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Fan who hit halfcourt shot at Knicks game shades team for lousy prize

The New York Knicks haven’t done a lot right over the past two decades, and that theme has continued this season both with the team they put on the court and their in-game promotions.

Anthony Peterson recently attended a game at Madison Square Garden and was invited to earn a prize by attempting a halfcourt shot. He drained the shot, and many people were stunned to learn it was only worth $1,000 in lottery scratch-off tickets.

Peterson said in an interview with Rob Perez of Action Network this week that he was disappointed.

“Well, when they said scratch-offs I instantly got a headache because I was going to have to scratch them all off,” Peterson said. “I thought about who I could hire to do it for me, but then figured they might want some of the money, so I negated that idea. I was sort of like, ‘What the f— man? Some dude just won $100,000 doing the same s— in L.A. and I get some bum a– lottery tickets.’ Still a blessing though.”

The prize for hitting a halfcourt shot is typically much more than the opportunity to win money, which is basically all $1,000 worth of scratch-offs is. As Peterson referenced, a fan at a Los Angeles Lakers game made $100,000 by hitting the same shot earlier this month.

Peterson said the scratch-offs were $5 tickets, which means he had to scratch 200 of them. He ended up with $500 in prizes and a sore wrist.

“I had to scratch in shifts because my wrists were throbbing and I had card dust all over my hands and home,” Peterson joked.

Fortunately, famous YouTuber MrBeast stepped in to make Peterson’s experience more worthwhile. He found out about the shot and the Knicks’ lame prize on social media, so he wrote Peterson a check for $10,000.

Peterson said the attention he got for hitting the shot has been “amazing,” and gave MrBeast a shoutout. He said he plans to invest the money wisely.

“I was thinking about buying 10,000 dollars worth of scratch-offs and sending them to Mr. Beast as a thank you, but unfortunately I live in New York City and everything is expensive,” Peterson said. “So I’ll either buy some Disney and Tesla stocks or buy a Leica.”

Even if the Knicks didn’t want to give out a $100K prize like the Lakers, we have seen prizes for halfcourt shots that are a lot more creative than a stack of scratch-offs. In any event, Peterson is now $10,500 richer.

James Dolan threw fan out of concert for telling him to sell Knicks

James Dolan

New York Knicks owner James Dolan is known for being very sensitive about fans criticizing him or the team during home games at Madison Square Garden, but apparently he doesn’t want to hear it at music events, either.

Dolan’s latest exchange with a Knicks critic came over the weekend, when he was shown on camera banning a fan who heckled him by telling him to “sell the team.” He claimed he only banned the fan because he believes the fan’s intentions were to have a premeditated confrontation. A Knicks supporter who called out Dolan in a different setting is not buying the billionaire’s excuse.

In response to the latest example of Dolan being thin-skinned, a man who attended a concert in Tennessee featuring Dolan’s band, JD and The Straight Shot, several months ago shared a video that shows Dolan booting him from the venue because he was holding a sign that read “Quit Your Day Job. Sell the Knicks.”

“Why are you here?” Dolan asked the fan in the middle of the show. “You’re a fan of music and you’re holding up that sign? Don’t you think that’s a little negative?”

Dolan then told the man to leave so “everyone else can have a good time.” Here’s what the sign looked like, for those who are wondering:

The Knicks have been terrible for years. They’re one of the worst teams in the NBA this season, and they traded away their best player in Kristaps Porzingis. Dolan is even feuding with newspapers now in addition to fans, and it’s fair to wonder why he doesn’t sell the team. It would not be a surprise if that happens at some point in the near future.

Watch: Joakim Noah booed by Knicks fans in MSG return

Joakim Noah

New York Knicks fans sent a message to Joakim Noah during the forward’s return to Madison Square Garden on Sunday.

Noah was booed when he checked into the game for the Memphis Grizzlies late in the first quarter.

The boos make plenty of sense. Noah was signed to a 4-year, $72 million deal with the Knicks in 2016. He was suspended for PEDs in his first season; fought with Jeff Hornacek in his second; and he was waived via the stretch provision prior to his third season. He played just 53 games for them and hardly made a difference.

Noah has played in 25 games for the Grizzlies this season and is averaging 4.6 points and 4.5 rebounds in 13.2 minutes per game. The Knicks are still paying him over $6 million each of the next three seasons. You can understand why the fans are booing him.

Watch: Knicks fans chant ‘We Want Kyrie’

Kyrie Irving

New York Knicks fans are doing their part to recruit Kyrie Irving.

During Friday night’s game between the Boston Celtics and Knicks at Madison Square Garden, a “We Want Kyrie” chant broke out.

Irving can opt out of his current deal to become a free agent after the season. Though he said before the season that he would re-sign with Boston, there are doubts about whether he will stick to his word.

The Knicks meanwhile have paved the way to potentially add two players on max contracts this summer. Their master plan reportedly is to add Kevin Durant, Irving, and a top draft pick.

Watch: Thunder bench joins in as Knicks fans chant for Raymond Felton

With their team down double digits at home, New York Knicks fans had to find some way to have fun Monday against the Oklahoma City Thunder. They found it by way of chanting for their former point guard.

The Madison Square Garden crowd broke out into a “Raymond Felton” chant as the Knicks struggled, with the hope that the Thunder would insert the former Knicks guard into the game. Making things even better was the fact that members of the Thunder bench, most prominently Paul George, clapped along.

Felton was the starting point guard for the division-winning 2012-13 Knicks, who won 54 games and remain the most recent Knicks squad to make the playoffs.

Hey, the Knicks are bad this year. Their fans will take anything, and that includes any glimpse at a part of their most recent success.

LeBron James sends Knicks fans into frenzy with comment about MSG

LeBron James

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade squared off in what will likely be their final meeting against one another with Wade set to retire, and the Los Angeles Lakers star managed to drive New York Knicks fans insane while chatting on the court with his close friend and former teammate after the game.

LeBron guarded Wade on the final possession with the Lakers leading 108-105, and he forced the Miami Heat guard into a tough 3-point attempt that was off the mark. Wade later told James he appreciates him choosing the Lakers so their final matchup against one another could be at the Staples Center, and LeBron’s response was torture for Knicks fans.

Many interpreted that as LeBron saying his latest free agency decision came down to the Lakers and Knicks. James later revealed some details of the conversation while speaking with reporters.

“I said, ‘What’s the odds that our last game would be in an environment like this?’ He was like, ‘Thank you for coming here because our last meeting is in Staples Center,'” LeBron recalled. “I said, ‘There’s only two places that could have ended it: It’s here and Madison Square Garden.’ And I felt like here is even more (appropriate) because of the star power.”

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, who has followed LeBron’s career as close as any reporter, notes that L.A. was always the most likely destination for the four-time NBA MVP, and the Knicks were taken out of contention with how Phil Jackson treated Carmelo Anthony. James may have just been referring to the unique environments only the Staples Center and Madison Square Garden can provide, but it was still enough for Knicks fans to wonder what could have been.

With the tribute video he was honored with before the game, you can’t blame Wade for feeling like the Staples Center was the perfect venue for his final battle against LeBron.

Knicks fan explains motive behind ‘Don’t Trade Porzingis’ billboard

Kristaps Porzingis

If Phil Jackson wanted to know how New York Knicks fans feel about the possibility of Kristaps Porzingis being traded, he only needed to look at the massive yellow billboard outside Madison Square Garden earlier in the week.

The sign had a very simple message: “DONT TRADE PORZINGIS.”

As you can see, the ad space was rented by a digital media company called Cycle. It went live at 10 p.m. Thursday — the night of the NBA Draft — and ran for 24 hours. Rob Perez, a lifelong Knicks fan and anchor for Cycle, told Marc Berman of the New York Post that executives at the company “brainstormed” and came up with the idea.

“We were looking for a message we believe in, saw it as an opportunity to comment from a marketing standpoint with fun content,” Perez explained.

While the billboard probably had zero influence on Jackson’s decision to not trade Porzingis before the draft, it got plenty of attention. A source told Berman that the 24-hour spot likely cost a few thousand dollars.

Perez, who is 30 and has followed Jackson since his championship days coaching the Chicago Bulls, doesn’t think the Zen Master ever actually intended to deal Porzingis.

“We’ll never know what Phil was thinking, but one school of thought could be to show Kristaps, ‘I’m still the man and president and you’re still a player,’” Perez said.

That may be true, but Knicks fans who want their team to keep Porzingis shouldn’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. A report we shared with you over the weekend indicates there could still be trouble in paradise.