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Ex-girlfriend accuses LeSean McCoy of beating son, dog in lawsuit

LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy’s legal issues appear to only be getting worse.

McCoy’s ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, accused the Buffalo Bills running back of sending people to her house to beat her and rob her last month. Police have investigated the attack for potential criminal charges, but things are not ending there.

Cordon filed a personal injury lawsuit against McCoy and his friend, Tamarcus Porter, on Friday in Fulton County court. In the lawsuit, Cordon is seeking $133,000 in damages for jewelry she says she was robbed of, among other damages. She alleges McCoy changed security codes at the home, which she claims was a big part of what led to the July 10 event.

Perhaps more explosively, Cordon also alleged in her filing that McCoy beat his dog and son frequently.

Cordon ended up reportedly moving out of the home last month.

McCoy has reported to Bills training camp, but the 30-year-old could face discipline from the league over the allegations.

Each NFL team’s most important offensive player

Deshaun Watson

Every NFL team has that one offensive player who makes his team go. It can often be the quarterback, but some offenses are built around a talented running back or a dominant No. 1 receiver.

Which offensive player is most vital to each team’s success? Which player does everyone look to to get it done when it’s most needed? Here’s a look.

Arizona Cardinals — David Johnson, RB

It’s not really a coincidence that the Cardinals struggled so much last season after Johnson suffered a season-ending wrist injury after just 11 carries in the season opener. The 26-year-old scored 20 touchdowns the year before, so losing him meant the absence of their biggest playmaker. He should be ready to go this season, and Arizona will be desperate for him to return to the form that saw him lead the NFL with 2,118 yards from scrimmage in 2016.

Atlanta Falcons — Julio Jones, WR

The Falcons will want to get Jones’s contract situation squared away as quickly as possible, because Matt Ryan needs him. His yardage numbers are incredible, and he’s collected at least 1,400 yards receiving in every season since 2014, even in spite of the occasional health issue. 1,500 yards is well within reach for Jones if he is healthy in 2018.


Report: Bills will welcome LeSean McCoy to camp Wednesday

LeSean McCoy

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy will report to training camp on Wednesday as usual, according to a report.’s Ian Rapoport and Mike Garafolo reported Monday that McCoy is expected in camp on Wednesday, and at least for the moment, he’ll be treated no differently than any other veteran.

McCoy is the subject of domestic violence allegations, but the league has not yet acted and probably won’t in the near future. That may change down the line, but for now, it’s business as usual for the veteran running back and his team.

LeSean McCoy’s girlfriend reportedly moves out of house

LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy’s girlfriend Delicia Cordon had been staying at a house owned by the NFL star for an extended period of time, but she has decided to move out after she was violently attacked earlier this month.

According to TMZ, Cordon moved out of the Alpharetta, Ga., home less than a week after a masked man broke in, pistol whipped her and robbed her. She is reportedly moving to a home she considers more safe and has hired private security.

A previous report from TMZ indicated McCoy had gone to a judge seeking to have Cordon evicted from the home. Cordon responded by telling the judge McCoy had recently given her a “substantial gift” and discussed marriage with her. She also said McCoy sent some friends and family members to remove items from the home when she was away, but police put a stop to it after she saw what was going on via a live security feed.

McCoy has denied having any involvement in the attack on Cordon, but the victim’s legal team strongly insinuated that she believes McCoy set her up. The NFL and the Buffalo Bills are investigating the incident, and it would not be a surprise if McCoy is suspended to start the 2018 season.

Audio from LeSean McCoy ex-girlfriend’s 911 call released

LeSean McCoy

Audio from a 911 call made by LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend surrounding the home invasion where she was allegedly attacked this week has been released.

McCoy’s ex-girlfriend calls into 911 describing an invasion at her home in Georgia.

“Someone broke into my house … with a gun, was looking for money and jewelry, and my son is missing,” the ex-girlfriend said.

The woman said that the man had left the house by the time she made the call.

“He took my diamond bracelet off my wrist, and he just kept asking for jewelry. I think it has something to do with my ex-boyfriend,” she said in the call.

“My face is demolished right now,” the woman said.

McCoy’s ex-girlfriend told police she felt she had been set up in the attack. Police also believe it was a targeted attack.

A report has said that McCoy previously attempted to have her evicted from the home. The Buffalo Bills running back has proclaimed his innocence and hired an attorney for defense.

LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend told police star RB ‘set her up’

LeSean McCoy may not have been the person who physically attacked his ex-girlfriend at her home earlier this week, but the woman apparently believes he was responsible for leaving her hospitalized.

According to TMZ, the Alpharetta Police Department released more information on Thursday about the attack on Delicia Cordon, and law enforcement officials say she told a dispatcher she “thinks her boyfriend (possibly) set her up.” Cordon also described the attacker as a black man wearing a mask dressed in all black. She said there was a sheet tied near an open window of her son’s second floor bedroom, which she took to mean the attacker escaped that way.

Cordon also told police that the person who beat her demanded specific items of jewelry that were given to her by McCoy. A previous report indicated that McCoy recently went to a judge in an attempt to have Cordon evicted from a home he owns.

The issues between McCoy and Cordon go back quite a while, as she publicly accused the Buffalo Bills star of cheating on her last summer. Both the Bills and the NFL are looking into the allegations, and it certainly is not out of the realm of possibility that McCoy will be suspended to start the 2018 season.

Richie Incognito defends LeSean McCoy: ‘I know the whole story’

LeSean McCoy is facing some very serious allegations, but one of his former teammates is confident enough in McCoy’s innocence that he is vehemently defending the star running back.

On Tuesday night, former Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Richie Incognito took to Twitter to offer “prayers” for McCoy. He also ripped the alleged victim, McCoy’s ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon, and said she has been living a “fake lifestyle.”

A photo shared by a friend of the victim on Tuesday claimed to show Cordon bruised and bloodied, and the accompanying description unloaded on McCoy. However, it doesn’t seem that anyone is claiming McCoy inflicted the actual injuries. One of Cordon’s friends claimed in a Facebook post that McCoy sent people to the victim’s house to beat and rob her. According to a report from TMZ, McCoy recently went to a judge in an attempt to have Cordon evicted from a home he owns.

Attorneys for Cordon say she was sleeping at her home when a male assailant entered the house early Tuesday morning and demanded “specific items of jewelry” that she had been given by McCoy. A statement from the legal team also said McCoy previously made remarks to Cordon about wanting the jewelry back and warned that she could be robbed because of how expensive it was.

The issues between McCoy and Cordon go back quite a while, as she publicly accused the Buffalo Bills star of cheating on her last summer. Both the Bills and the NFL are looking into the allegations.

Bills release statement on LeSean McCoy domestic violence allegations

LeSean McCoy is facing some disturbing domestic violence allegations after his ex-girlfriend was allegedly beaten and hospitalized, and the Buffalo Bills have confirmed that they are looking into the situation.

In a brief statement they released on Tuesday afternoon, the Bills said they have been in contact with McCoy and are gathering more information.

A woman who says she is friends with McCoy’s ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, shared a photo on social media that claims to show Cordon bloody and bruised in a hospital bed. She said McCoy was responsible and that he also beat his son and dog.

McCoy has denied the allegations and said he has not had direct contact with Cordon for months, but another friend of Cordon claimed McCoy sent people to Cordon’s home to rob and beat her. According to one report, McCoy went to a judge last month in an attempt to have Cordon evicted from a home he owns.

The issues between McCoy and Cordon go back quite a while, as she publicly accused the Buffalo Bills star of cheating on her last summer.

Report: LeSean McCoy recently tried to have ex-girlfriend evicted from home

The domestic violence allegations against LeSean McCoy have apparently come in the wake of some serious issues he has been having with his ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon.

A woman who says she is friends with Cordon shared a photo on social media Tuesday that showed Delicia bloodied and bruised, and she says McCoy is responsible. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, McCoy went to court last month seeking to have a judge order Cordon to move out of a home he owns in Georgia. McCoy wrote in the documents that Cordon is his ex-girlfriend and “refuses to leave.” He also asked a judge to have her return all of the items he owned that were in her possession.

Cordon reportedly responded by claiming McCoy had discussed marriage with her in late May and gave her a “substantial gift.” She says McCoy sent some of his friends and family members to remove items from the home while she was away in Virginia, and police made them stop when she saw what was going on using a live security feed. Cordon also claims McCoy had the electricity to the home shut off while she was living there.

McCoy has denied that he is responsible for the injuries Cordon allegedly sustained and said he has not had any contact with her in months. A second friend of Cordon claimed in a Facebook post that McCoy sent people to Cordon’s home to beat and rob her.

The issues between McCoy and Cordon go back quite a while, as she publicly accused the Buffalo Bills star of cheating on her last summer. McCoy also got in a spat on social media with another woman he was dating several years ago.

LeSean McCoy accused of sending people to girlfriend’s house to beat, rob her

LeSean McCoy says the domestic violence allegations against him that surfaced on Tuesday are false and that he has not seen his ex-girlfriend in months, but a claim one of the woman’s friends made indicates McCoy could be telling the truth and still responsible for what happened to the victim.

McCoy was first accused of beating his longtime girlfriend Delicia Cordon when a friend of Cordon shared a photo that allegedly showed Delicia bruised and bloodied. The Instagram post claimed McCoy has also beaten his son and abused a dog. According to another person who says she is friends with Cordon, McCoy sent other people to Cordon’s house to “pistol whip and rob her.”

“This is my beautiful best friend Delicia Cordon. I can’t f—ing believe this!!” a woman named Cicely Billups wrote on Facebook alongside a photo of the alleged victim. “Sending dudes in her house to pistol whip and rob her!! For what?! Now the world knows what we know!!! You will pay for this. You will NOT get away with this!!!!

In a brief statement, McCoy said he has not had any direct contact with “any of the people involved” in months.

McCoy has had issues with Cordon in the past, as she publicly accused him of cheating on her roughly a year ago. The Bills say they are looking into Tuesday’s allegations.

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