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Monday, July 13, 2020

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Matt Barnes hears ‘Derek Fisher’ chants from Knicks fans (Video)


The Madison Square Garden faithful decided to have a bit of fun at the expense of Sacramento Kings forward Matt Barnes on Sunday night.

As Barnes inbounded the ball with 15.7 seconds left in the fourth quarter and a victory for the Knicks virtually in the bag, chants of “Derek Fisher” began to ring throughout the arena.

Barnes has had a hard time letting go of his infamous October 2015 incident with Fisher, but he got a taste of his own medicine this time around. And kudos to the Knicks fans for some next-level trolling in invoking the name of their fired ex-head coach for the sake of clowning the opposition.

For Barnes, who finished with just 2 points on a dismal 1-for-11 shooting from the field in the defeat for Sacramento, the Fisher chants capped off an evening that he would probably rather forget.

Carmelo Anthony apologizes for calling out Knicks fan

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony let his emotions get the best of him during yet another New York Knicks loss Tuesday night when he responded to a heckler, and it sounds like the team wishes he had kept his cool.

On Wednesday, Anthony issued a statement (through the Knicks) apologizing for telling an unhappy fan he should ask team owner James Dolan for a refund.

The Knicks were blown out 104-85 at home against the Portland Trailblazers. It was their 11th loss in their last 13 games, so you can understand why the fan decided to yell some not-so-nice things late in the fourth quarter. For more of Carmelo’s thoughts on the heckler, check out this video of his postgame media session.

You could argue that this is the most frustrated Anthony has been since he was traded to New York five years ago. He recently unloaded on his teammates over their poor play and said Tuesday that this season is more difficult than last year’s 17-win campaign.

Carmelo Anthony tells heckling Knicks fan to ask owner for money back


Carmelo Anthony heard it from a heckler during the New York Knicks’ 104-85 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday and had an interesting response.

‘Melo was on the bench with under five minutes remaining in the game and kept hearing it from a fan who was sitting nearby the Knicks’ bench. He then got up and pointed at team owner James Dolan, telling the fan to ask the owner for a refund.

“He kept calling my name, calling my name, saying, ‘You guys suck, you guys suck,'” Anthony said after the game via ESPN New York’s Ian Begley. “At that point, I was trying to gather myself, and I turned around. All I did was point at Dolan and told him, ‘Look, the owner’s right there. Ask for your money back.’ He’s calling me and telling me he’s never coming to another game and we suck. Just don’t want to hear that. I pointed to the owner and told him, ‘You deal with that with him. Maybe you can get your money back.'”

Begley says it seemed like the fan was escorted from his seats after that exchange, fairly or unfairly.

Anthony had 23 points and 10 rebounds in the loss, the Knicks’ 11th in 13 games. Obviously the fan has a lot of reasons to be frustrated, but he must not know Anthony too well. If he did, then he would have known based on this video that ‘Melo is always game to respond to fans.

Knicks fan Samantha Miller follows up with new Kristaps Porzingis sign


A New York Knicks fan whose prom request was respectfully turned down by Kristaps Porzingis is not holding a grudge.

Samantha Miller attended Friday night’s game between the Knicks and Orlando Magic and held up a creative sign asking Porzingis to attend her prom. Porzingis respectfully declined, as he is going to be out of the country at that time.

Fortunately, Miller is still the rookie’s No. 1 fan.

You can see the original sign and Porzingis’ response here.

It’s a shame Porzingis won’t be around for the big event. We’ve seen star athletes attend proms and other events with fans in the past, and it always makes for a great story.

Fan asks Kristaps Porzingis to prom with creative poster

Kristaps Porzingis prom

A fan in attendance for Friday’s Knicks-Magic game at Madison Square Garden asked Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis to prom using a creative sign.

The fan, 17-year-old Samantha Miller, put together a poster in Knicks orange and blue colors asking Porzingis to her prom at Miller Place High School:

“I have been planning this for a little more than a month,” Miller told ESPN. “I’m a huge fan of the Knicks and KP. I watch every game, so I wanted to bring him to prom with me, since I didn’t go to my junior prom due to being bullied by some boys.”

Miller is clearly a huge Knicks fan, as this photo she posted to her Twitter account will attest:

Porzingis said after the game that he saw the sign (Ace of Base style) and would be recording a video message for Miller soon. He posted a video response on his Twitter account Saturday:

It’s too bad that he won’t be going. This would have been a great PR opportunity for him. We hope he reconsiders.

Carmelo Anthony to Knicks fan: ‘You are stuck with me buddy’

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is still searching for his first NBA championship, and there is very little reason to believe the New York Knicks are close to helping him obtain it. Despite that, Anthony insists he is not looking to be traded.

During a recent exchange with fans on his Instagram page, Anthony fired back at a fan who accused him of not caring about the game.

“Shows how little you know about me. Staying in NY shows that I do care,” Anthony wrote, per Ian Begley of ESPN.com. “If I would have left, what would you have said then? ‘Oh, Melos wack for leaving. He turned his back on NY.’ FOH.

“You are stuck with me buddy. Deal with it. If you want me gone, I’ll personally walk you into the front office so you can plead your case of the Knicks trading me. Hope you have bail money bc they might have you arrested for Disturbing the Peace.”

Knicks legend Clyde Frazier didn’t do Carmelo any favors recently when he made these comments. There has already been speculation that Anthony is unhappy with the approach Phil Jackson took on draft night, though Melo has done his best to squash those reports.

The ideal scenario for Anthony would be winning a championship in New York. That would not only give him a ring but also the ability to say he remained loyal despite some horrible seasons. But if the Knicks finish anywhere near 17-65 again next season, it’s going to be difficult for a 32-year-old Anthony to not demand a one-way ticket out of town.

Knicks fans wore paper bags on head, and so did TNT crew

New York Knicks fans have officially seen enough of their 5-34 team. This particular Knicks team is likely going to go down as the worst in franchise history, and I’m sure tickets are going for cheap money. So for those fans who can’t sell theirs, out come the paper bags.

Thursday night’s loss to the Houston Rockets was New York’s 14th straight and 24th in its last 25 games. The team has gotten so bad that even the TNT crew felt it was appropriate to bust out the paper bags while doing the Knicks highlights. Here’s a great screenshot that The Cauldron passed along:


The only ones not wearing paper bags are the players themselves, but they probably should be. Our man Nick Pants has that covered:

Carmelo Anthony summed up the current state of the Knicks beautifully when he made these comments last month, and it has only gotten worse since. Phil Jackson has to be embarrassed at this point.

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