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#pounditTuesday, May 17, 2022

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Stephen Swart: Lance Armstrong Was Ringleader in Encouraging Blood Doping

It’s one thing for Floyd Landis to accuse Lance Armstrong of PED use. Armstrong’s defense against allegations from Landis are simple: attack Floyd’s character and question his credibility given the man’s reputation as a self-admitted liar. But what happens when another cyclist makes the same accusations? Then you have to contemplate the truth of the matter, if you haven’t already.

SI has done some reporting regarding a federal grand jury inquiry about Armstrong. One of the strongest pieces of information they acquired came from New Zealand cyclist Stephen Swart, who rode with Armstrong on the Motorola team in 1995.

According to SI, Swart “describes the Texan as the driving force behind some of the team members deciding to use the banned blood booster EPO. “He was the instigator,” Swart tells SI. “It was his words that pushed us toward doing it.” This fits with what Landis had already said, that Armstrong encouraged the PED use on his teams.

Given what we know about cycling and the way so many of the champions and contenders get busted for PED use, it’s very similar to track and field. So many people are breaking the rules by using illegal substances that it’s almost impossible to compete without cheating. I’m in no way condoning cheating in cycling but merely pointing out the likelihood that most athletes competing in the sport have used PEDs. In Armstrong’s case, the evidence is mounting against his public reputation as a clean athlete.

Lance Armstrong Causes Delay at Tour with Black 28 Cancer Jerseys

We already pointed out the news that Alberto Contador won the Tour de France, making most of you yawn. I get it. How many people are interested in watching a bunch of skinny dudes in tight shirts and even tighter shorts pedal around on their bicycles? Not many. But an interesting side story to the final stage of the Tour was the delay caused at the start of the race by Lance Armstrong.

The cancer survivor and cycling legend persuaded his Radio Shack team to put on black jerseys with the number 28 on the back to represent the 28 million people fighting cancer. The problem is the team was notified they would be disqualified from the race if they didn’t wear their proper jerseys and numbers and that’s what led to the 15 minute delay at the start. It wasn’t until they completed the final stage of the race that they put their 28 shirts back on to show support for cancer patients. With actions like these, it’s easy to see why so many people are in denial over Floyd Landis’ accusations regarding Livestrong Man.

Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images