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Steve Nash downplays any concerns about Kyrie Irving’s shoulder injury

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is not playing in the Brooklyn Nets’ game on Saturday night due to a shoulder injury, but the situation does not sound serious.

Nets head coach Steve Nash talked prior to the game about Irving’s absence.

“I don’t think it’s serious; I think it’s maintenance,” Nash said.

Irving missed significant time last season due to a shoulder injury, which is why there was some concern. But it sounds like the Nets are just giving Irving a day off.

The Nets were the hottest team in the NBA entering Saturday’s game against the Mavericks. They entered the game on an 8-game winning streak and are closing in on the top spot in the Eastern Conference. They’re also said to be pursuing one of James Harden’s former Rockets teammates.

Kyrie Irving uses disturbingly racist language in arguing for NBA logo change

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving will say almost anything for attention, so it’s no surprise that his latest act is to argue for the NBA to change the logo.

The notion of discussing whether the logo should be changed is fine. The humble Jerry West has even said he wants the logo to be changed. But what is not acceptable is the racist language and racist argument Irving uses for making such a change.

In his Instagram post saying the NBA should change the logo to Kobe Bryant, Irving said in all caps “BLACK KINGS BUILT THE LEAGUE.”

That is dangerously racist language and racist reasoning. The logo should be changed because black kings built the league, he says.

Let’s disregard that Irving has a very limited knowledge of the history of the league. Irving obviously thinks the league’s history began when Irving was old enough to start following the NBA. Let’s also disregard that Irving has little recognition of all the commissioners, investors, and executives who played roles in building the NBA. Let’s also disregard that Irving, like so many of his contemporaries, doesn’t realize that it’s the fans who have built the league and made it possible for players to earn the fame and salaries they receive.

Using race as a motivating factor in this reasoning is terrible. A white athlete saying anything remotely close to this might see their career end. It should be no more acceptable for Irving to use this language or argument.

Being racist towards any group of people is unacceptable. It is and has always been unacceptable for anyone to be racist towards black people. But it’s also unacceptable to be racist while seeking retribution for a group of people you feel are/were oppressed. That just continues the cycle of racism and divide, and makes you no better than the original racists.

Kyrie Irving wants NBA logo to be changed to Kobe Bryant

Kyrie Irving

The NBA logo has been an iconic part of the league’s brand for many decades. But for Kyrie Irving however, it falls a bit flat.

The Brooklyn Nets guard took to Instagram on Wednesday to call for the NBA to change their logo to an image of the late Kobe Bryant.

“Gotta Happen, idc what anyone says,” Irving wrote in the caption of his post. “BLACK KINGS BUILT THE LEAGUE.”

Irving was close friends with Bryant, who died in January of last year. He also recently paid tribute to Bryant in a very cool way.

The NBA logo, meanwhile, has featured the silhouette of another LA Lakers legend, Hall of Famer Jerry West, since 1969. It underwent a small font change in 2017 but has otherwise stayed the same over the years. That said, West might actually be in favor of Bryant replacing him as the NBA’s logo.

Steve Nash roasted for Kyrie Irving-Allen Iverson comments

Steve Nash

Allen Iverson was a very polarizing figure during his NBA career, much like Kyrie Irving is now. Still, many disagreed with Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash’s recent comments about the two stars.

Nash received a question this week about Iverson as a potential player comparison for Irving.

“I think Allen was special in his own right,” replied Nash, per Michael Scotto of HoopsHype. “I think Kyrie is more skilled. I think Allen was different. Allen was electrifying in a different way. He got to the line a lot. Allen was a crazy competitor.

“The variety of shot making coupled with the accuracy Kyrie has is historic,” Nash went on. “Allen is Allen. He’s one of the all-time greats. Kyrie, if you look at what he’s able to do on the court is historic too in the skill level and way he’s able to get his.”

The reaction to Nash’s comments was largely negative, specifically the part where he stated that Irving is more skilled than Iverson was.

Irving may have better efficiency than Iverson. He is also a marquee ball-handler and three-level scorer. But he is not quite the one-man wrecking crew that Iverson was. Iverson did more with less, including leading a middling supporting cast to the NBA Finals in a much more physical era where hand-checking was allowed and far less emphasis was placed on the three-point shot. Iverson has ascended to almost mythical status since his retirement as well. He is now widely revered as one of the most passionate and overall best pound-for-pound players of all-time.

That much probably is not lost on Nash, who was Iverson’s contemporary. But Irving is a player who is mostly disliked at the moment. Thus, Nash’s comments were never going to go over well in the eyes of fans.

Look: Kyrie Irving wears Kobe Bryant tribute jersey to game

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving paid tribute to the late Kobe Bryant ahead of Monday’s game between his Brooklyn Nets and the Miami Heat.

Irving was close with Bryant and viewed the former Lakers star as a mentor. Kobe died on Jan. 26, 2020 in a helicopter crash. The Nets are not playing on Tuesday, so Irving paid his respects to Bryant by wearing the former Laker star’s jersey to his game on Monday.

When news of Bryant’s shocking death emerged last year, Irving was so emotionally distraught that he decided he couldn’t play that day.

The Nets ended up paying tribute to Kobe and his late daughter Gianna with some open courtside seats last year.

This is one of what will likely be many tributes to Kobe over the week.

Video: Heat security breaks up Kyrie Irving-Bam Adebayo jersey exchange

Kyrie Irving Bam Adebayo jersey exchange

Kyrie Irving and Bam Adebayo tried to exchange jerseys after Saturday night’s game between their teams, but a Miami Heat security guard wasn’t having it.

The security worker spotted the two players about to hug and swap jerseys, so he stepped in to ensure they were separated.

The NBA recently announced new rules to crack down on player interactions as a precautionary measure regarding COVID-19. One of the new rule was the prevention of postgame jersey swaps and players hugging.

“During the pre- and post-game periods, players must limit interactions to elbow or fist bumps, avoid extended socializing and maintain 6 feet of distance as much as possible,” the new rules state.

Adebayo and Irving were violating that rule, which is why they were separated.

The Brooklyn Nets won the game 128-124 over the Miami Heat despite 41 from Adebayo.

Kyrie Irving sends message to Nets doubters after back-to-back losses

Kyrie Irving

The Brooklyn Nets are facing a miniature crisis after back-to-back losses to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but Kyrie Irving doesn’t want to hear from the doubters.

Irving made a bold statement on Instagram Saturday, promising that would be on “the main stage,” seemingly hinting at the NBA Finals. He praised those who were still with the Nets, and addressed the doubters, too.

Irving’s statement was endorsed by teammate Kevin Durant, who praised the point guard in the comments.

With the addition of James Harden, huge things are expected of Brooklyn, so back-to-back losses to Cleveland are going to raise a lot of eyebrows. The Nets’ new big three played in the first of those two losses, and that’s the only time the trio has actually played together to date. It’s going to take time for them to get comfortable with each other, especially with regard to Harden and Irving.

Irving has been a particularly controversial figure in recent weeks. This may be his way of restating his commitment to the organization.

Rasheed Wallace critical of Kyrie Irving for absence

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving received ample criticism for his recent absence from the Brooklyn Nets, and now that includes respected former NBA veterans too.

Retired big man Rasheed Wallace appeared this week on WFAN’s “Moose & Maggie.” In the interview, Wallace did not hold back on Irving’s situation.

“If it wasn’t something to do with your mom or your kids, I can’t roll with that,” said Wallace. “You saying you need space or whatever – this ain’t the summertime, so for me personally, we gotta talk about that, bro. You have a job you’re still getting paid for. You have an obligation to your teammates. He might’ve talked to the owner, or the coaches or his teammates. But it’s no excuse he shouldn’t have been there.

“I understand the whole thing with social injustice,” Wallace went on. “He has a promise to fulfill to George Floyd’s family and all. But you still have a responsibility to the team. We see him on Zoom meetings for politicians, it can’t be that serious for what you wanna sit out for.”

Irving missed seven games for the Nets with the team going 5-2 over that span. He returned for Wednesday’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers and was extremely vague with the media in addressing his absence.

As for Wallace, now 46, he was known for his hijinks on the court, but he walked the walk as well. Wallace appeared in 75 or more games in nine of his NBA seasons. He is also part of a generation who may not be able to relate to the current era of superstar coddling.

Kyrie Irving addresses media for first time since leaving Nets

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving has returned to practicing with the Brooklyn Nets and is expected to play on Wednesday. The star point guard spoke with the media on Tuesday for the first time since inexplicably leaving the team, but he did not provide much information about his absence.

Irving told reporters he had family and personal issues to tend to. He said he is not going to go into anymore detail than that.

“A lot of family and personal stuff going on,” Irving said, via ESPN’s Rachel Nichols. “I just want to leave it at that. I’ve addressed everyone who needs to be addressed. (I) just want to move on.”

Irving said he spoke with each of his teammates about his situation and that he needed some time away. He also apologized to Nets and NBA fans and said he is happy to be back.

“I am back, I am happy to be back, we got some great pieces and we move on and I let my actions and my game speak for itself like I planned on doing,” Irving added, per ESPN’s Malika Andrews. “I just needed a pause.”

While he has not confirmed that there is a link, Irving disappeared on the Nets the day after the protests at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., earlier this month. That was also around the same time it was announced no charges would be brought against the police officer who shot Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisc.

The Nets traded for James Harden while Irving was out. There have been indications that there may be significant issues between Irving and the team, so that will be worth monitoring going forward.

Kyrie Irving still not returning, will ‘ramp up conditioning’

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving was cleared from his mandatory COVID-19 quarantine over the weekend, but the star point guard is still not ready to return to the Brooklyn Nets.

The Nets have announced that Irving will not play in their game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday night, which marks his seventh straight missed game. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Irving continues to “ramp up his conditioning” and could play Wednesday against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Irving was fined $50,000 by the NBA and ordered to quarantine for five days after he attended a party without a mask on while away from the Nets. The quarantine period ended on Satuday, and it was initially reported that he would play that night.

Irving’s absence from the Nets has been for personal reasons. He still has not publicly commented on why he chose to take time off. Nets general manager Sean Marks indicated in some recent remarks (read them here) that the team doesn’t know why Irving has been out.