach in general, it’s hard not to see Smith’s comments here as a cover of sorts for the all-time blunder that he committed to directly result in that Game 1 loss. The Cavs should have defended their home court on Wednesday, sure. But had they gotten the win in the series opener, they could have entered this game in the driver’s seat instead of already being down 0-2 and now being down 0-3.

JR Smith responds to Warriors fans trolling him

JR Smith

JR Smith responded to being trolled by Golden State Warriors fans in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night.

The Cleveland Cavaliers guard was jeered by Warriors fans in every possible way due to his bonehead play at the end of Game 1. Fans brought signs to Oracle Arenas that made fun of him; the fans cheered him during intros; and they sarcastically chanted “MVP” for him too.

Smith said after the Cavs’ Game 2 loss that he liked the fans acknowledging him.

Smith saying that is one way to try and take away the fun from Warriors fans. If he said it bothered him, they might be more likely to do it again.

But if Smith thinks that this is his version of Reggie Jackson’s “they don’t boo nobodies”, then he’s wrong. Smith got attention not because he’s doing well against his opponent, but because he’s so bad he’s helping them.

Warriors fans hilariously cheer JR Smith during intros

JR Smith LeBron James

Those Golden State Warriors fans are savages.

Usually during team introductions before a game, the home fans will boo the opposing players. That was mostly the case before Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday, except for a specific case.

Warriors fans actually gave JR Smith hearty cheers as if he were a member of the Warriors. Of course, the cheers were a nod to Smith’s huge blunder at the end of Game 1.

Dubs fans also were said to have cheered George Hill, who missed a key free throw that could have given Cleveland the lead in Game 1. We also appreciate the poster one fan had to troll JR.

That wasn’t all – the fun continued after Smith went to the free throw line and they chanted MVP!

Warriors fan has perfect poster trolling JR Smith

JR Smith poster

Those Golden State Warriors fans can be ruthless.

Ahead of Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday, one Warriors fan brought a poster to Oracle Arena that trolled Cleveland’s JR Smith over his mental mistake in Game 1.

Yup, Smith was the real MVP.

Although George Hill missed a free throw that could have given the Cavaliers the lead in the game, it was Smith who made the mental error of thinking the game was tied when it wasn’t. That cost the Cavs a shot to potentially win the game after he grabbed an offensive rebound following Hill’s miss.

JR Smith seems to walk back reason for play at end of Game 1

JR Smith LeBron James

J.R. Smith seems to have admitted that he wasn’t quite forthcoming with his explanation for his mistake late in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Smith grabbed an offensive rebound off a missed George Hill free throw and dribbled out the clock at the end of the fourth quarter, seemingly thinking the Cleveland Cavaliers were ahead when they were actually tied. After the game, Smith claimed he knew the score and was waiting for someone to call timeout.

On Saturday, he seemed to hedge a bit on his own explanation.

Smith messed up. Everyone knows it, in spite of his efforts to save face. On Sunday, he’ll have a chance to make things right and put it all behind him.

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