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Channing Frye says LeBron James should retire after Suns loss

LeBron James

Channing Frye has a bold opinion regarding LeBron James.

Frye, who played in the NBA from 2005-2019, provided commentary in an NBA Twitter session during Game 6 between the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns on Thursday. Frye said that James’ play has dropped to the point that he should retire.

“Here’s my thing,” Frye said. “If LeBron is averaging less than 25 points a game, which he’s been averaging, I think he should retire. That’s a crazy thing for me to say, but if he leaves the game averaging 25 points a game right. Also, I’m gonna add another level on this. Who are the Lakers bringing in or trading for that can put him over the top? Have you seen the free agents? There’s nobody.”

Frye, 38, seems to be feeling like it’s all downhill from here for James and that if he’s not going to be winning a championship, he should retire.

James knows the end of his career is near, but that probably won’t stop him from continuing to play. He could very easily point to the limited offseason and injuries as the reason why his Lakers were unable to repeat.

And before you accuse Frye of being a LeBron hater, be sure to note that they used to be teammates in Cleveland. Frye has been favorable to James in the past and actually said something outrageous about Steph Curry.

Video: LeBron James does not shake hands with Suns after playoff loss

LeBron James shake hands

LeBron James lost in the first round of the NBA playoffs for the first time ever, and he was in no mood for sportsmanship afterwards.

James’ Los Angeles Lakers lost at home 113-100 to the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 of the first round of the playoffs on Thursday night. They got down early and were never able to fully come back in the game, especially without Anthony Davis.

James remained in the game until being subbed out with 30.6 seconds left and his team down by 13. When the game went final, he headed to the locker room in Staples Center. Several other Lakers players remained on the floor to congratulate their opponents on the series win.

Marc Gasol, Markieff Morris, Anthony Davis, Alex Caruso and assistant coach Jason Kidd were among some of the Lakers who stuck around to congratulate the Suns. But not LeBron.

James is close friends with Chris Paul and a big supporter of Devin Booker. It wouldn’t have taken much effort to stick around and congratulate them on the huge series win. But that’s just not what James does. He didn’t stick around for the end of the Game 5 loss.

James has been a poor sport since the beginning of his career, and he remains one through the end of it.

Chris Bosh admits LeBron James leaving Heat ‘hurt’

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh made an admission recently about LeBron James leaving the Miami Heat.

Bosh (Toronto Raptors) and James (Cleveland Cavaliers) both left their respective franchises to team up with Dwyane Wade on the Heat in 2010. James stayed for four seasons before deciding to return to Cleveland for another four years.

Bosh admits that James leaving the Heat to return to Cleveland was difficult for him. He said that during an appearance on “The Colin Cowherd Podcast” by The Volume, which was published on Wednesday.

Bosh was asked if it was sad or a realization all things come to an end when James left.

“Both. We wanted to, of course, get another crack at it,” Bosh said. “We were super disappointed; it sucks losing in the finals. It sucks playing 82 games, and then playoffs, and then get your head beat in the championship situation. So, you know, not being able to three-peat was tough. We had to get over that, but I came to later understand more about [LeBron’s] decision.

“At the time I was, you know, I was hurt a little bit, and disappointed and all those things but eventually we had to move on, and another season started. So, we had a new bunch of guys to lead and now everybody’s like, ‘Hey Chris, you used to shoot the ball in Toronto a lot, right? Can you do that again?’ Cool, you know, blow the dust off these knees and let’s see what happens.”

Bosh resumed his role as a primary scoring option following James’ departure. But the Heat missed the playoffs in their first season after James left. They were able to rebuild after that season and won the division three of the next five seasons. Last year, they even made the NBA Finals.

It’s hard not to understand where Bosh is coming from. He, James and Wade made a decision together and joined forces. So for James to turn around and leave to go elsewhere, that made clear he was no longer working together with Bosh.

Alex Caruso wants to stay with Lakers because of relationship with LeBron?

Alex Caruso

LeBron James may have just found himself a new ride-or-die to replace James Jones.

Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer reported Wednesday that there is a sense among Los Angeles Lakers officials that point guard Alex Caruso relishes supporting James and may want to stay in LA to continue competing alongside the reigning Finals MVP.

Caruso, 27, will be an unrestricted free agent in the summer. His numbers (6.4 points and 2.9 assists per game this season) do not exactly pop off the page. But Caruso is an important role player for the Lakers with his one-on-one defense and his ability to make big hustle plays.

Caruso is now in his fourth season as a Laker, three of which have come with James as his teammate. The former Texas A&M star is beloved by the fans for many reasons. His loyalty to “The King” is just another one.

Video: LeBron James leaves Game 5 with five minutes left

LeBron James exits

LeBron James did not stick around for the end of his team’s ugly loss to the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night.

The Los Angeles Lakers were without Anthony Davis in Game 5 of their first-round playoff series against Phoenix. They got hammered by the Suns 115-85.

The Suns blew out the Lakers in the second quarter and took a 30-point lead into halftime. The Lakers were unable to significantly close the margin.

So with his team down big in the fourth quarter, James left the court even though there were five minutes left in the game.

There is some speculation that James left the floor to go get treatment on his ankle, which caused him to miss time towards the end of the regular season. Whatever the reason for the exit, James obviously felt he couldn’t wait the five minutes for the game to end.

This is actually becoming a trend for James, who pulled a similar move last year.

Rich Paul believes Bill Simmons’ criticism of ‘The Decision’ was racist

LeBron James

LeBron James has now gone 11 years, three teams, and four NBA titles since his infamous “The Decision” special in 2010. But Rich Paul still has not forgotten about one particular criticism that James received during that whole saga.

Paul, James’ agent, was featured in a profile for The New Yorker this week. In it, Paul said that he still has not forgiven The Ringer CEO Bill Simmons for the comments that Simmons made about James at the time.

The interview cites a column that Simmons, who was then with ESPN, wrote. The column came in response to “The Decision,” James’ national television spectacle announcing that he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to sign with the Miami Heat.

“I blame the people around him. I blame the lack of a father figure in his life,” Simmons wrote. “I blame us for feeding his narcissism to the point that he referred to himself in the third person five times in forty-five minutes. I blame local and national writers (including myself) for apparently not doing a good enough job explaining to athletes like LeBron what sports mean to us, and how it IS a marriage, for better and worse, and that we’re much more attached to these players and teams than they realize.”

Paul made clear in the interview that he still did not appreciate the remarks.

“That’s why I don’t speak to Bill Simmons,” said Paul. “A lot of that has to do with race too. He wouldn’t have said that about Larry Bird. He wouldn’t have said that about JJ Redick. You get what I am saying? ‘The Decision’ ten years ago is the norm today. It’s what everyone wants to do. Kids won’t even decide where they go to college without it being a big production. And Bill Simmons says some s— like that.”

James himself felt very similarly about another criticism that was levied his way for “The Decision” — Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert’s notorious open letter to the team’s fans. The four-time MVP would later say that he thought Gilbert’s letter had racial undertones.

As for Simmons, he has had plenty of feuds with prominent NBA figures, even as recently as this season. Now we know Paul is on that list as well.

Frank Vogel hints at expanded role for LeBron James without Anthony Davis

LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers are facing the possibility of having to win a pivotal Game 5 on the road without Anthony Davis. That means LeBron James would almost certainly have to step up in a big way.

When asked Monday about the possibility of James taking on a bigger load in Game 5 with the potential of Davis not playing, coach Frank Vogel hinted that James may see his minutes stretched out. He also added, however, that keeping James fresh for crunch time was a major consideration.

The Lakers have been careful about managing James’ minutes in the first four games of the series. He topped out at 39 minutes in Game 2, and he has yet to break the 40-minute barrier this postseason. That might have to change to prevent the Lakers from falling into a 3-2 hole if Davis isn’t good to go in Game 5.

James battled an ankle injury for the latter part of the season, which also has to be taken into account here. That said, he’s downplayed those concerns, and he’d probably want to be on the court as much as possible with the Lakers in the position they’re in.

Orlando mayor responds to LeBron James dissing city

LeBron James

Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer is taking the high road in response to some brutal shade from LeBron James.

In the most recent episode of HBO’s “The Shop,” the Los Angeles Lakers star James dissed the city of Orlando. He said he had “PTSD” from last season’s bubble in Orlando. James also joked that the Magic had “no chance” of ever signing him and that he would just retire if he got traded to Orlando.

The comments caught the attention of Dyer, who is Orlando’s longest-serving mayor, having held office since 2003.

“I’m certain that you didn’t experience the other half of Orlando during your time in the bubble last summer, @KingJames,” Dyer tweeted in response. “Next time you’re here, let’s go out for lunch. You’ll see that our community is diverse, inclusive and vibrant.”

James’ perspective is somewhat understandable after he spent roughly three straight months in the Orlando bubble. But at this point, there might be something personal going on between Orlando and the Lakers. One of James’ teammates is also not too fond of the city.

Video: LeBron James gives Deandre Ayton cheap push, then doesn’t hustle back

LeBron James push Deandre Ayton

LeBron James turned into a poor sport at the end of his Los Angeles Lakers’ Game 4 loss to the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the NBA playoffs on Sunday.

James’ Lakers lost 100-92, resulting in a series tied at two. With a minute and a half left, the Suns were leading 95-88. Deandre Ayton got a defensive rebound after a missed shot by Dennis Schroder. And right afterwards, James gave Ayton a cheap push in the back.

James then didn’t even bother to get back on defense. Jae Crowder was left with a wide open 3-pointer that he buried to seal the victory.

That’s how you know LeBron was giving up and conceding the game.

The series now heads back to Phoenix for Game 5. Given questions about Anthony Davis’ status, the defending champions need to take things seriously.

Video: Jae Crowder had great reaction to LeBron James complaining about foul

Jae Crowder reaction

Jae Crowder had a great reaction to LeBron James complaining about a foul late in Game 4 on Sunday.

The Phoenix Suns beat the Los Angeles Lakers 100-92 to tie the series at two. With about five minutes left in the game, the Suns were leading 91-77. James drove to the basket and got pulled down by his shoulders by Crowder, who got called for a foul.

James asked the referees to review the play, which led to a great reaction from Crowder:

Crowder wasn’t having any of it. He has been getting into it with the Lakers all series, to the point that Lakers fans have made him a target. He even got ejected at the end of Game 3. But on Sunday, his Suns got the win to even the series.