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Lamar Jackson will be on new ‘Madden’ cover, is not afraid of curse

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson has agreed to be featured on the cover of the latest installment of the “Madden” video game series, which has naturally led to many Baltimore Ravens fans panicking about the infamous curse. Jackson said he isn’t concerned about that, especially after what happened last year.

Jackson revealed on Tuesday that he will be on the cover of “Madden 21,” which of course led to a discussion about the Madden curse. The reigning NFL MVP pointed to the fact that Patrick Mahomes was one the cover of the game last year and went on to be named Super Bowl MVP.

Mahomes did suffer multiple injuries last season, one of which initially looked devastating but turned out to be less severe than expected. Other “Madden” cover athletes have suffered season-ending injuries, so the results for Mahomes were certainly a lot better than some of his predecessors.

If Jackson does suffer a significant injury in 2020, it will likely be because of his style of play rather than his presence on a video game cover. NFL fans are all hoping that doesn’t happen.

Chase Young is supremely confident he can take down Lamar Jackson

Chase Young

Chase Young is expected to be the No. 2 pick in the NFL Draft to the Washington Redskins, and they’ll be happy with both his immense talent and his extreme confidence.

Young appeared on ESPN’s “Get Up!” Wednesday, and was pressed by host Mike Greenberg on which quarterback Young wanted to test himself against most by trying to sack. Young’s answer was Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson — and the defensive end added that he had “100 percent confidence” he could bring down the speedy Jackson in the open field.

This is a good time for a reminder of what Jackson can do. Young would have his work cut out for him.

On the other hand, Young had 16.5 sacks last season for Ohio State. He’s certainly capable of bringing down the best, and there’s no denying the confidence.

Lamar Jackson has no doubt that Michael Vick is first-ballot Hall of Famer

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson does not want to hear slander about his stylistic predecessor.

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback encountered a tweet this weekend asking if Michael Vick was a first-ballot Hall of Famer and replied simply by saying, “Thiz can’t be a real question.”

For Vick, who last played in 2015 and will be eligible for the Hall of Fame after next season, his case is a very interesting one. Detractors will point to Vick’s short-lived peak, mediocre accuracy as a passer, and lack of playoff success as reasons that he should not be in at all. But the electrifying dual-threat star was one of the most iconic quarterbacks of the 21st century and directly influenced waves of players like Jackson, who won NFL MVP this year.

Whether that is enough to get him in the Hall is up for debate, but it is clear where Jackson, who has a special bond with Vick, stands on the matter.

Antonio Brown joins Lamar Jackson, Marquise Brown for workout

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown has some new workout partners in his bid to return to the NFL.

Baltimore Ravens receiver Marquise Brown posted a picture with the former Steelers receiver, as well as Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, working out on Wednesday.

Antonio Brown also caught passes from Jackson during the workout.

This is likely to start a flood of rumors about the Ravens having interest in Brown, but the real explanation is probably simpler. Marquise Brown and Antonio Brown are cousins, so they’d have some reason to work out together. Hollywood likely enlisted Jackson to throw to them.

Antonio Brown’s off-field issues and a possible league suspension mean that not many teams are interested. He appears to be in shape, but that probably doesn’t matter.

Mark Ingram explains meaning of ‘Big Truss’

“Big Truss” became the catchphrase surrounding the 2019 Baltimore Ravens, but it left many perplexed about its meaning.

Few people had ever heard of the “Big Truss” term prior to the Ravens’ 41-7 win over the Houston Texans. In his postgame news conference, Mark Ingram hyped up Lamar Jackson and introduced him to the media. He did so saying “Big Truss” a few times.

Here’s the video:

Fast forward to Saturday, and Ingram was interviewed by NFL Network on the red carpet. Ingram was asked by Kyle Brandt about the meaning of Big Truss and offered this explanation.

“Man, it’s like trust, but just two ‘S’s’ — more swaggy. (Lamar Jackson) used to tell me that all the time. Everything we do, we do it big, so I gotta put the ‘big’ on it, ‘big truss.’ And the interview went viral, and now it’s crazy,” Ingram said.

So there you have it — it’s just a swaggy version of big trust.

The love between the two players wasn’t one-sided, either; Lamar gave plenty of love to Ingram too.

Lamar Jackson files for trademark on Super Bowl guarantee

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is getting into the trademark game, and he’s picked an interesting way to do that.

Jackson filed a trademark for three phrases. One of them sounds like a guarantee: “YOU ARE GOING TO GET A BOWL OUT OF ME, BELIEVE THAT!” That trademark was filed just five days after the heavily-favored Baltimore Ravens lost to the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Divisional round.

That first trademark is essentially word-for-word the same quote Jackson offered after being drafted by the Ravens in 2018. Jackson’s “not bad for a running back” trademark is a clear shot at those who are skeptical of his ability as a passer, something he took criticism for — even from himself — during and after his rookie season.

Jackson silencing doubters is part of his brand. Now he’s just trademarking it.

Lamar Jackson, Ravens fall victim to infamous Drake curse

Drake NFL curse

Drake has claimed yet another victim in the sports world.

The Baltimore Ravens lost at home 28-12 to the Tennessee Titans on Saturday night to see their season come to a premature and disappointing end. Those who were following things during the week might have seen it coming, though.

On Tuesday, Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson turned 23. Drake, a famous rapper, wished the quarterback happy birthday via Instagram. The message showed Drake wearing clothing that said “Truss” on it, which is a phrase the Ravens have used this season.

Right then and there, Drake officially and publicly showed his support to LJ, and it came before the Ravens’ playoff game.

So what’s the problem?

Drake is notorious for being a frontrunner, and whenever he jumps on a bandwagon, the team seems to lose. He even acknowledged that during the NFL playoffs last year.

Lamar Jackson would respectfully disagree with the notion he was cursed this week. He says he’s been friendly with the rapper for a while.

“Yeah it was pretty cool,” Jackson said of the shoutout. “I’ve been talking to Drake for the longest, you guys don’t know that, but I’ve been talking to him for the longest, so it was pretty cool.”

Jackson can say what he wants, but everyone else will say he fell victim to the curse.

If you’re an athlete, avoid Drake at all costs.

Video: Lamar Jackson called for horse collar tackle after interception

Lamar Jackson horse collar

Lamar Jackson was called for a horse collar tackle after throwing an interception in the first quarter of his Baltimore Ravens’ playoff game against the Tennessee Titans on Saturday night.

Jackson threw a pass on Baltimore’s opening drive that was intended for Mark Andrews. The ball tipped out of Andrews’ hands and was intercepted by Kevin Byard, who began returning the ball the other way. Jackson was able to tackle him but went high to do so and got called for a horse collar infraction.

CBS rules analyst Gene Steratore said he did not believe a horse collar penalty was appropriate because he did not see the quarterback dig under Byard’s pads for the tackle. Still, the foul was called, and the Titans ended up with great field position at the Baltimore 35 as a result.

Mike Vrabel has hilarious quote about trying to stop Lamar Jackson

Mike Vrabel

Mike Vrabel and his Tennessee Titans are trying to devise a plan to slow down the most electrifying player in the NFL, and the way the coach has spoken about the task this week proves how much respect he has for his upcoming opponent.

Vrabel was asked by a reporter on Tuesday about trying to stop Lamar Jackson, and he had a hilarious remark about the Baltimore Ravens quarterback’s athletic ability.

That would be one way to handle it, but it doesn’t really sound like a viable option for the Titans. Vrabel was asked a similar question on Monday, and he said watching Jackson and the Ravens in action would be a lot of fun if he did not have to figure out a way to slow them down.

Jackson is going to win the NFL MVP award, and he could not be more deserving. He rushed for over 1,000 yards this season and threw for 3,127 with 36 touchdown passes compared to just six interceptions. He is more than capable of beating defenses with his legs and arm, which has forced all those who said he couldn’t play quarterback in the NFL to tuck their tails between their legs.

Vrabel’s Titans were impressive in holding the Patriots to just 13 points in their win at New England on Saturday night, but those Tom Brady-led Pats had a plethora of issues on offense. Baltimore has very few, and it will take the Titans’ best performance of the year to pull off the upset.

Report: Lamar Jackson critic Bill Polian did not cast All-Pro vote for Ravens QB

Bill Polian

Hall of Fame general manager Bill Polian was a public skeptic of Lamar Jackson when the quarterback was drafted. Polian has since admitted he was wrong, but there are apparently limits to his level of belief in Jackson.

Jackson garnered 47 of 50 votes at the quarterback position for the AP All-Pro team. According to Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk, one of the three who voted for someone else was Polian, who infamously said he viewed Jackson as a wide receiver when the Heisman Trophy winner was coming out of college. Fellow SiriusXM hosts Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller were the other two voters who did not select Jackson.

Polian and the other two dissenters instead voted for Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

It leads one to wonder what Polian’s thought process is. The ex-GM admitted he was wrong in his evaluation of Jackson, but apparently he still has a way to go in viewing Jackson as the league’s best quarterback. This comes despite the fact that Jackson tallied up 4,333 total yards and 43 total touchdowns, 36 of which were passing. The vast majority of voters were convinced by Jackson this season. Polian still wasn’t one of them.