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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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KC radio host Kevin Kietzman loses job over Andy Reid comments

Kevin Kietzman

Kevin Kietzman has lost his job as a radio host on WHB in Kansas City over his controversial comments about Andy Reid.

During Monday’s edition of “Between the Lines” on Sports Radio 810 WHB, Kietzman asserted that Reid was not good with disciplining people. Though Kietzman was speaking in a football context regarding the Kansas City Chiefs’ handling of Tyreek Hill, the host insisted Reid’s record of “fixing people” in his family had to be included in the discussion as proof.

Many listeners were repulsed considering Kietzman seemed to be assigning responsibility to Reid for the drug problems the coach’s sons battled. Two of Reid’s sons have had drug arrests, including Garrett, who died of a heroin overdose in 2012.

Kietzman issued an apology the next day, but his apology was weak and he blamed listeners for misinterpreting his words. Union Broadcasting, which owns WHB, said Kietzman was being taken off air indefinitely.

On Friday, Union Broadcasting announced they had reached agreement with Kietzman to part ways.

“We would like to thank Kevin for his dedicated service over the last 22 years,” Union Broadcasting president Chad Boeger said in a statement. “Kevin has been a valuable member of the Sports Radio 810 WHB team. We wish him all the best on his future endeavors and good luck moving forward.”

Kietzman is also a part-owner of the station.

Kevin Kietzman offers apology for Andy Reid comments, pulled off air indefinitely

Kevin Kietzman

Radio host Kevin Kietzman has been pulled off air indefinitely by WHB over his comments about Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and has issued an apology.

On Monday, Kietzman, the longtime host of “Between the Lines” on Sports Radio 810 WHB in Kansas City, got personal in his criticism of Reid. Kietzman discussed the issues Tyreek Hill is facing and combined Hill’s disciplinary issues with the problems Reid’s sons have had. He concluded Reid has problems disciplining people. Keep in mind that two of Reid’s sons have had drug problems, including son Garrett, who died in 2012 of a heroin overdose.

A day after the controversial comments made headlines and received attention, the station’s owner, Union Broadcasting, issued a statement saying they were pulling Kietzman off air for now.

“We are aware of the controversial comments made by Kevin Kietzman during yesterday’s broadcast of Between the Lines. We have decided to take the immediate step to take Kevin off the air until further notice as we review this matter.

“We take Kevin’s comments and those of all on-air staff seriously. Kevin’s comments were clearly not to his or our standards. Please know that we will take necessary appropriate actions.

“We sincerely apologize to Andy Reid and his family, the Kansas City Chiefs organization and our loyal listeners and share their concerns,” the station said.

Kietzman also issued an apology but he placed blame on others for misinterpreting his words.

I’m really not sure Kietzman understands what he did wrong if he thinks the problem lies with the way people took his words. He could have just left his comments at saying Andy Reid is not good with disciplining his players. That would have been fine. As soon as he brought up Reid’s family and insisted that needed to be included in the argument, that’s where he went wrong. Thinking the problem is the misinterpretation by people rather than his actions of bringing up Reid’s family is the real issue.

KC radio host Kevin Kietzman faces backlash for personal criticism of Andy Reid

Andy Reid

Kansas City radio host Kevin Kietzman is facing backlash for his criticism of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, which ventured into a personal realm.

Kietzman has been a host of “Between the Lines” on Sports Radio 810 WHB in Kansas City for over 20 years and is proud of his provocative commentary. He carried on that tradition Monday when talking about Reid.

Kietzman discussed the issues Tyreek Hill is facing and combined Hill’s disciplinary issues with the problems Reid’s sons have had. He concluded Reid has problems disciplining people. Here’s what he said on-air:

“Andy Reid does not have a great record of fixing players. He doesn’t. Discipline is not his thing. It did not work out particularly well in his family life. That needs to be added to this as we talk about the Chiefs. He’s had a lot of things go bad on him — he is not good at fixing people. He is not good at discipline. That is not his strength. His strength is designing football plays,” Kietzman said.

Kietzman’s criticism led to plenty of backlash, with much of it coming from fellow media members.

Reid and his wife had five children. His oldest son, Garrett, dealt with drug addiction and died of a heroin overdose in 2012. His son, Britt, has had drug and gun arrests.

Bringing up such personal matters in his criticism of the coach — looping it all into a bucket of discipline problems — is unfair and crosses a line. Kietzman could — and should — have limited his comments to Reid’s discipline of his players and left it at that.

The matter of Hill came up because the team reportedly is expecting a suspension from the league to be handed down to the wide receiver.