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ABC announcer Mark Jackson blasts Lakers fans over Danny Green death threats

Mark Jackson

ABC announcer Mark Jackson blasted Los Angeles Lakers fans on Sunday night for issuing death threats to Danny Green and his fiancee.

Green missed an open 3-pointer in Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Friday night, playing a role in the team losing to the Miami Heat. The series was extended to a sixth game as a result.

During Game 6 of the Finals, Jackson said he was “embarrassed” for the people who sent the death threats. Fellow analyst Jeff Van Gundy said he wasn’t so sure about Jackson’s remark that “we’re better than that.”

There is a reason why “fan” is short for “fanatic,” and that is because some people can take things too seriously. Those on the receiving end of the threats should do their best to ignore this sort of thing, especially if it comes from random social media accounts that don’t matter.

As we have seen many times in the world of sports, death threats can happen when players make mistakes. Nobody should be going to that extreme.

LeBron James shares what he has learned about Lakers fans

LeBron James

LeBron James has learned a lot about the Los Angeles Lakers since joining the team before last season. He’s particularly become more informed about the high expectations of the team’s fanbase.

James gave a good summation of what he found Laker fans to be like: the expectations are high, and what you’ve done before does not matter.

“The Laker faithful don’t give a damn what you’ve done before,” James said Thursday, via Mark Medina of USA Today. “Until you become a Laker, you’ve got to do it with them as well. They don’t care about your resume at all until you become a Laker. Then you got to do it as a Laker.”

LeBron probably learned this early when not all Laker fans were overjoyed by his arrival. If he didn’t then, he has now.

The good news for James is he is now a win away from bringing a title back to Los Angeles. If he gets the championship, any doubters will probably be won over.

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Clippers mural in LA defaced by apparent Lakers fan

With both Los Angeles NBA teams pushing for contention in 2020, it’s fair to say that the rivalry is escalating again. How can you tell? Murals and billboards being defaced is a pretty good indicator.

Some Clippers murals and billboards in the city have been tagged, with whoever did it using purple and gold paint and making it pretty clear they’re no fans of the Clippers.

This particular mural has “LWO” painted on it in Lakers colors. LWO could be an acronym for “Lakers World Order.”

The fact that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, a pair of Los Angeles-area natives, chose to come to the Clippers is definitely bothersome for some Laker fans. That, combined with the rivalry being what it is, is enough to inspire this sort of thing.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the shoe was on the other foot only a year ago. This is probably not the last of this we’ll see.

Watch: Kawhi Leonard booed at Rams game in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is still a Lakers town, and the city’s fans reminded us of that fact on Sunday.

Kawhi Leonard attended Sunday’s Rams-Tampa Bay Buccaneers game in Los Angeles and was booed when shown on the scoreboard.

Leonard chose to sign with the Clippers as a free agent over the Lakers, and likely played the purple and gold in the process.

The two-time NBA Finals MVP being booed by his home city’s fans prove how many passionate Lakers fans are still upset with him over the choice. The rivalry between the two teams is going to be great this season.

Look: Anti-Lakers protest draws small crowd at Staples Center

Lakers logo

Friday’s scheduled anti-Lakers protest in front of Staples Center did manage to attract a small, but enthusiastic crowd. At various points, they chanted “fire Rambis” and “no Jason Kidd.”

The rally’s stated intent was to get ESPN coverage and bring bad PR to owner Jeanie Buss. It did get some coverage, but the crowd numbered perhaps two dozen, though they weren’t lacking in enthusiasm.

Some attendees brought signs calling for some less serious solutions.

The last straw for these fans were the failed negotiations to make Ty Lue the next head coach, which reportedly fell apart in part because the Lakers insisted on adding Jason Kidd to his staff and because Kurt Rambis didn’t want it to happen.

The protest is unlikely to change much. It was widely derided online and even by some of those covering it at the scene. For better or worse, it’s highly unlikely that team executives even acknowledge it.

Lakers fan looking to organize protest outside Staples Center

Lakers logo

The Los Angeles Lakers never could have imagined that fans would be protesting over the direction of the franchise roughly a year after the team signed LeBron James, but here we are.

A Lakers fan took to Reddit on Wednesday to announce that he is planning to stage a protest outside the Staples Center at noon on Friday. He said the goal is to “voice our displeasure of the front office” and have the event covered by ESPN.

“Why? Jeannie (Buss) hates bad PR. She don’t care about us, but cares what the media says,” the fan wrote. “Point is to spin the narrative to the Talking Heads ‘Is Jeannie the opposite of her Father?’ and have them talk.”

The fan even provided some chants that he expects to hear during the rally, which include “Sell the team!” and “No Jason Kidd!” He feels that poor management is the biggest issue with the Lakers and owner Jeanie Buss is making James Dolan look like he’s doing a good job with the New York Knicks.

In addition to missing the playoffs in their first season with LeBron, the Lakers have also completely botched their head coaching search. They already know how fans feel about the current situation, but that isn’t enough for some.

Listen: Lakers booed by fans during home loss to Clippers

Lakers logo

The Los Angeles Lakers lost yet again, leaving their home fans disgusted.

The Lakers were the home team in their 113-105 loss to the Clippers at Staples Center on Monday night. Late in the game some fans filed out while many others booed.

Clippers players Patrick Beverley and Montrezl Harrell loved the boos and played to the crowd like a couple of heels.

This is how badly the Lakers have slipped. They’ve now lost three in a row, five of six, and are 30-34 on the season. With only 18 games left to make up 5.5 games in the standings, the playoffs seem out of the question. Who saw that coming when LeBron James joined the team?

Fan eyes Ferrari after making halfcourt shot at Lakers game to win $100,000

Lakers logo

A fan in attendance for Wednesday night’s Los Angeles Lakers-New Orleans Pelicans game made a $100,000 shot during a contest and already has plans for how he will spend it.

The contest took place between the third and fourth quarters of the game. After making the shot, the fan did the LeBron James silencer celebration:

LeBron James didn’t give the fan the same celebration he did in Miami six years ago, but he did give some acknowledgement.

As for the fan’s plans? He is eyeing a Ferrari.

That’s money well spent.

Timberwolves hilariously roast bandwagon Lakers fans

The Minnesota Timberwolves had their way with the Los Angeles Lakers this weekend, both on the court and on social media.

Before hosting the purple-and-gold for Sunday’s game at the Target Center, the Wolves tweeted an image of a few Lakers fans sitting in the arena. In their caption, they hilariously wrote that they were looking forward to welcoming these fans back again in March when the Golden State Warriors came to town.

To rub salt in the wound, the Wolves then ran the Lakers off the floor, winning the contest 108-86. They did however make a stunning personnel move just hours after the victory.

It’s true that Lakers fans are often criticized for jumping on the bandwagon of the Warriors, who have obviously been a lot more successful in recent years. Even this beloved Laker has weighed in on the phenomenon.

Watch: Paul George booed by Lakers fans

Paul George

Lakers fans did not give Paul George a warm welcome to Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

George’s Oklahoma City Thunder were at Staples Center to face the Lakers, and the fans in attendance booed George during introductions and when he touched the ball early in the game.

Lakers fans were hoping to land George in free agency over the summer. They were teased with reports last year that George wanted to leave the Pacers for the Lakers, which precipitated trade talks. George eventually was acquired by the Thunder in a risky move that paid off when he chose to sign an extension with OKC without ever meeting with the Lakers.

Feeling all along that George was coming to them and not even having him meet with the team is something the fans have not forgotten and were happy to remind him about.