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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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Jaylen Brown appears to take aim at Kyrie Irving’s leadership

Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown appeared to take aim at Kyrie Irving’s leadership when speaking on a recent podcast.

Brown was a guest on Monday’s edition of “The Woj Pod” and spent part of his interview talking about Kemba Walker, who was signed by the Boston Celtics over the offseason as a replacement for Irving.

When discussing Walker’s leadership, Brown praised Walker and contrasted it with the style of someone else. It sure sounded like Brown was talking about Irving.

“He didn’t point fingers. He didn’t blame others,” Brown said of Walker. “He said that we’re going to be alright, we’re going to learn from this … he said things that were more uplifting.”

Without naming names, Brown then brought up a different type of response he had seen to adversity.

“Usually what you’re used to seeing, maybe somebody goes into a corner, doesn’t talk to nobody. Instead of starting to hang out with their teammates, they start to hang out with their agent, their friends, their entourage … nothing changed even though the times got more difficult. When things get a little bit difficult, that’s when you get to see somebody’s true makeup and character.”

Brown was upset with Irving last year for criticizing the Celtics’ young players after a January loss to Orlando. Over the summer, Brown seemed to enjoy someone clowning Irving on social media.

The type of behavior he described in the interview — a player going into a corner and not talking with teammates when things got difficult — sounds a lot like Irving. Given how Brown feels about Irving and how well the Celtics having played without Kyrie, it wouldn’t be a surprise if that’s exactly who Brown was talking about.

Kyrie Irving fires back at critics after latest round of bad press

Kyrie Irving Nets

Kyrie Irving has expressed frustration with the way the media covers him on several occasions throughout his career, and the Brooklyn Nets star is once again sharing his thoughts on all the negativity surrounding him.

After the Nets lost to the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night, Irving gave a blunt assessment of Brooklyn’s roster and basically said the team does not have enough pieces to contend for a championship. That led to headlines about Irving already being unhappy with the Nets, and the six-time All-Star made it clear on Friday that he was irritated by the coverage.

“My name, it was given to me by my grandfather and I’m very grateful, but it’s in a lot of people’s mouths all the time,” Irving said. “It is what it is. I’ve earned that respect in terms of how great I am as a player, and there’s still goals I want to accomplish in this league. I can’t do it without improving an organization and winning a championship, and that’s what it comes down to.”

To those who claim he is too harsh as a leader, Irving bluntly said, “You’re not in our locker room, stay the f— out.”

What Irving seems to be missing is that the majority of people aren’t saying anything about him being too harsh of a leader. The actual criticism against Irving is that he is not a leader, period. We saw countless examples of that when he was with the Boston Celtics last year, and he is already causing issues in Brooklyn. The Nets knew the type of personality they were getting when they signed Irving, and he continues to prove why it can create unnecessary headaches.

Kyrie Irving already seems to have issues with Nets’ roster

Kyrie Irving Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have not been enjoying the type of season they were hoping for. Kevin Durant is not playing this season due to his recovery from a torn Achilles tendon. And Kyrie Irving just returned to action on Sunday after missing two months with a shoulder injury.

The Nets are 18-22 on the season and barely in the eighth spot in the East. They lost to the Philadelphia 76ers 117-106 on Wednesday night, and the loss had Irving being blunt about the improvements the Nets’ roster needs.

Irving talking about the upgrades the Nets need to make is particularly rich coming on a night when he went 6/21 for 14 points and was a -29, which was by far the worst figure on his team.

Irving continues to show, just like he did all season with Boston last year, what an impeccable leader he is.

Kyrie Irving reportedly likely to play Sunday

Kyrie Irving Nets

Kyrie Irving finally appears ready to get back in action for the Brooklyn Nets.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Irving is likely to play Sunday against the Atlanta Hawks, marking his return to action after being sidelined for almost two months with a shoulder problem.

Irving’s mysterious shoulder injury has progressed enough that he can play through it, having recently returned to 5-on-5 practices. This would also appear to confirm that the Nets guard will not need shoulder surgery, at least not right now.

The big offseason acquisition has played just 11 times for the Nets this season, averaging 28.5 points and 7.2 assists in that brief period of action. The shoulder injury — deemed an impingement — initially didn’t seem serious, but the absences kept piling up with little explanation. With the Nets challenging for a playoff spot at 17-20, he’ll want to play the latter half of the season, hopefully improve their standing, and set things up for a successful run in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Kyrie Irving hopes to avoid surgery on injured shoulder

Kyrie Irving Nets

Kyrie Irving’s ailing shoulder is still a major problem, so much so that the possibility of surgery has entered the equation.

The Brooklyn Nets guard said Saturday he is struggling to lift his shoulder and has opted for a cortisone shot in an attempt to avoid surgery. There remains no clear timetable for his return to action.

Irving has only played in 11 games this season, and last played on Nov. 14 due to what is being called a shoulder impingement. There was a clear hint of the severity of the injury in late December, when the guard was clearly behind an earlier timetable to return to practice.

While there’s still hope that Irving will return this season, there will come a point when a decision must be made based on whether he’s getting better or not. Surgery can’t be ruled out at this point, and that would likely put the rest of his season in danger if it goes that route.

Look: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving react to Nets losing to Knicks

Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving chose to sign with the Brooklyn Nets over the New York Knicks in free agency because they both felt the Brooklyn squad was up-and-coming, and the current state of the organization was much better than the Knicks. Imagine their surprise then to see their team get beat badly Thursday by the same Knicks franchise the two avoided in free agency. It was not pretty.

Take a look at their faces during the third quarter:

The Knicks ended up winning 94-82 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Durant is still recovering from a torn Achilles tendon and has not played this season. Irving remains out with a shoulder injury and appears behind schedule with his rehab.

The Nets are now 16-14 this season, while the Knicks are 8-24.

Kyrie Irving appears behind schedule in recovery from shoulder injury

Kyrie Irving Nets

Kyrie Irving has not played in a game since Nov. 14, and it does not appear that he’s on the verge of a return over a month later.

Irving has been sidelined with what the Nets are calling a right shoulder impingement. That injury has lingered, and on Monday, Brooklyn Nets coach Kenny Atkinson revealed that Irving hasn’t even been cleared for contact yet. According to Ian Begley of SNY, the expectation was that would have happened by now.

It’s now been nearly two weeks since Atkinson suggested that Irving would begin to ramp up his involvement in practices. There is no return date, nor does there even appear to be a solid estimate. The fact that he hasn’t even been cleared for contact yet is both frustrating and worrisome, and suggests there is some truth to the thinking that the injury is not exactly a minor one.