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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Articles tagged: Justin Bieber

Bubba Watson says the only phone call he took after he won the Masters was from Justin Bieber (Video)

Since winning the Masters back on April 8, Bubba Watson has been a popular man. In between appearances on David Letterman and interviews with sports writers and gossip reporters, he has undoubtedly been flooded with congratulatory calls from friends and family. At some point, you just have to shut off your phone and deal with it later — especially when you have a wife and a one-month old son at home. Before he did that, however, Bubba says he fielded one important phone call.

As you can see around the 1:05 mark of the video above that Geoff Shackleford passed along, Watson claims the only phone call he answered the night he won the green jacket was from Justin Bieber. Based on the conversation, it sounds like Bubba and Biebs are tight. Be jealous, Cam Newton. Be very jealous.

H/T Eye on Golf

Justin Bieber calls play-by-play during Lakers-Spurs game, appears on kiss cam

Justin Bieber attended the Lakers-Spurs game on Tuesday night in Los Angeles, but he didn’t just sit in his expensive seats and watch the game. Oh no. Bieber got in a little work as a broadcaster on Lakers radio.

The singer and entertainer joined John Ireland and Mychal Thompson on the 710 ESPN Radio broadcast. At first he started off in an analyst role, but he was so eager to call the game he took over play-by-play duties after a few seconds.

Bieber struggled through his first minute of action and said “this is harder than it looks.” He spent about three minutes calling the action and worked in a few catch phrases.

On a basket by Stephen Jackson, he said “boom goes the dynamite,” and he used the phrase two more times during his call. When Pau Gasol recorded a block, Bieber said “get out of his face.”

After he was done with his brief stint as a play-by-play broadcaster, Bieber returned to his second-row seat where he was featured on the kiss cam along with girlfriend Selena Gomez:


Ricky Rubio will be wearing a Justin Bieber backpack the rest of the year (Picture)

Not even star players from foreign countries are immune to a little rookie hazing. Timberwolves forward Kevin Love tweeted Sunday that teammate Ricky Rubio would be wearing the Justin Bieber backpack seen above for the rest of the season. It’s a funny idea on the surface, but how about a little originality, guys. We’ve seen that exact same backpack used before for rookie hazing.

While this may be embarrassing, Rubio got off easily — at least he didn’t have to dress up as Lady Gaga.

Picture Credit: Kevin Love

Video: Cam Newton Sings Justin Bieber

Not only can Carolina Panthers quarterback and recent top overall draft pick Cam Newton dominate SEC defenses, win a Hesiman Trophy and place his name in Auburn history, he can also sing. Check out this video of Cam Newton singing Justin Bieber’s baby, as shared with us by Marc Kohn on twitter:

That video shows exactly what the Panthers drafted: An outgoing, charismatic quarterback who wants to be more than just a football player. For better or worse, the rookie quarterback will not shy away from the spotlight for the Carolina Panthers.

Justin Bieber Fever Strikes Fort Myers Miracle Minor League Club

In Fort Myers Florida, so called “Bieber fever” has struck a Class-A Advanced minor league ball club.  The Fort Myers Miracle baseball team, a Minnesota Twins affiliate, has seen their bullpen inherit a rather peculiar ritual involving 17-year-old singing sensation Justin Bieber. As a form of punishment, any relief pitcher who gives up a home run has to don a flamboyant Justin Bieber backpack to and from games until the next relief pitcher gives up a homer.

The practice is unusual and out of the ordinary but develops solid team chemistry according to pitching coach Steve Mintz who claimed, “It’s something that keeps the guys laughing and together. I don’t think anybody’s pulling for anybody to give up a home run. Like I told Pugh, I hope he’s the last guy to carry the backpack this season.”

We’ve seen athletes in the past play Bieber’s music before an at-bat or mimic his trendy hair style, but never rock his gear in humiliation.  The backpack was brought in by relief pitcher Blake Martin. “I went to Target the day before the season started,” Martin said. “I was looking for a backpack. I saw Justin Bieber and decided to get it.”

The unusual antic certainly provides an added incentive to pitch well and, if you’re a Fort Myers Miracle player, how could you complain?  Unless, of course, you give up a homer and the rest of the staff becomes lights out.  That would suck a little.

Photo Courtesy Fort Myers Miracle via Fox Sports Florida

Troy Tulowitzki Switches At-Bat Music to Justin Bieber’s Baby, Hits Two Home Runs

Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki is a big Justin Bieber fan, as we’ve written here before. He’s one of a handful of ballplayers who are also teenie-boppers, as he, Cameron Maybin, and Nick Johnson have all used Miley Cyrus for their at-bat music in the past. Which brings me to Tulowitzki during spring training.

Tulo let Rockies fans vote to choose his at-bat music for the season, and Katy Perry won over Ke$ha, Bieber, and Chris Brown. Tulo unfortunately started off the season 0-for-8 and opted for a change over to Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

The results have been magical.

Since the switch, Tulowitzki’s gone 3-for-7 with two home runs, three runs scored, three RBIs, and and a walk, and the Rockies have won both their games. As Rockies writer Troy Renck said on twitter, no way Tulowitzki switches away from Bieber with the way things have turned. Justin Bieber, good luck charm.

Andrei Kirilenko Repping the Justin Bieber Haircut, Heckled by Pacers Fans

Man, that Justin Bieber is quite the trend-setter.  The guy just one day decides he wants the worst haircut in the male post-wig era and athletes and celebrities from all over the globe are mesmerized enough to follow suit.  Since Tom Brady’s hair has grown beyond Beiber status, the pop star might need another target for his rap songs about his hair.  He may have found one from Utah.  Check out Andrei Kirilenko’s Justin Bieber haircut:

Word has it Kirilenko has already been hearing it from the fans.  Accoring to SLAM Online via Ben Maller, Pacers fans were chanting “Justin Bieber” as he ran up and down the court in Indiana on Friday night.  Needless to say, the Bieber legend continues to grow with each passing day.