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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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Tim Lincecum Suggests Look-a-Like Should Cut His Hair

On Friday we showed you a video of a Tim Lincecum look-a-like who drives a cab in San Francisco. The Brazilian man who goes by the name of “Luiz” was offering Tim a million dollar cab ride to make up for the inconvenience of being mistaken for Lincecum constantly. The video went viral, and it prompted reporters to ask the real Lincecum about his doppleganger pictured below.

Lincecum said he had seen the video and that the resemblance was scary. According to the Mercury News, “Lincecum noticed that the guy’s smile lines were similar to his. But the lookalike’s eyes are a little more narrow.” Then Timmy hit on the real issue, saying “If this guy complains that everyone thinks he’s me, why doesn’t he cut his hair?”

Exactly. It’s pretty obvious “Luiz” the cab driver is trying to look like Timmy, just like this guy grew his hair and beard to look like Pau Gasol. When are they going to learn that looking like a professional athlete isn’t going to net you $600/hour? There is absolutely no skill involved in looking like someone (though admittedly you don’t need much skill to become rich or famous these days).

Tim Lincecum or Look-a-Like Offering Million Dollar Cab Ride

It’s been well documented that both Tim Lincecum and the city he plays in, San Francisco, take a pretty liberal stance on marijuana. Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton reported smelling marijuana in the stands during Game 1 of last year’s World Series and Lincecum, himself, has been busted for possession. Big Time Timmy-Jim even hoped for smoke in the air in San Fran during his post game interview following the Giants’ World Series win. Check out this video via Deadspin, in which a guy who claims not to be Lincecum, but undeniably looks like him, offers the ride of your life:

I don’t know whether or not this is Lincecum. Just looking at the face and hair it seems like it has to be him, but the joint in his right hand makes me skeptical. I don’t doubt Lincecum is still smoking — I’d bet he is — but I find it hard to believe he would make this video with the joint being so obvious. Of course, the people of San Francisco proudly sport their “Let Jimmy Smoke” T-shirts and light-up in the outfield, so maybe The Freaky Franchise is following suit. In any case, if this is a look-a-like, he looks much closer to the real thing than the guy impersonating Pau Gasol.