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NBA announces suspensions for LeBron James-Isaiah Stewart incident

LeBron James struggles with Isaiah Stewart

The NBA on Monday announced the discipline for the LeBron James-Isaiah Stewart incident.

The NBA suspended James one game and Stewart was suspended two games.

In its press release announcing the discipline, the league gave its reasoning for the penalties. James was suspended “for recklessly hitting Stewart in the face and initiating an on-court altercation.”

Stewart was suspended two games for “escalating an on-court altercation by repeatedly and aggressively pursuing … James in an an unsportsmanlike manner.”

The ejection marked the second of James’ career. He will serve his suspension during the Lakers’ game against the Knicks on Tuesday. Stewart will serve his suspension during the Pistons’ games on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Report: LeBron James tried to apologize to Isaiah Stewart

LeBron James' incident with Isaiah Stewart

LeBron James delivered a blow to the face of Isaiah Stewart on Sunday night that left the Detroit Pistons big man bloody, but the four-time NBA MVP insists there was no intention behind the ugly play.

James was getting boxed out by Stewart and struggling for position on a free throw attempt in the third quarter. His frustration appeared to get the best of him, and he drilled Stewart in the face (video here).

During an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” Monday, Shams Charania of The Athletic revealed that LeBron tried to track down Stewart’s phone number after the game so he could apologize.

“I’m told LeBron James has made clear, whether it was on the court or postgame, that that was an inadvertent hit to Isaiah Stewart, that he didn’t mean to do it and it was not intentional. … I’m told LeBron James did try to track Isaiah Stewart’s number down postgame to apologize to Stewart again and let him know it was an inadvertent hit to his face,” Charania said.

Charania seems to believe that the punch was inadvertent. LeBron probably didn’t mean to cause so much damage, but it certainly looked like he intentionally swung in Stewart’s direction because he was aggravated. Both James and Stewart were ejected and could be facing further discipline from the NBA.

It’s fair to wonder if Stewart would have been in the mood for an apology. He was so irate after the play that he broke away from teammates who were trying to restrain him. Some thought he was hunting King James, but nothing came of it.

The scene was certainly an ugly one. It will now be up to the NBA to determine how inadvertent LeBron’s swing was.

New angle of Carmelo Anthony during LeBron-Stewart incident goes viral

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony has been involved in plenty of dust-ups during his career (see: 2006 Nuggets-Knicks brawl). Thus, what he saw on Sunday against Detroit did not faze him much at all.

A new angle of Anthony after LeBron James’ incident with Pistons center Isaiah Stewart is going viral this week. In the video, which shot from behind the Los Angeles Lakers bench and posted by Instagram user Timmy Allos, Anthony is talking about Stewart to referee Phenizee Ransom.

“He’s not coming this way,” Anthony says of Stewart, an apparent reference to Stewart supposedly going into the tunnel to get back at James.

Anthony then starts yelling at Pistons guard Cory Joseph, who had made his way to the Lakers bench. “Why are you over here?” Anthony angrily asks.

The video of Anthony went viral and led to some more great reactions.

The 37-year-old Anthony sure did seem like he was a lot more willing to throw down than his Banana Boat bro James was. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the years, it’s that you definitely want Anthony on your side when the stuff hits the fan.

Photo: Nov 27, 2019; Portland, OR, USA; Portland Trail Blazers power forward Carmelo Anthony (00) warms up prior to tip off against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Moda Center. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Top sportsbook offering odds for LeBron James-Isaiah Stewart boxing match

LeBron James' incident with Isaiah Stewart

One top sportsbook has got you covered if LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart ever decide to go full Wilder and Fury.

Online sportsbook Bovada is now offering odds for a James-Stewart boxing match. The four-time MVP James is listed as a -230 favorite.

The two players had the viral NBA moment of the year when they got into it during Sunday’s game. James bloodied Stewart with an elbow to the face in the third quarter, and Stewart responded by trying to fight everybody. Twitter also chimed in with some legendary reaction memes.

It is hard to see why James would be the favorite in a boxing match though. At 6-foot-9 and 250 pounds, he is around the same size as Stewart, who is listed at 6-foot-8 and 250 pounds. Stewart is also 17 years James’ junior and could probably bring a lot more energy and stamina to the ring.

Regardless, an actual fight between James and Stewart will never happen in a trillion years. That much is obvious when you consider, among many other reasons, how many people James was hiding behind when Stewart tried to come at him.

Twitter reacts to LeBron James-Isaiah Stewart incident

LeBron James' incident with Isaiah Stewart

Twitter certainly did not disappoint with their reaction to the LeBron James-Isaiah Stewart brouhaha on Sunday.

The Los Angeles Lakers forward James and the Detroit Pistons big Stewart were in the middle of perhaps the melee of the NBA season when the former caught the latter with a dirty shot in the third quarter (video here).

Stewart was absolutely incensed about the elbow and responded by trying to fight James along with literally every other Laker.

It did not take long for social media to open up a treasure chest of reaction memes. Take a look at some of the very best ones, including funny swipes at the Lakers, WWE references, and jokes about Malice at the Palace 2.0.

The 20-year-old Stewart was a little-known second-year big man before Sunday’s incident. But in coming for The King and anybody else who got in his way, Stewart has forever immortalized himself in both basketball and meme culture. Maybe Stewart has officially replaced this guy as the NBA’s most memeable player.

Video: LeBron James was protected from Isaiah Stewart by so many people

LeBron James protected

LeBron James may have caused Isaiah Stewart to go nuts on him during Sunday’s game with a dirty blow to the face, but he wasn’t on an island afterwards. Far from it.

James was ejected for taking a dirty shot that left Stewart bloodied during the third quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers-Detroit Pistons game (close angles here). Stewart was furious afterwards and got ejected from the game. He wanted to fight everyone (video here).

James was well-guarded after the incident. A fan video that contains some cussing shows that James had a few people shielding him from Stewart in the aftermath:

Both James and Stewart are likely facing suspensions from the league.

James may have started things with his dirty shot at Stewart, but he knew better than to stick around and see what happened. He faded well back in the scene behind several layers of protection.

Next up, the NBA will have to decide on some discipline.

Did Isaiah Stewart run into tunnel hunting for LeBron James?

Isaiah Stewart runs in the tunnel

Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart was so irate after his confrontation with LeBron James that he appeared ready to go after the Lakers star in the tunnel.

James was ejected during Sunday night’s game in Detroit after he took an apparent shot at Stewart’s face while the two were competing for a rebound (video here). The confrontation left Stewart bloody and irate, and the Pistons center basically wanted to take on the entire Lakers team in response.

Stewart was assessed two technical fouls for his reaction to the incident and was subsequently ejected. He seemed to have calmed down as he began moving toward the tunnel, but TV cameras caught him breaking away from his teammates and charging into the tunnel as if he were pursuing someone.

Stewart’s reason for running through the tunnel wasn’t clear. There was speculation that Stewart may have wanted to use the tunnel to go around and access the Laker bench. The teammates who were following Stewart looked like they were trying to prevent that from happening.

It’s not unprecedented for on-court conflicts to spread into the tunnel. The tunnel charge was a pretty solid indication of just how angry Stewart was, and how unwilling he was to calm down and let it go.

Video: Isaiah Stewart wanted to fight every Laker after shot from LeBron

Isaiah Stewart with blood

Isaiah Stewart wanted absolutely all of the smoke on Sunday against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Stewart’s Detroit Pistons were playing the Lakers when he got hit with a dirty LeBron James elbow during a third-quarter free-throw attempt by Pistons forward Jerami Grant (video here).

Stewart saw red, literally and figuratively. Blood began pouring out of the right side of his head, and he got right up into James’ face. After being held back by teammates, Stewart then tried to break free multiple times and get a piece of other Lakers players like Russell Westbrook and DeAndre Jordan who were chirping back at him. Take a look at the wild scene.

Pistons personnel eventually got Stewart off the floor and into the locker room. He was ultimately assessed two technical fouls and ejected for the outburst. Meanwhile, James was also thrown out of the game after being assessed a Flagrant 2 foul for the elbow. It was just the second ejection of James’ entire career.

The Lakers were trailing the 4-11 Pistons by double-digits at the time, so there was probably some frustration on James’ part for him to react that way on a routine box-out. As for Stewart, this has to be the wildest case of a player trying to take on an entire team since Reds pitcher Amir Garrett.

Video: LeBron James ejected for dirty blow to Isaiah Stewart

LeBron James struggles with Isaiah Stewart

LeBron James was ejected for throwing a dirty elbow/slap at Isaiah Stewart during Sunday’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons.

The players were lined up under the basket as Jerami Grant attempted his second of two free throws in the third quarter. James was getting boxed out and struggling with Stewart for positioning. Upset about being boxed out, James appeared to throw an elbow/slap at Stewart’s face:

Here is another angle of it:

And this angle pretty clearly shows James nailed Stewart with a spinning backfist move:

Stewart was bloodied by the shot and went after multiple Lakers players (video here).

Stewart and James were both ejected from the game. Russell Westbrook was also hit with a technical foul. Wayne Ellington got to shoot one technical free throw, which he made. For Detroit, Josh Jackson got two technical free throws and went 1-for-2.

The ejection was just the second of James’ entire NBA career. His first ejection came in 2017 after an incident with referee Kane Fitzgerald.

LeBron James tried to get ESPN personality fired?

LeBron James in his Lakers uniform

ESPN has often been criticized for a perceived bias towards LeBron James. It turns out though that James may have actually tried to see just how much influence he had with the network.

Michelle Beadle of The Athletic said in an episode of her “What Did I Miss?” podcast this week that the Los Angeles Lakers star tried to get her fired from ESPN. Beadle’s guest on the podcast, retired Hall of Famer and ex-ESPN host Paul Pierce, brought up that there was a rumor about James supposedly doing so.

“He tried,” replied Beadle. “He did try, yep. He did try to do that. I was like, ‘Wow, I’m honored that I’m even on your mind. Thank you very much, sir. That’s a weird place for me to be.’

“So, my stuff with him started out not personal,” Beadle continued. “I made fun of ‘The Decision’ like 400,000 other talking heads did at the time, and I think for some reason, that was it. So, it wasn’t personal to begin with it. It’s obviously, now it will always be personal, but it is what it is.”

Beadle began at ESPN in 2009 as a co-host of the show “SportsNation” and quickly worked her way up the ranks. She eventually got her own podcast on the network and served as a guest host for several different ESPN programs. Beadle briefly left ESPN to work at NBC from 2012 to 2014 before returning to The Worldwide Leader. She began hosting “NBA Countdown” in 2016 and joined the crew of the show “Get Up!” in 2018. Beadle’s time at ESPN ended in 2019 when she was removed from “NBA Countdown” and eventually agreed to a buyout with the network.

Since Beadle specifically mentioned “The Decision,” James’ infamous ESPN special in 2010 where he announced that he was joining the Miami Heat, it seems likely that James’ alleged efforts to get her fired occurred during her first stint at the network. That would have been long before Beadle became as well-known as she would later be.

Perhaps there is more to the story than Beadle simply clowning James for “The Decision,” which every sports analyst everywhere did indeed do at the time. But we do know that Beadle has also drawn the ire of other superstar athletes before.

H/T Lakers Daily