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Lamar Odom signs celebrity boxing deal and will fight in June

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom is the latest celebrity to enter the world of celebrity boxing.

Odom announced on Thursday that he has signed with Celebrity Boxing. He made the announcement in a video and also shared a photo of himself in a fighting pose.

Odom is set to fight on June 12 at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City. He was asking for suggestions of celebrities to fight.

If they could line up someone from the Kardashian family, that would sell pretty well.

Celebrities fights may be a trend for the future after the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. fight sold pretty well along with the Nate Robinson-Jake Paul fight.

Odom, 41, played in the NBA from 1999-2013. He was a two-time NBA champion and former Sixth Man of the Year. He recently played in the Big 3 basketball league, though he got dropped in 2019.

Lamar Odom says ex girlfriend Sabrina Parr has hijacked his social media accounts

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom and his ex-girlfriend Sabrina Parr have seemingly had an on-and-off relationship for several months now, but they are clearly not on good terms at the moment.

Odom said in an Instagram post on Wednesday that he is “working hard to build my new brand and a new team.” He says that has been difficult because his social media accounts are being “held hostage” by his ex, which presumably refers to Parr.

“Unfortunately my social media platforms are being held hostage by my ex and we are working hard to recover my passwords for IG and Twitter — if any of y’all know someone who can get it reset for me hit my brand managers DM ASAP @savvygirlconsulting,” Odom wrote.

Odom made the post from his Instagram account, so he must have access to it. It’s unclear if he’s saying Parr also has access or the ability to hack his account.

Parr wrote in an Instagram post last month that she had made the difficult decision to end her relationship with Odom. What was more troubling was that she said Odom “desperately needs” help.

Roughly a week later, Parr shared photos and videos on social media that indicated she and Lamar had gone on a romantic getaway to celebrate the anniversary of their engagement.

Parr used to be an ESPN contributor, but she was fired a few years back for some comments she made about two NFL players. Her relationship with Odom has been a rocky one, to say the least.

Lamar Odom, girlfriend Sabrina Parr back together after brief split?

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom’s girlfriend Sabrina Parr took to social media last week to reveal she has called off the couple’s engagement, but it does not look like the split lasted very long.

In an Instagram post last Wednesday, Parr wrote that she had made the difficult decision to end her relationship with Odom. What was more troubling was that she said Odom “desperately needs” help.

A lot has changed in a week, as Parr and Odom went on some sort of “quick little getaway” early Thursday morning. Parr shared a photo of her and Odom on her Instagram story and wrote “made it in time to celebrate our 1-year engagement anniversary.”

The concern Parr’s post last week created relates to Odom’s history with drug and alcohol addiction. He nearly died of a drug overdose at a Nevada brothel in October 2015. The former Los Angeles Laker has been open about his battle with addiction, though it’s unclear if that is what Parr was alluding to.

Parr used to be an ESPN contributor, but she was fired a few years back for some comments she made about two NFL players. If she and Odom were having issues recently, they have apparently worked through them.

Lamar Odom, girlfriend Sabrina Parr call off engagement

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom has dealt with a lot of adversity over the past several years, and the former NBA star may be going through another rough patch in his personal life.

Odom’s girlfriend, Sabrina Parr, revealed on her Instagram story Wednesday night that she and Lamar have broken off their engagement. Parr indicated ending the relationship was her choice, as she called it a “difficult decision for me to make.” What was more concerning was that Parr said Odom “desperately needs” help.

“I love him dearly but I am no longer able to be by his side while he seeks the help he so desperately needs,” Parr said of Odom. “I wish him all the best and I am asking that you pray for everyone involved.”

You can see a screenshot of the Instagram story below:

The concern, obviously, is Odom’s history with drug and alcohol addiction. He nearly died of a drug overdose at a Nevada brothel in October 2015. The former Los Angeles Laker has been open about his battle with addiction, though it’s unclear if that is what Parr was alluding to.

Parr used to be an ESPN contributor, but she was fired a few years back for some comments she made about two NFL players. She and Odom had been engaged for about a year.

Lamar Odom wishes he could ask Kobe Bryant for advice on recent fan backlash

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom has recently been hearing some criticism from fans who are unhappy that he pawned his Los Angeles Lakers championship rings, and the former NBA star wishes one of his closest friends were still around to give him advice on how to handle the situation.

Odom and Kobe Bryant were close during their time playing together and afterword, and Odom told TMZ this week that he is hurting over Kobe’s death like many others. Bryant helped Odom through some of his lowest moments in life, and Odom says he would have leaned on Kobe for advice with many Lakers fans currently upset with him.

“I miss him just for his advice,” Odom said. “The first advice I would ask him for is how do I get these fans to forgive me for pawning those rings — just for his brotherhood and leadership.”

As TMZ recently reported, Odom pawned his 2008-09 and 2009-10 Lakers championship rings years ago when he was having issues with his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian. The rings recently hit the auction block with Heritage Auctions, where the bidding has gotten up to $60,000 and is expected to eclipse $100K at some point.

Odom has battled addiction and had financial trouble since his playing career ended, and he recently revealed one of the ill-advised ways he blew a ton of money.

Odom nearly died of a drug overdose back in 2015. The incident took place not long after two of his closest friends died, and Kobe was one of the first people to reach out to Odom to help him then. Odom must be struggling with yet another major loss in his life.

Lamar Odom talks about time he blew $120,000 at the club in one night

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom has made numerous mistakes in his life, and that includes the one night he blew a couple years of salary for most people in just one night.

Odom was a guest on “In Depth with Graham Bensinger” and talked about one of his worst financial decisions. Odom, who played 14 seasons in the NBA, recalled a night when he blew $120,000 at a club.

“I was in a club in Miami with my late great friend, Rasual Butler,” Odom told Bensinger. “It was Rasual’s birthday. When we go out, we like to drink, and we drank Moet Rose. And then we see this football player right in front of us. He and his guy are drinking Ace of Spades. He said to me, ‘L.O., step your game up.’ So I told the waiter that I need a hundred bottles of Moet Rose.

“I said I want them to bring ten now, and then give ten to these Puerto Rican kids. So now, I am going to assassinate the whole look that he got going on. I got the kids sitting right next to him, buying ten bottles of Moet Rose that I am about to drink with them. So that’s 20. I had this whole, little dark VIP section, and that was like 70 bottles. When I got to the 80th bottle, I told them to hand this out in the crowd and then bring the last 20 right back here.

“That is probably my worst. It probably cost like $120,000. I did it for pride — foolish pride.”

If it makes you feel any better, Lamar, everyone’s had one night like that. You get a little carried away, maybe try to show off a little, and then you really feel it the next day when you wake up, check your bank account, and realize what you did. That’s how people learn.

As embarrassing as this story is, Odom has so much company when it comes to athletes wasting money.

The video clip is below:

Lamar Odom claims Mark Cuban kicked, berated him during time with Mavericks

Lamar Odom

It is no secret that Lamar Odom’s one-year tenure with the Dallas Mavericks was an unhappy one for the player. Some explosive new claims, however, make it sound even worse than previously thought.

In his recently released autobiography Darkness to Light: A Memoir, Odom claimed that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban kicked Odom and berated him in front of his teammates as he struggled to adapt in Dallas.

Odom recalls one instance where, during a particularly bad game, he went to sit on the end of the bench after being substituted. Odom said Cuban kicked him in the shins, and credited teammate Vince Carter with grabbing his arm before he could physically retaliate — an act that Odom says saved his career.

“During one homestand, I was having possibly the worst game of the season,” Odom wrote, via Joey Hayden of the Dallas Morning News. “Head coach Rick Carlisle subbed me out, and I looked for a seat near the coaches, but none were available. So I went down to the only open seat at the end of the bench. Right next to Cuban.

“Cuban extended his right foot and kicked my shin. … I was stunned. This wasn’t a tap. I felt it. That was the last straw. It was painfully clear he did not respect me as a man. I felt the adrenaline rush through my body. In an instant I was transported back to Linden Boulevard, where the slightest act of disrespect could be fatal. As I sprang up, Vince Carter, who was sitting next to me, grabbed my arm tightly and leaned in.”

Odom said he finally broke on Apr. 7, 2012, when Cuban entered the locker room after Odom played just four first half minutes and challenged the player by asking if he was in or out.

“I didn’t take kindly to it,” Odom wrote. “Once again, he didn’t treat me like a man. That’s not how you handle something in front of the entire team. Man, it was heated. I had fantasies about decking him, but that wasn’t the way out. I never played another game for the Mavs.”

The story about the halftime confrontation actually checks out. The incident was widely reported at the time, and while the motivations described are Odom’s own interpretation, the details largely match up.

Odom admitted that he was not in a good place mentally when he arrived in Dallas, and the negative emotions did follow him all season. At the time, he even said that he had considered taking the season off after dealing with some tragic events that took place during the 2011 offseason. That said, he also took some blame for how things went downhill in Dallas — though he hinted that Cuban should have as well. It’s no secret that the Mavericks owner can get heated during games, and the kicking story in particular reflects poorly on him.

Ray Lewis, Lamar Odom to compete on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Ray Lewis

The latest season of the hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars” is going to feature a strong presence from the sports world.

ABC revealed the full celebrity cast of DWTS on Wednesday’s edition of “Good Morning America,” and two of the contestants are Ray Lewis and Lamar Odom. The latest season will premiere on Sept. 16.

Lewis has worked in various TV roles since retiring after the 2012 season, while Odom has been adamant about wanting to continue his professional basketball career. The former Los Angeles Laker spent a very brief stint with the BIG3 basketball league recently but never appeared in an actual game. He recently expressed interest in returning overseas to play.

One of the things Lewis became known for during his NFL career was his famous celebratory dance, so perhaps he will incorporate some of those moves into the show.

If DWTS is something you’re into, Lewis and Odom should make for intriguing contestants.

Lamar Odom calls situation with BIG3 a ‘miscommunication’

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom seemed upset last month over the way his brief tenure with the BIG3 came to an abrupt end, but it sounds as though he has smoothed some things over with the league and founder Ice Cube in the weeks since.

Odom was asked by TMZ over the weekend about his deactivation from the BIG3, and he immediately waved his hand as if to say it is no big deal. He then called it a “miscommunication.”

“I guess it was a miscommunication, but it’s over,” Odom said. “I wish them well and all the success — Ice Cube and anybody that has anything to do with the BIG3. And I hope (his former team) the Enemies win.”

Ice Cube indicated that health and decreased ability may have been contributing factors to Odom never catching on with the BIG3, and Odom said he was frustrated with that because he had been open and honest with the league from the start. He then said in a lengthy statement on Instagram that he found out about being cut on social media and was embarrassed by how everything unfolded. It sounds like he has spoken with Ice Cube since.

Odom also said he is looking into returning to the Philippines to play and called it a “strong possibility” that it will happen. The 39-year-old has made it clear he is not giving up on playing basketball professionally.

Lamar Odom plans to continue playing professional basketball

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom was hoping to make a name for himself once again when he signed a contract to play with the BIG3, but his tenure in the league was a very brief one. Some have wondered if that will mark the end of competitive basketball for the 39-year-old, but he insists that is not the case.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Odom called his deactivation from the BIG3 “just another setback.” He said he plans to pursue other opportunities to play professionally, perhaps overseas again.

“I’m gonna play professional basketball again, maybe in the Philippines or something like that,” Odom said. “That’s just another setback.”

Odom played in the Philippines prior to returning to the U.S. to sign with the BIG3, so he should be able to go back if he so chooses. He also recently announced that he has partnered with a company called MicDrop to work as a motivational speaker, and he says getting bounced from the BIG3 opened up that opportunity.

While he was clearly unhappy with the way Ice Cube’s league dropped him, Odom has tried to maintain a positive attitude. His game is obviously not going to return to anywhere near where it was before his drug overdose, but that does not seem to have discouraged him.